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Your Miley Roundup

EVERYBODY is talking Miley Miley Miley!
TV’s Extra gathered together the best quotes.
Here’s what Hollywood is saying about Slutty Cyrus!
Sally Field: “I love Miley Cyrus. My granddaughters are completely and utterly over the moon. I watch Hannah Montana….I think, ‘Let it go for God’s sake’…It’s a beautiful picture.”
Lauren Conrad: “I found it a bit silly. I thought she looked beautiful in the pictures. I didn’t find it that inappropriate. I think it’s difficult. It s a lot of pressure on her since she is a role model, but I think she’s doing a good job.”
Emmy Rossum: “I think she’s a role model for kids, but I think she looks beautiful.”
Heidi Montag: I think she’s a young girl in Hollywood and she’s just having fun. Exploring herself.”
Spencer Pratt: “I didn’t think it was that bad. Supposedly, she’s wearing a top underneath. It’s artistic.”

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Apr 29, 2008 16:45pm PDT

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