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Alleged Zodiac Killer's Former Hunting Partner Describes Disturbing Obsession With Animal Carcasses

Alleged Zodiac Killer's Former Hunting Partner Describes Disturbing Obsession With Animal Carcasses

More disturbing evidence is coming to light about the alleged Zodiac killer.

A man who spent two decades with Gary Francis Poste, someone The Case Breakers (a group of specialists) believe is responsible for multiple murders in the late ‘60s, is now confirming the alleged killer had a violent side.

The claims come from a man named Will who spoke with The Case Breakers, according to TMZ. He explained that the duo first formed a relationship when Poste was helping him with a legal issue. Then, in 1987, Will, who was just 18 at the time, was invited to come to a wooded area in Northern California to hunt with Gary — which they would go on to do for nearly 20 years! But it was during these adventures that Will became wary of his friend.

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Will recalled witnessing Poste kill animals “indiscriminately” and alleged that Gary loved “getting dirty” and bloody. How he would kill any kind of animal and his behavior with their carcasses was described as “chilling.”

Police profilers have often said that an obsession with killing animals is a prime indicator someone might be or become a serial killer, like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Gary Ridgway, just to name a few. So, is that what was happening here??

Well, not exactly.

Will was spending time with the alleged killer AFTER the murders had taken place, so these hunting behaviors weren’t a precursor to the deaths; however, The Case Breakers believe that Gary might have started killing animals after he stopped murdering humans (as a way to still satisfy that need for blood without getting caught). As a reminder, the Zodiac killer’s last victim died in the ’70s, while Will was hanging out with Gary beginning in the ’80s. That said, there’s no proof that Poste wasn’t harming animals as a kid, too — so it’s definitely concerning behavior!

Crazy enough, even Will — who must have gotten pretty close to Gary after all that time hunting — got suspicious of his friend! After watching a true-crime documentary about serial killers, he began to suspect Poste might have had something to do with the San Francisco-area murders. Those fears only skyrocketed after he noticed a lot of similarities between his hunting partner and the sketch of the Zodiac killer (inset, above). So, in 2014, Will left his life in the woods behind to get away from the potential criminal!

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He tried to contact the police and the media about his concerns, but claims nobody would listen to him. Finally, he got in touch with The Case Breakers about a year ago and has been able to have his voice heard on the matter. Unfortunately, for the victims’ families, if Poste was to be identified as the criminal, he passed away in 2018, so no real justice could be served.

As we’ve reported, the Riverside PD and a former San Francisco cop don’t believe Gary is truly the criminal behind these heinous crimes, citing the evidence as too circumstantial. Regardless, Gary definitely sounds like he found a concerning amount of pleasure in killing harmless animals, and that is very unnerving!

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[Image via San Francisco Chronicle & Movieclips Indie/YouTube]

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