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The SHADY Reason Why Will Ferrell Turned Down $29 Million Paycheck To Star In Elf Sequel

The SHADY Reason Why Will Ferrell Turned Down $29 Million Paycheck To Star In Elf Sequel

Will Ferrell shared the supposed REAL reason why a second Elf movie never hit the big screen!

Following the massive success of the first film, which grossed $220 million at the box office, the 54-year-old comedian revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that a sequel was already in the works with a script written and everything. But despite being offered a whopping $29 million paycheck to reprise his role as Buddy the Elf, he turned it down. Why is that? Apparently, the script was so bad and similar to the original that the actor just couldn’t get behind the project:

“I would have had to promote the movie from an honest place, which would’ve been, like, ‘Oh no, it’s not good. I just couldn’t turn down that much money.’ And I thought, ‘Can I actually say those words? I don’t think I can, so I guess I can’t do the movie.'”

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So shady!!!

However, a different reason why he didn’t want to do it had also been floating around! As you may recall, James Caan, who played Buddy’s father, previously admitted in a radio interview that a second installment never happened because Ferrell and director Jon Favreau allegedly “didn’t get along very well.” He said at the time:

“We were gonna do it, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I finally have a franchise movie. I can make some money, let my kids do what the hell they want to do. Will wanted to do it, and he didn’t want the director, and [Favreau] had it in his contract. It was one of those things.”

To be honest, we’re still disappointed a sequel hasn’t happened yet! But which reason do you think REALLY was to blame for no second movie? Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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