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Did Whoopi Goldberg Just Say She's Into Polyamory?!

Did Whoopi Goldberg Just Say She's Into Polyamory?

This is something we never thought we’d hear Whoopi Goldberg say!

During Tuesday’s episode of The View, the ladies had a VERY Hot Topic on the docket — a recent cover story from New York magazine about polyamory. So naturally, the 68-year-old EGOT asked the other four ladies if they would be down to be in an open relationship. Their answers? Hell no across the board! Joy Behar hilariously responded:

“First of all, the French could not pull it off, they can’t even… In this country, we’re too puritanical in this country. I mean, Janet Jackson’s boob popped out and the country went bananas. So how are they supposed to go to bed … how many orgasms can one girl fake?”

Ha! Sara Haines also couldn’t wrap her head around the idea, noting that she could “barely handle one” partner. FAIR, GIRL!

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Meanwhile, Sunny Hostin pointed out that people in polyamorous relationships “are more evolved than I am.” However, she cannot fathom how they have enough “energy” to deal with more than one person while juggling their everyday lives:

“I’m more cave woman in my relationship. It’s like, ‘You are mine.’ Like that’s more me. But what I don’t understand is like, some of these people are married, have children and have jobs. How do you have the time to do that with let alone one man, several men or women? They are not only more evolved than I am, they have more energy.”

And the hot takes didn’t end there! Alyssa Farah Griffin questioned why people didn’t stay “single” and “date around” instead. She mainly feels that “there is no way one of the two parties in a polyamorous relationship isn’t actually jealous of the other one sleeping with someone else.” Even Sara noted she would be “too jealous” if she and her husband, Max Shifrin, were in an open relationship.

It’s safe to say these four women are not open to exploring polyamory! And that’s totally OK! Non-monogamy is not for everyone! But Whoopi, on the other hand? She totally seems to be into it! The Sister Act star called out her co-anchors and said they need to “widen your arena of people that you know,” adding:

“Cuz it’s not just sleepy little towns. Listen, if you can do more than one thing at a time, you can have a polyamorous relationship. OK? If you can chew gum and walk, you can do more than one person.”

It sounds like Whoopi knows a thing or two about this topic! Sunny even couldn’t help but wonder if she had been “speaking from experience.” That’s when Whoopi admitted:

“If I seem like that, it’s because I’m good like that.”


It definitely sounded like Whoopi said she was into polyamory, right?! Watch the entire debate (below):

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[Image via The View/YouTube]

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