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Woman Sends MUST READ Reply To 'Muscle Mark' Who Said She Couldn't Handle Landscaping Because She Isn't A 'Bodybuilder'

Woman’s Email Reply Goes Viral After She Expertly Shuts Down Sexist Response To Her Landscape Job Application

A woman who applied for a landscaping job and received a sexist response has gone viral on social media for her epic and fierce reply!

On Thursday evening, Twitter user @dzzzny took to the platform to share screenshots of an email his sister Charlotte got about her application for an unnamed landscaping company.

It appears the boss, some guy named Mark, is still stuck in the dark ages since he explained that while “the position is still open,” he believed as a woman Charlotte would struggle to complete the work required for the role. Why? Oh, because she’s not a “bodybuilder.”

WTF?!?! The email said:

“However, unless you are a bodybuilder I fear you will not be able to handle the work load as it is very physical and demanding as we are a hard landscaping company. If you feel you are up to it then feel free to contact me on the number below. Kind regards, Mark.”

Wow, what a jerk!

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Obviously, his answer didn’t go down too well with Charlotte who fired back at him in the best way possible! The woman began her message to “Muscle Mark” by thanking him for his quick response to her application. However, she quickly slammed his bodybuilding comments as she described her years of experience within the field:

“Funnily enough, I probably have just as much experience bodybuilding as you do, which I’m guessing is none. What I do have is years of experience landscaping and building retaining walls in 40 degree heat as I did this for many years while I lived in Australia. I have looked into your company before sending this email and assure that it would be no more challenging than the work I have completed before as it was to a much higher standard than the work I’ve seen your ‘company’ produce.”

Damn, it sounds like he is losing out on an amazing potential colleague! Charlotte then went on to reject the offer of contacting him, writing:

“However what I do find challenging is working with small minded individuals such as yourself that I could probably bench press 5 minutes after being woken up from a 3 year coma, therefore I am no longer interested in this position. I’m sure you will have no problem finding the correct individual at your next visit to the bodybuilding convention.”

She then cleverly signs off the email with:

“Kind regards, Charlotte (AKA not the body builder).”

May we all just take a minute to give her a round of applause for this masterful clap back! Take a look at the viral post (below):

Just so good!

Since the screenshots were posted, social media users have flooded the comments to show their support for Charlotte and their disdain for “Muscle Mark.” One person wrote:

“She could sue for gender discrimination. It’s all in writing. At minimum have a file a complaint with the EEOC.”

Another explained their own experiences with sexism in her field, saying:

“Disappointing but not surprising. I’m a woman and I did grounds keeping in a cemetery, I was one of the hardest workers they had. I did literally any and every job in any kind of weather and helped the others with their work after I finished.”

She continued in a follow-up comment:

“In my first week I heard one of the guys whispering behind my back that I was just showing off that I could work hard, seemingly with the expectation I wouldn’t/ couldn’t keep it up. But I did and they loved me by the time I left to become a carpenter.”

A third tweeted:

“Good for her that was savage, I get that they need to check someone is going to be able to do the work but going by her email her work history should prove that if he had asked for her cv or something, he didn’t need to be that patronizing in his reply.”

And sadly, there were a ton of people who actually thought Mark’s email back was respectful and not patronizing at all:

“Call me small minded but I really don’t think his email deserved that response. He had a legitimate concern that he voiced in a light hearted way. He asked her about her own abilities and still offered her the job if she was up for. She is not a fit for their workplace culture.”

“Honestly, it feels like she (and from the looks of it, a lot of people) are assuming negative intent here. I don’t read this as some negative dig towards her. He didn’t even turn her down, he just made a lighthearted joke while also explaining what she would be getting into.”

“Unpopular opinion – think she overreacted. His comment was thoughtless but her response could have educated him rather than trying to humiliate.”

What are YOUR thoughts on Charlotte’s email exchange with Mark, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via HGTV/YouTube, @dzzzny/Twitter]

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