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YouTube Star 'Ice Poseidon' Stands Accused Of Stealing HALF A MILLION DOLLARS From Fans In Crypto Scheme!

YouTube Star Accused Of Stealing HALF A MILLION DOLLARS From Fans In Crypto Scheme!

Well, this influencer should expect to see his subscriber count on YouTube go down after this f**ked up incident!

According to The Sun, fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla discovered this week that Paul Denino – best known as Ice Poseidon by fans – allegedly scammed people out of $500,000 through a crypto scam. Apparently it all started when the 27-year-old asked his hundreds of thousands of followers to invest in a new long-term cryptocurrency project called CXcoin. However, he quickly abandoned it two weeks later when it suddenly went up in value, allegedly selling all of his currency and thus causing the rest held by fans to plummet in value.

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Denino reportedly ended up with $300,000 and a brand new Tesla, while $200,000 was paid to the developers of the crypto project. In a video posted on Monday, Coffeezilla, who investigates fraudulent acts online, confronted the internet personality about what went down – and what he has to say about the shady situation may or may not shock you! With very little remorse for fans, Denino said that “sometimes you have to look out for yourself,” adding:

“Part of the responsibility is on [the fans] as well, for putting too much emotion into it.”

Coffeezilla then questioned whether the streamer actually planned on keeping the profit he made from the scam now that he has faced backlash, saying:

“You want to keep the money that’s not yours that you took from the project even though you failed to deliver.”

To which Denino responded:

“I mean, I’m not really sure what you want me to say, but yeah.”

And when Coffeezilla pressed that he could just return all of the money if he wanted to, the streamer stated:

“If you want the answer, yeah I could give the money back, it is within my power, but I am going to look out for myself and not do that.”

What the hell?! Seriously?!

Later, Coffeezilla tweeted that Denino would give back $155,000 once he realized the YouTuber would be posting a video about the crypto scheme – but has only returned $40,000 since:

“After realizing a story would be run on this: Ice told me he was going to ‘return $155K’, which is a small fraction of what he took. However, he once again has lied, because to date— only $40K has been returned to the liquidity pool.”

Just wow. Reactions to this scam, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Ice Poseidon/YouTube]

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Feb 03, 2022 15:32pm PDT

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