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'Super Strange' Young Man Allegedly Murdered Co-Worker For Refusing To Date Him

Young Man Allegedly Kills Co-Worker Who Refused To Date Him

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Miami Beach resident allegedly killed his co-worker last week after she would not go on a date with him. Agustin Lucas Mariani is currently facing second-degree murder charges for fatally stabbing 28-year-old Delfina Pan, according to the Miami Herald.

The Miami Beach Police Department released a report on Thursday about the incident, which occurred on Monday evening. In that statement, a neighbor and friend of Pan’s claimed that the 20-year-old man “arrived at the victim’s apartment, uninvited, and waited for the victim” to return home.

When Pan arrived, Mariani requested to speak with her inside her apartment (pictured above), but she refused to let him in. Friends alleged that Mariani had been obsessed with her for several months, often asking her out and professing his love for her. She always tried to let him down easily, afraid to upset him, but also just as fearful to accept any invitation. Tragically, he allegedly grew so upset that he “produced a knife and without being provoked began to stab the victim,” according to police. The knife was supposedly stolen from Kansas Bar & Grill, the local restaurant they worked at.

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Mariani then took off his shirt and stabbed himself in the chest, though the wound was non-fatal. He was found lying on top of Pan outside her apartment when police arrived. They were both rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but, unfortunately, Delfina was pronounced dead once at the medical facility. Agustin is still recovering from his wounds. He has invoked his right to remain silent.

Little is known about Agustin, including from other co-workers at the local restaurant. Today in 24 spoke with Delfina’s friend, and also a colleague of the alleged killer, who explained:

“He worked with us. A super strange boy and nobody knew anything about his life. He went to work and did not say hello to anyone.”

According to the Miami Herald, during the initial stages of the police investigation, they discovered that Pan left work early on Monday, not staying through her 6 p.m. shift. Additionally, 20-year-old Mariani was supposed to stay for a double shift but also left abruptly ahead of schedule, shortly after Pan. It appears he went straight to her home.

Miami Beach PD first released a statement on Twitter last Monday confirming the “stabbing at 7330 Harding Ave,” noting:

“Officers arrived and located a male and female with apparent stab wounds. Both have been transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Preliminary info suggests this incident is domestic related.”

They were then silent about the investigation until Thursday when they finally named Agustin as the main suspect for the murder of Delfina. It’s unclear why it took so long to announce the charges.

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Delfina was fairly new to the area after moving to the United States from Argentina two years ago. According to her close circle, she wanted to become a fashion designer and lived with her childhood friend. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2016. She also worked as a graphic designer in her home country before moving to the US.

Loved ones paid their respects to the deceased in a memorial service on Wednesday. We will be thinking of all Delfina’s friends and family in this tragic time. R.I.P.

[Image via NBC6]

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