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Talking Miley

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Watch Perez's appearance on Joy Behar's CNN Headline News Show (above).

It's the first time we've talked about this Cyrus photo "controversy" in depth!


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756 comments to “Talking Miley”

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  1. 101

    And you seem to be blaming your readers and the public for having dirty minds when after all, you're reputation was built on drawing sperm and dicks on people's faces. You post links to pornographic images and videos, yet it's everyone else who has the dirty mind. You're a coward who won't take any responsibility for his actions. And it's bullshit that the only reason you posted the pic was to show how unladylike she was exiting the car. Fuck you, that's the last thing you thought but it's how you're now trying to spin it. You're lying through your horse teeth, just like politicians who get caught soliciting gay sex in bathrooms or admit to affairs. Fuck you and everything you stand for, you're the lowest of the low.

  2. 102

    do u relise how hard it is to get out of a car in a 'lady like fashion' when you are in heels and have a reali short dres on. i have to take her side on this one perez im sory to say

  3. 103

    Karma, Perez.

  4. 104

    THE CHILD PORNOGRAPHER HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 105

    Too bad she doesn't put forth a more natural sexy persona. She acts like a stiff amateur in her roles, and her sexy stunts on stage look fabricated and moronic. She can't even do a lesbo kiss right, or a grope.
    She exudes "I'm an ice cube", and would probably be the same once she gets laid, don't know how many guys, or girls, would tolerate an ice cube in bed, or dead log … probably couldn't even fake an orgasm if her life depended on it.
    Anyway, she wants to be sexy, but nobody's buying it.
    Can't she at least incorporate a vuvuzela somehow into her onstage routine ?!? Could only be a win-win situation for her.

  6. 106

    I think its funny, no one is really attacking the person who actually posted the picture…Perez might have linked to it, but not only did he not take the picture, he didnt post it, just linked to it. Joy never really listened to a word Perez said, but that is to be expected seeing as she works for ABC as well.

    By the way Perez, you looked great!

  7. 107

    Re: remotebutton – I couldn't agree with you more! Totally support Perez on this one.

  8. 108

    Does anyone think Miley could possibly be in on this and it's all just a well-executed publicity stunt? I mean, the drama comes out conveniently close to Miley's new album release. Miley gets publicity and Perez gets increased web traffic, which increases his revenue. Just sayin'…

  9. 109

    This is ridiculous !!! i saw the photo, there was nothing wrong with it!! Perez was simply posting a link to a website with an unflattering picture of Miley on it! i dont understand why there is all this fuss!!!
    Kia Kaha Perez!
    (kia kaha means stay strong in Maori, language of New Zealand)
    Love Love Love

  10. 110

    Perez didn't even POST the picture. He just linked to a picture on a site that wasn't even his or affiliated with him. If anyone should get in trouble, it should be the site that posted the picture. Duh.

  11. 111


  12. 112

    Oh my God who cares. We have oil gushing in the gulf that is going to wipe out jobs, animal life and beaches. Stupid Joy Bahar going on and on about Miley's crotch shot means nothing. Where is the sanity?

  13. 113

    First of all.. if you google Miley Cyrus underwear and bra and go to images..there are SO MANY pics of her in her underwear.. lifting up her shirt.. is ANYONE TRYING TO SHUT DOWN THOSE WEBSITES or criticizing them????? She did it to herself by taking all of these panty pics of herself….SHE NEEDS TO BLAME HERSELF…so lease Perez alone! They need someone to blame!

  14. 114

    if i saw miley walking down the street i'd yell out - " Hey lindsay lohan"

  15. 115

    Oh your Done Perez! Start drinking your going to get charged! Joy had you hanging by your balls!!! Go Joy even though I can't stand the Douch bag!

  16. 116

    Re: morgie888 – Who the hell is Joy Becker? It's Joy Behar. At least get the name right.

  17. 117

    Re: ScottLand – ok, then you support this kind of things :(

  18. 118

    BFD if miley doesnt want negative sexual attention then she should act like a 17 year old not a sex vixen.

  19. 119

    First of all, Perez isn't the paparazzi he didn't take the picture. That being said, the picture would have ended up on the internet anyways by either the person who took the photo or the person the paparazzi is working for. makes sense to me.. Thats just my input. not that im defending anyone. its just common sense ppl!

  20. 120

    TEAM PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 121

    I think Miley doesnt give a shit about this, she was wearing underware so she just don´t care about this whole mess! just more publicity for her!

  22. 122

    Perez, you did nothing wrong. Miley should know better.

  23. 123

    LOL You are so in trouble. At least you looked nice dressed up without green hair. You were almost tolerable to look at. Your goose is so cooked, they will be coming after you now. You crossed a line that we knew you would cross eventually. You poor sad thing. If ABC pulled their ad's, just wait.

  24. 124


  25. 125

    Re: katieb1016

    You're a fucking moron. She acts mature for her age. Do you realize how many "17" year old girls are fucking and getting knocked up by now? She is being a normal teenage girl. Stop talking about shit you don't know anything about you fuck stick.

  26. 126

    Re: Jecco – Ignorance is bliss, huh?
    Would you tell a rape victim she deserved it?
    How about victims of abuse?
    Kids being molested?
    Perez is just as disgusting as the person that took the pic.
    Because if it wasn't for his stupidity there wouldn't be any controversy.
    Try to use more than 5% of your brain, k?

  27. 127

    Re: julesisthebest – I completely agree with you. Don't worry about all the animal suffering in the oil spill right now, let's all focus on Miley's crotch. That's the top crisis of the century.

  28. 128

    Perez, an upskirt shot is an upskirt shot. PERIOD. I don't care that most of us didn't see the shot. She's 17, it doesn't matter that she's portraying herself provocatively on the stage on in her videos. She's still a minor. Perhaps if you had some children in your life, you'd understand. I think it's ridiculous that you say you would post that pic again.

  29. 129

    Oh, and I also think Perez is a sick fuck and is totally a pedo, I agree with that comment. Look at his infatuation with that Justin Bieber kid. CREEPY.

  30. 130


    Mario Lavender….


    man, you are such an utter dweeb.


  31. 131

    what does karma taste like bb ?……

  32. 132

    Re: JohnnyLaw

    "we cant be sexualizing underage girls"…really??? im pretty sure miley enjoys portraying herself that way.. so reevaluate the thought you put behind that statement. this is in no way pornographic, maybe its explicit but whatever!! learn to get out of a fucking car miley. and joy, find some new material for your shitty show

  33. 133

    As much as you drive me nuts I think this whole thing is stupid and people are way uptight. The girl is 17 not 7. You are a celebrity blogger doing what you know.

  34. 134

    There are many things that can be said about this issue. 1) Can it be considered porn if the subject is not naked? I am not saying the picture is not inappropriate, but is it porn? She was wearing underwear, and a dress and therefore she was fully clothed. I do not think it is correct to consider what Mr. Hilton did an act of underage pornography. 2) I wonder why everyone is angry at this picture when during Miley Cyrus' performance of " I Can't be Tamed" on the television show "Britain's Got Talent" one of her dancers, appeared to grab her chest on stage. Why is this not an issue? I understand she is trying make a new image, but really…public groping? Not age appropriate Ms. Cyrus. 3) On the same note, Mr. Hilton, I do not think it is appropriate to draw anyone's attention to the private area of a 17 year old, no matter what image they are trying to create for themselves. They are still, after all, underage.

  35. 135

    Sry dude, you was not credible in that interview. You came out as defensive, nervous, loud and like a little kid having a tantrum when no one believe him. She didn't believe you, neither did I and hundred of other ppl didn't believe you….

  36. 136

    i love how you know you're stupid and you know what you did was wrong and yet you're still attempting to justify your SICK behavior

  37. wow7 says – reply to this


    You got owned by Joy…thats all I gotta say.

  38. 138

    perez, you are one whiny motherfucker…have fun in the slammer

  39. 139

    Why the hell are Joy and others defending Miley fucking Cyrus?! The little attention seeker is dressing skimpier and skimpier every day and her performances are increasingly becoming raunchy. She obviously wants to distance herself from her 'Disney Miley' image, and that's fine. However, those lot who are shitting themselves to defend her need to realise that her behaviour as of late is nothing close to that of a "child" (a word that should be reserved for the authentically young and INNOCENT). Ms. Cyrus is NOT innocent! She knows exactly what she's doing - DON'T LET HER FOOL YOU!
    I guarantee that the minute - no the SECOND this imposter turns 18 she's gonna skank it out like there's no tomorrow! Mark my words: You will regret defending this little tart!
    If you want to be provocative at seventeen, then be prepared to deal with the consequences! Now fuck off!!

  40. 140

    Jesus, Perez's haters are by far dumber than he is. That being said, Miley is a 17 year old girl. GIRLS reach full psychical maturity by 16. With exception of very minor growing. It's not "weird" for a guy in his 20's or even 30's to be sexually attracted to a 17 year old girl. You idiots need to realize what a pedophile actually is.

    Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 and older) for whom prepubescent children are the primary or exclusive sexual object of their sex drive.

    Ok, I feel the need to actually dissect this because I have a feeling you thickos might not understand it.

    prepubescent - person who has not yet reached puberty (not yet having reached puberty)

    OK! Understand people? A 17 year old is by far not prepubescent.

  41. 141

    people are so dramatic. posting gossip and scandals are HIS JOB! if miley doesnt want bad publicity.. she shouldnt put herself in a position that would give her bad publicity. perez is just doing his job!

  42. 142

    She's going to be eighteen soon anyways so I wouldn't call it child pornography at all. I'm on Perez's team. Joy makes it seem like Miley's thirteen years old. I'm pretty sure Miley isn't THAT naive.

  43. lsand says – reply to this


    I agree with you on this one Perez. This is not child porn. Girl was in a public place with plenty of photographers around, on top of which she's the one who goes around grinding old men and dancing with poles. I also agree it is disrespectful to actual victims of child porn to lump this ridiculousness into the same category. Also, at 17 you should be able to govern yourself properly in public (in my neck of the woods, 16 is the age of consent - used to be 14, but I agree that's too young). Point is, this girl knows what she's doing, and she's perfectly capable of playing the media for attention.

  44. 144


    I tried watching that video again. Just as before, all I could manage to get through was the first third.


    Mario, you really are a deluded, arrogant, lying little weasel. How you can live with yourself is beyond me, man.


    Do the world a favor and just kill yourself now. You're just taking up valueable space and wasting valuable resources.




  45. 145

    Despite Perez being the scum of of the earth. His "haters" are even dumber than he is.

    He's gay. He isn't attracted to women.

    That being said, Miley is a 17 year old girl. GIRLS reach full psychical maturity by 16. With exception of very minor growing. It's not "weird" for a guy in his 20's or even 30's to be sexually attracted to a 17 year old girl. You idiots need to realize what a pedophile actually is.

    Pedophilia (or pedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in adults or late adolescents (persons age 16 and older) for whom prepubescent children are the primary or exclusive sexual object of their sex drive.

    Ok, I feel the need to actually dissect this because I have a feeling you thickos might not understand it.

    prepubescent - person who has not yet reached puberty (not yet having reached puberty)

    OK! Understand people? A 17 year old is by far not prepubescent.

    Can any of you actually give me one good excample as to what sets apart a 17 year old from an 18 year old? Without having to use Washington and any Laws regarding being legal age to vote. Legal age to buy cigarettes and to buy porn.

    Because guess what! There's not a difference.

    A 17 year old looks the same as an 18 year old. A 17 year old cannot buy cigarettes. Cannot buy alcohol and cannot vote.

    Oi, This country is literally getting dumber and dumber..

    But let's take a look at Miley and her profession. She's in pop music.

  46. 146

    Since the Cher/Madonna era pop music has always been about (well lack of singing talent for one) but basically has been about wearing wild ridiculous clothing or in most cases lack there of and selling sex appeal.

    This girl is hardly innocent. She's dated a 21+ year old guy and followed it up by dating a 20 year old. She's knowingly in an industry that basically uses her sex appeal to sell things and shes been parading around half naked on a stage..Yeah, I mean god help some 25 year old guy seeing a girl for what they are trying to make her or something shes already become.

    On another note, Rumor has it Perez himself was the one that started the picture circulation..LMFAO which is funny because 98% of the retards that post on that site on 98% of the topics they are claiming "WOW PEREZ THIS IS OLD I SAW THIS 4 DAYS AGO ON SO AND SO"..So he's horribly behind on everything thats ever been posted on his blog, but he's the one that started this? LOL riiiiight.

  47. 147

    yeah, here's a thought: no matter how hard you're trying to stir shit you're A NOBODY!!! Always have, always WILL! an ugly nobody inside out!

  48. 148

    perez you are totally right about everything! the point is that she WAS wearing underwear, and joy behar and all these ppl are just out to get u. also, you didnt post it on your website and how come the people who originally posted the photo like are not getting in any trouble? clearly if joy was an avid reader of your website she would understand no one is offended by the crotch shots you post all the time, ugh frusterating!!! if you get in shit for this it would be ridiculous.

  49. 149

    I thought you were very well spoke Perez, but unfortunately, the law is the law and posting pictures of this nature of a minor is illegal. Yes, she is parading herself around like a little tramp, but she is still a minor.

  50. 150

    People please calm down, i honestly believe perez hilton did not intentionally mean to post the picture. Mark my words people miley cyrus is heading down a road in which she choses to act in a slutty manner. This will not be the last time something like this happens. Everyone says that miley is 17 years old then maybe she should dress like a 17 year old and not a underage uncontrollable teenager.

  51. 151

    Lets be honest here people, Perez did NOTHING wrong!
    Posting a link of Miley Cyrus exiting a car WEARING underwear isnt as bad as what she is wearing and in her "Can't be tamed" music video. In the photo, you can't see ANYTHING and shes wearing a dress and underwear, but in the music video shes wearing a black leatard that may aswell be a one peice swim suit.
    I understand what some of the comments are saying, that Miley Cyrus is underaged and by posting a photo of her in an unladylike fashion is disgusting and perverted, I agree with that…But Perez didn't do that! Open your eyes people and get all the facts before you start JUDING him. Because thats what your doing and thats what the reporter was doing. She was reporting on the information she got from her head but not the facts.
    Calling a photo that shows nothing AT ALL is NOT and I repeat NOT child pornography! To me that lady seems closed minded and she just likes the sound of her own voice.
    Enough with the hate guys. Other people have done worse in this world, so maybe stop hating on Perez enough to see that he did NOTHING wrong.


  52. 152

    I always have been, and always will be on team Perez.

  53. exBFF says – reply to this


    miley should send Perez a giant check as a thank you for all of the publicity.

  54. 154

    uhm does she not realize all the dirty pictures this "young lady" posts herself on the internet??!?! her in the shower w just a white tee, her in a bikini posing "seductively", her in panties and a raised up shirt. COME ON! its ridiculous this is an issue. i mean yeah i absolutely understand her TAKING the pictures, i sure as hell did when i was 17, but to post it online is RIDICULOUS. this girl should know better! she was born into the limelight. someone has got to stop her from pulling this crappola. enough!!! perez

  55. 155

    @johnnylaw - so what i'm hearing is that if miley had turned 18 a day before this picture that was posted had been taken, no one would have a problem with it?
    just because she wouldnt be underage anymore wouldnt make it any more okay to exploit her. and for the record, theres merit to both sides. Perez posted the picture thinking that she had no underwear on, so while he didnt mean for it to be porn, he also meant to show it as hey, shes commando.
    But that doesnt mean that he should be charged with child pornography. She was wearing underwear, so there IS NO PORN. And Miley should have figured out how to exit a car by now without flashing her crotch.

  56. 156

    I think you were just doing your job, and being responsible about it. People log on to this website to read trashy comments, so you were giving your fans what they wanted.
    I don't think you deserve to be charged with anything, I think that's an outrage and a violation of the Freedom of the Press.

  57. 157

    Fuck Joy, Fuck Miley!!! Perez I'm totally on you side!!!
    And Fuck you haters!! If you don't like what Perez has posted then get the fuck outta here!!!

  58. 158


  59. 159

    who cares!!! perez posts celebrities in great situations and not so great situations. People still look at his pics and stories!! its us that fuel the fire. Its a damn picture a girl who clearly has no problem with showing sh*t off. Her "new image" is sexy and more her…well she knows people watch her all the time and take pics ALL the time. Perez didnt post the pic, he posted a link to the pic (which everyone was well warned it wasnt gonna be a good one). Everyone needs to get over it!

  60. 160

    I feel that Perez is feeling the heat on this one because so many people read his blog. I'm certain that other blogs posted that same picture, but the blog authors aren't facing the scrutiny that Perez is.

    The girl has been a sex object since Hannah Montana aired. Perez is not responsible for the evils of the Disney corporation. Anyone with half a brain realizes that Miley was not chosen for the show based on her acting ability. She was chosen based on her future fuckability.

  61. Tilla says – reply to this


    "If you are easily offended, do NOT click here," he tweeted. "Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!"

    Perez this is what you wrote. Surely you didn't post a warning that people would be offended about seeing her underwear or her getting out of the car unlady like. You posted that comment because the picture was in fact SUGGESTIVE.

    Your words say it all. I don't know how you can defend your actions.

  62. 162

    Re: ShoeWhore – A-fucking-gain? You make a vuvuzela joke again? And I see you bashed Americans again on another comment. Pathetic. Anyhoo, Perez is scared and you can see it. LOL Miley sounds like she's been a pack a day smoker for 40 years. She's still only 17, right? Oh, that's right. She's underage and that's why Mario is going down.

  63. 163

    You want to know what i think?? And keep in mind people these are just opinions and if you do not agree with them, well just deal with it. Yes perez made a mistake, but what do you expect HE IS IN THE "BUSINESS." He saw the chance to show the whole world that miley does not care about showing undies or wearing freaking shorts, becuase really think about it the "17" yr old girl could of worn shorts under that skirt!!! And please, send perez to jail for child porn?? are u kidding me?? What about when her father introduced her to a 20yr old guy when she was what 16??? He's hott shes beautiful obviously something happened. But anyways why bash perez?? Yea he posted a pic that shows miley being unlady like, so what!!! Get over it, if he would of shown miley having sex and it was fake then bitch about ppl and since thats not the case leave the poor guy a lone. I believe he has enough problems with just being gay! And no i dont choose sides i just choose whats fair. Miley should of known better than to get to a place in a skirt with so many media peeps… i mean hasnt she been in this "BUSINESS" for a while now?? Dont you think she would of known what might of happened? of course she would. And like i said im just choosing whats fair.

  64. ONIT says – reply to this


    I don't care but it's a perfect example how people generate a problem even though there is none. Sensational press is bad press. I think this female interviewer is funny. She tries so hard to make up arguments to get what she wants. Failed. Any mature and clever viewer could expose her.

  65. 165

    She is so blem, like honestly…. she needs to cool her jets. Miley has been in the business for how long? She is WELL aware of the papa paparazzi, therefor she KNOWS better then to get out of the car like she's spreading her legs for the world. I mean we know she's a slu, but you'd think she'd make the fact less obvious.

  66. 166

    Okay seriously! i find it odd that all of a sudden everyone is defending miley after all the shit most people comment about her. I'm a fan of hers and i truly believe it's wrong to post incriminating images of celebrities. But i do agree she kinda had it coming. You'd think that after being attacked so much by the media she would be a little more careful about the things she does. Yeah perez made the image more known but he shouldnt be the only one to blame because he wasnt the one who tooked the image and posted it on the internet. if anyone had found the image, you guys would of passed it along too so stfu.

  67. 167


    Don't listen to these morons…. I've seen the photo that is NOT child porn. Miley Cyrus needs to learn to close her legs getting out of a car and needs to learn that unfortunately this is the business. Get over it. You wanted to be in the business. I'm not by any means saying it's right, but honestly look at how all the other celebrities have been treated by the paps/media. You can't be tamed right? It's not like we haven't seen her posting pictures of herself semi-naked on the internet before.

  68. 168

    Re: iSayEffU – so what I only have one comment, do I have to post on here over 1,000 times to have an opinion? No I don't, I believe I have the freedom to say whatever I want to regardless of my amount of posts.

  69. 169

    Does anyone know how to spell anymore or use the English language correctly? I need to read a book after reading half of the retarded post on here. Please go back to school people. Schools might teach you not to post pics of underage girls too.

  70. 170

    Forget Joy. She went from being my favorite view HOEstess to a straight bitch! What unnecessary angst!! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, P-MONEY! ;)

  71. 171

    ok so you know what i think? i think this pictures just ads to the archive of Miley in Underwear.. why should perez be charged with child porno and miley isnt.. SHE sent half naked pictures of herself to boyfriends and posted them all over myspace.. she gets a slap on the hand when its the same thing and perez could get 15 yrs in prison? that doesnt seem right to me. the fact that miley knew where she was and the paparazi around her.. she knew what was going on she brought this upon herself. perez keep your head held high! and next time you are interveiwed abiout this subject bring up the fact that there are pictures circulating the internet of much worse half naked pictures of her.. and her trying to be sexy for cameras i can find at least 10 half naked pictures of ms cyrus.. soo just let the interveiwers know what the reality is. Miley needs to learn that she is 17 and not a vixen that she is trying to be. her fan base is not kids her age or older its 3-13 year olds. and to portray herself the way she does on stage embarasses parents and kids her age everywhere. your a disney start Miley not a porn star.. start acting your age.

  72. 172

    You Know What I Dont Get When You Google Miley's Name You'll See A Whole Bunch Of Pictures Of Her In Her Underwear Or Wet In The Shower With Nothing But A White Tee So They Cant Make A Big Deal Out Of This She Did It To Herself When She signed The Disney Contract! I With Perez

  73. 173

    i dont think its pornography or anything, but what actually bothers me is the fact that you atack people on diferent standards. I know its you job to taulk about celebritys and all that. but i mean, you continue to talk shit about this miley girl, but you post sexy pictures of boys, like taylor lautner, who is also a minor. So he can be hot but she is a hore? You are no one to judge others peoples behaviours, but if you are going to do it, please dont be a sexist.

  74. 174

    This what miley cyrus wants right all of this attention for being overly sexy. People stop screaming that she is 17 years old when Miley clearly dating someone older than her and yes she is sexually active. I know what perex did is wrong but he did not post it on his website. Miley wants to be a sex symbol now she is really feeling the heat of being over sexualized in the media. Whatever miley your behavior is not that of a 17 year old with parental direction. miley will be posing nakid soon.

  75. 175

    If Miley murdered someone she would be charged as an ADULT in court. Double standard much?

  76. 176

    i think perez didnt do anything wrong. that pic didnt show anything! and miley should know better than to get out of a car the way she did, but shes trying to be all hardcore and grown up all of a sudden. and seeing her underwear is no different than some of the outfits she is starting to wear at her concerts. she knew what she was getting into when she decided to get into the business. and its not like perez took the photo! i dont see why the photographer who took the pic and posted it online isnt in trouble, but perez is even tho he just posted a link to it. i understand that she is 17 but its NOT child pornography. google the definition and i guarantee that it doesnt describe what happened to miley. she needs to get over herself for real and leave perez alone.

  77. 177

    Okay. Although I do not agree with Perez "linking" the picture, Miley has been around for a while! She should know by now how to properly get out of a car with the paps surrounding! Also, Perez does this for other celebs! This is just a big scandal because she is a "minor", which frankly I don't care about anymore. Does she act like a minor? No. She gives lap dances to 44 year old men! I'm sorry but anyone that puts themselves out there like miley does, deserves to be treated as an adult. And THIS is where the adult part should kick in.

  78. 178

    When are ppl gonna get over it?!
    Their making such a big deal over a PICTURE when shes out acting like a whore!

  79. 179

    Perez, I thought that Joy was a bitch…she should have not treated you that way. I am proud that you handled yourself very well and did it with class. The picture was not at all suggestive. I even emailed her show telling her how rude and unfair she was to you. Don't listen to the negative comments because you did nothing wrong. YOU ROCK!!!!
    Love ya

  80. 180

    Re: Garrett – how is perez sick? all he did was post a link to the photo in which miley did indeed have underwear on. he didnt take the photo and he didnt post it online.

  81. 181

    Re: Jecco
    I totally agree with you!
    TEAM PEREZ!!!!!!

  82. Janye says – reply to this


    Perez, you may have been defending yourself here, but Joy was not even comprehending what you were saying ! Perez LINKED the photo. LINKED means that Perez posted a LINK to a website that SOMEONE ELSE had posted the picture on. Hey, maybe it should not have been up by ANYONE, but people need to quit acting like Perez personally shot, suggested it to be sexual, and posted it on a website.

    Jesus I feel like I am living in a world of morons who cannot comprehend nor process what someone else is saying right in front of them.

  83. 183

    sorry u crossed the line on this one my friend!! the law is the law and she is underage!! do u want a criminal record? u are talented mario don't be stupid

  84. 184

    You have been riding on that girl's coattails for years—and she's only 17. Ironic that the topic you obsess about (her) brings you down. It's child pornography. You are deviant and it's come back to bite you in the bits. People warned you years ago to step away from the child. You are immature but you are an adult and you are going to have to pay the piper.

  85. lims says – reply to this


    i think you got your ass whooped! she totally has a point … and i'm definitely with her, no one should worry about people taking pictures of your crotch not even public personalities, there should be a line a minimum respect for dignity and private matters…

    i don't like the girl … but she deserves some respect from paparazzi and from people who post those photos aka YOU ….

    you're in deep shit dude!

  86. 186

    I also wish people could see the photo… it really was not remotely sexual, and it's not even his picture… why aren't the people who took it and posted it originally under fire?!

  87. 187

    Perez i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but from now on comment on individuals over the age 18. Then you wont put yourself in this position.

  88. 188

    Re: No Talent_Blogger – he didnt post the fucking picture! it was nowhere on his website! all he did was post a LINK to it on some other website that posted the picture. so maybe the ppl who took the picture and put it online should be the ones in trouble. and coming on PEREZ'S website and creating an account just to attack him for something he didnt really do doesnt make you any higher than he is. get a life asshole!

  89. JCPR says – reply to this


    oh perez what did you do! you are fucked!!!!!!

  90. 190

    Miley is a celebrity she should know by now that she needs to watch herself at all times. I hope she has learned her lesson. I'm on perez side, i really think he's not that stupid too post crotch shot of an 17 year old. Disney star my Azz miley wants to get away from her disney image anyway. Team perez

  91. 191

    Re: dddeee – Why don't you call the grammar police then? You need to care a lot less about something as petty as grammar in a response to a blog.

  92. 192

    Child pornography laws are out there to protect real victims. It's pretty pathetic people think Perez should go to jail for linking to a picture that shows a glimpse of Miley's underwear. Look at the stuff she wears on stage. Give me a fucking break. If the paparazzi were taking pictures of her changing her clothes it would be completely different. Here she was getting out of a car in a public area. If she doesn't want her underwear to be viewed then she should be more careful. Miley is not a victim. Perez is not a pedophile. This whole topic is stupid.

  93. 193

    She is practically wearing only underwear when she performs in videos and on stage so a picture of her underwear isn't really much of a stretch. It is not child pornography, Perez simply made a link to the photo available. If it's so wrong, then whoever hosted it in the first place should be under scrutiny, not Perez.

  94. 194

    I think Perez is right on this one, homegirl needs to learn the hard way. He's reminding her that she needs to watch everything she does. She's not a "normal" teenage girl and chose this life of exploitation. She's in a phase where she wants to be sexy and craves the attention, not a good example for her fans. She's honestly on her way to being washed up before her time.

  95. 195

    guilty!! i hope you get fucked in jail…fat pig!

  96. 196

    Perez is a dumb ass. The reason he linked that photo of her existing the car was to focus on her private area. That's the reason why people take those kinds of pictures and why people see them. And for him to keep defending himself and not apologizing at all is disgusting. For that he should rod in jail. Have fun Perez, karma's a bitch.

  97. 197

    Holy shit! People are right. I just checked on 3 different posters who left pro-perez comments and all of them have only 1 comment to their profile. Damn! Perez is scared. Ever since this controversy began, nearly every comment people were leaving on every story was shit talking Perez and saying he's going to jail. He is scared. He must have hired a bunch of illegal immigrants he loves so much to write pro-Perez comments. It will probably cost him 67 pesos for the illegals' work. The lawyers he hires for this shit will cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Luvs it :)

  98. 198

    Re: darcy__mae – Who said you didn't have that freedom?
    Nobody exactly I was pointing out the 90% of the "support" comments Perez is receiving come from 1 comment people which in the past we have found out are just sad no live interns if that isn't you then my comment shouldn't bother you much.
    Re: Indigo – Sadly I think you are right
    …but my hopes are that they do make a public example out of Perez fact is she was 17 her slutty behavior doesn't condone what this scumbag did.

  99. 199

    really? are people getting this passionate? break the wrist, walk away. whats done is done.

  100. 200

    I really hope this is the beginning of the end of you…i would glady follow another site that had the simplicity of this one, that's why I come here

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