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Horrifying Discovery As Woman’s Body Found In U-Haul Box -- But Who Is She??

Woman’s Body Found Inside U-Haul Box After Surveillance Footage Captured Man Carrying It On A Dolly

A woman’s remains were found inside a large U-Haul box after surveillance footage captured a man moving it on a dolly over the weekend.

According to KPRC, police rushed to the scene when a maintenance man reported there was a suspicious box with a terrible odor outside of an apartment complex in Houston, Texas, on Sunday. What they found inside the package after arriving at the apartment was absolutely horrible…

Officers revealed they uncovered the remains of an unidentified woman, believed to be about 35 years old, who suffered from severe injuries to her head and neck, per ABC 13. They think an an axe or machete was used to cause her wounds. Police said her facial bones and neck appeared to be broken. The body was also wrapped in a plastic sheet, KHOU 11 reported.

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Houston Police Department’s Matthew Hughey later told reporters that CCTV footage showed someone wheeling the box with the woman’s body on a dolly, dropping it off in the parking lot, and walking away. Police have since identified the man in the video as Miguel Angel Moreno. Hughey told KPRC:

“I couldn’t comment on his motivation as to why he came back to the scene.”

According to ABC 13, authorities asked Moreno if they could search his apartment and were initially told “yes” — but were later denied access after the body’s discovery. When investigators obtained a search warrant, they found a mattress inside the residence with biological material on it, as well as a plastic and green sheet that matched the materials wrapped around the woman’s body. There was also blood found in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

When police asked about his involvement in the woman’s death, Moreno claimed someone broke into his apartment and left the U-Haul box a couple of days before she was found. He said it smelled bad, and that he saw blood on the bottom of the package. He reasoned there had been a dead body inside. But instead of calling the police, what does he do? Moreno told law enforcement he moved the box outside because he did not want to get in trouble. Uh huh.

Moreno has since been arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. We can’t imagine that will be all. He also had a bond set to $500,000 on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the woman inside the box has yet to be identified. Moreno was listed on the apartment lease with a woman, but it is unknown if she was the victim in this tragedy. The death has since been ruled as a homicide from blunt head trauma, ABC 13 reported. No one as been charged for the murder at this time.

Hopefully, police can get to the bottom of what happened here soon.

[Image via KHOU 11/YouTube]

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