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Multiple Personality Disorder???

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There has been speculation that Britney Spears is bipolar, but…

Does she suffer from schizophrenia as well???

According to a new report from Entertainment Tonight, Unfitney started speaking in that British accent she does when she was hospitalized last week after taking her children hostage.

How many Britney's are there???

And which is the one on the loose right now????

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653 comments to “Multiple Personality Disorder???”

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  1. Sheena says – reply to this


    …British accent??…She's talking in a British accent??….I'm confused…I thought that was Madonna??….

  2. Mimi says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are not the same thing…to different disorders. And it is called Dissociative Identity Disorder in the DSM. You really should know that, right?

  3. Alice says – reply to this


    That does NOT mean she is schizophrenic, and besides, schizophrenia and split personality disorder are two entirely different mental disorders!

  4. kate says – reply to this


    Very wrong. You can most certainly have co-existing personality disorders, which is in fact, not uncommon. I'm so confused how some of you seem semi-educated in this subject, yet seem to contradict that by saying stupid shit.

  5. Megan says – reply to this


    So many people have already commented on this, but DID is NOT Schizophrenia. Edit the post - don't perpetuate the misconception.

  6. It is all an act for publicity says – reply to this


    everyone knows this, why do people believe her bullshit?!

  7. Exyank says – reply to this


    First of all, Multiple Personality Disorder is now officially known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, and it's also a highly controversial diagnosis.
    Secondly, schizophrenia is a COMPLETELY different thing. The personality thing is dissociation, which is a learned response to trauma. Schizophrenia is a biological disorder with genetic components, and it usually involves periods of psychosis. The two disorders may look vaguely similar at a very casual glance, but they are completely different, have totally different treatments, and have totally different causes and symptoms.
    I know that most people are really ignorant when it comes to mental illness, and I also know that this is a gossip site and nothing more, but it's just as easy to get it right as to get it wrong in this case.

  8. joe says – reply to this


    i am thinking borderline personality disorder, which affects an estimated 20% of the american population. This disorder can have the symptoms of bipolar, depression, schizophrenia and many other mental illnesses. It is very dangerous and nobody really seems to know about it! It is defined as a lack of self identity and usually shows up in beautiful, intelligent and manipulative women…I am not sure about the intelligent part but…I can definitely see someone who has been manipulated her own life having issues with self identity…

  9. Jess says – reply to this


    Just want to clear something up really quick, since I'm a therapist. Schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are not the same thing. Maybe we should make sure we understand what the disorders are before we start diagnosing people.

  10. SD says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder are two VERY different things. People who suffer from Schizophrenia HEAR voices while people with Multiple Personalities…aka DID [Dissociative Identity Disorder] actually feel like there are different people living in their body. Just thought you'd all like to know…lol

  11. Girlie says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is not MPD. Get it right.
    Im sure if she had MPD it would be fairly obvious by now, since shes followed EVERYWHERE, someone would notice if she was acting like a completely different person and using a different name.

    Although she is definatley a psyco. LOCK THE BITCH UP!

  12. melissa says – reply to this


    feeling you have the ability to talk in a british accent is a sign of grandiosity.
    this fits the pattern of bipolar disorder with psychotic features or a schizoaffective dis bipolar type.

  13. Wikipedia, Google, a Book maybe... says – reply to this


    Uhh……what does schizophrenia have to do with multiple personalities? This is like saying we should do a triple bypass on a cancer patient. Perez, you are single-handedly undoing all of the good that mental health advocacy groups such as NAMI have tried to do. I mean, Christ, do you not have access to google and wikipedia!?

    I don't think Brit has exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia, but it's certainly possible. I don't get what the British accent really has to do with anything though…

  14. A says – reply to this


    OMG, Perez… I love you, but seriously! MPD and schizophrenia are totally different classifications. And MPD is currently referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Brit is prob just faking it because it's such a "fun" disorder to "have." Laaaaame

  15. CATHAZAT says – reply to this


    She has BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER! Look it up! She is not a multiple. She is BPD with combined bipolarity and substance abuse. I would be willing to bet on it. Schizophrenia would be much less likely. She exhibits traits of a BPD, which often strikes young women in their late teens. It is a mixture of biological and familial traits and her childhood would certainly have provided a breeding ground for this kind of behavior now.

  16. s says – reply to this


    mpd is not the same as schizophrenia. get it right.

  17. arielle says – reply to this


    schizophrenia has nothing to do with multiple personalities….its a chemical imbalance, and its not caused by anything…. If you are talking about multiple personalities its DID (dissassociative identity disorder) and thats caused by repressed feelings towards something that had happen to you, like rape or abuse. cmon perez….

  18. Jolene says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah Loko
    You obviously have no idea what your are talking about.

  19. yup. says – reply to this


    THAT'S MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER!!!! and i'm not even a doctor, shhiiiitt

  20. How about the one... says – reply to this


    How about the other made up language that she talks too….that's complete gibberish, remember that bodyguard was saying that she does that quite often too….
    YEAH THE GIRL's a friggin PSYCHO!

  21. How about the one... says – reply to this


    How about the other made up language that she talks too….that's complete gibberish, remember that bodyguard was saying that she does that quite often too….
    YEAH THE GIRL's a friggin PSYCHO!

  22. How about the one... says – reply to this


    How about the other made up language that she talks too….that's complete gibberish, remember that bodyguard was saying that she does that quite often too….
    YEAH THE GIRL's a friggin PSYCHO!

  23. How about the one... says – reply to this


    How about the other made up language that she talks too….that's complete gibberish, remember that bodyguard was saying that she does that quite often too….
    YEAH THE GIRL's a friggin PSYCHO!

  24. How about the one... says – reply to this


    How about the other made up language that she talks too….that's complete gibberish, remember that bodyguard was saying that she does that quite often too….
    YEAH THE GIRL's a friggin PSYCHO!

  25. How about the one... says – reply to this


    How about the other made up language that she talks too….that's complete gibberish, remember that bodyguard was saying that she does that quite often too….
    YEAH THE GIRL's a friggin PSYCHO!

  26. Marissa says – reply to this


    Re: STAR UK

  27. Mo says – reply to this


    hello? Madonna has been pretending to be british for years and no one accuses her of having mpd..

  28. justsaying says – reply to this


    sounds like britney suffers from histrionic personality disorder. histrionic personality disorder is characterized by pervaiseve patten of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking (brit flashing her stuff for the whole world to see, and many more examples). individuals with HPD are overly ocncerned with impressing others with their appearance and spend inordinate time, energy and money to this end. they also experience rapid shifts in moods and emotion and may be laughing uproarioulsy one moment and sobbing the next. additionally, individuals with HPD are uncomfortable when they are not the centre of attention and go to great lengths to gain that status. they use their physical appearance and dress to gain attention. just saying…

  29. stupid says – reply to this


    schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder are completely different things.
    A person with schizophrenia doesn't have multiple personalities and if Britney is bipolar then she would be seen one moment in hysterics and the next in rage…. maybe you should do more research before posting things.

  30. John says – reply to this


    It's obvious that she has Borderline disorder. BPD. It's everywhere on the web. Look it up. She is a classic case but since this disorder has only been named in the last 20 years people do not know about it. It's the worst to treat because they are nuts one minute and act fine the next. Dr.'s don't want to touch it.
    It's also known as Emotionally unstable Disorder now, I suppose to be politically correct. Mommie Dearest, she had it.

  31. M. says – reply to this


    everybody knows BS likes coffee bean, not starbucks. …come on.

  32. nycole says – reply to this


    actually, multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia are two different disorders. common mistake, though.

  33. Charles says – reply to this


    Remember…you are never alone with a schizphrenic

  34. Pauline says – reply to this


    leave britney ALONEEE! CRAPPPP

  35. badjuju says – reply to this


    you're such an idiot. it wouldn't be schizophrenia, it would be multiple personality disorder.

  36. Aly says – reply to this


    Dissociative Identity Disorder is multiple personality disorder. Very rare, and very unlikely Brit has it. Schizophrenia is where people see and hear things that aren't there. Their language is often hard to distinguish because they talk about things normal people cannot understand. They do not use different accents. It is possible she has schizoaffective disorder, but I do not believe so. My unofficial diagnosis is Bipolar disorder with psychotic features.

  37. Lauren says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is not the same as having multiple personalities. MPD is really pretty rare, so the new accents, etc are probably just a coping or defense mechanism for Britney

  38. erin says – reply to this


    mpd & schizophrenia are not the same thing. it's not even called mpd anymore it's called disassociative identity disorder or did. stay away from reporting on things you don't know anything about.

  39. Eddi says – reply to this


    Multiple personality disorder IS NOT the same thing as Schizophrenia - do your research.

  40. Me says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia isn't the same thing as multiple personality disorder (now known as dissociative identity disorder). Schizophrenia is a break with reality, there are specific symptoms she doesn't have (though it DOES usually manifest in the late teens/early twenties & drug use can bring it on. There are cases for dissociative identity disorder, but there are still doubts as to whether it exists or not. If it does, it's rare & usually a response to severe abuse. The 2 have been confused forever, you should clear that up for your readers. Britney Spears does not seem to suffer from either one. Seems like the press wants her to seem as unstable as possible. Bipolar disorder is serious in itself. Even if she does have bipolar, that doesn't give you her lack of respect for others, drug problems or unhealthy relationship with the tabloids. My guess is that she doesn't have something easily diagnosed, or treated. Her life has been unique. There aren't many people in studied history that she can be compared to. Not many people have a swarm of media & emergency care surround their house at a custody dispute. It's a unique, tragic situation. I don't even believe the British accent story, but that would not make the case for mental illness anyway.

  41. mike says – reply to this


    doesn't Madonna speak in that fake english accent?

  42. annie says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is NOT multiple personalities, they are two different things, schizophrenia means divided cells but not personalities, someone with that problem thinks people are following them and make their own little world in their own head, for example she is rich, so she thinks she is a princess that wants to get killed. Multi personalities is another mental issue that means she is britney and then the next day she is Jean. and they act completely different and may be unaware of the other personalitie(s)' existance.

  43. Rohondra says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia ain't Multiple Identity Disorder!

  44. Pam says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is not multiple personality disorder…Idiot!

  45. Pam says – reply to this


    and if she does have any of these disorders it's not something to make fun of. You don't know what she is going through. It becomes torture to the person.

  46. common sense says – reply to this


    schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are two totally different conditions.

  47. Bran-di says – reply to this


    schizophrenia does not mean multiple personalities.

  48. avalon says – reply to this


    is it not completely obvious by now that she is suffering from post-partum depression? she was only a redneck before the kids now she's bat shit, do the math

  49. Meg says – reply to this



  50. Pam says – reply to this


    Re: Torb
    No they are not the same. Get your facts straight people. Jeeez

  51. brandy says – reply to this


    Re: max frentz
    perez didnt come up with the name unfitney. a magazine did. so stfu.

  52. Kelsey says – reply to this


    I know people have already said this…. but schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are two very different disorders. I love you, but I had to get this straight as a psych. student.

  53. Amy says – reply to this


    Perez….if you're going to make casual psychological diagnoses you should read up a bit first. Shizophrenia has nothing to do with multiple personalities
    (dissasociative identity disorder, which is extremely rare condition if an actual disorder at all). If I had to guess about her problem I would just say she likes to hit the sauce a LOT.

  54. Sandy says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is not the same thing as multiple personality disorder (now called dissociative identity disorder) which you are referencing.

  55. TURDLICIOUS says – reply to this


    schizophrenia means you hear voices, messages, etc. MPD means you switch between personalities. one is a brain disease that actually eats away part of the brain (which can also be caused by extensive dug use) while the other is a psychological disorder the brain actually creates to often deal with severe abuse, neglect, or trauma.

  56. ana says – reply to this


    Perez, do some reading before you make generalizations like that. Schitzophrenia is not multiple personality disorder (which isn't even the name for it anyway, it's considered a disassociative personality disorder.)

  57. youuuu says – reply to this


    i hate to break it to you Perez but anybody whos taken any psychology class in college or even high school knows that being Schizophrenic is not having multiple personalitys that would actually be called dissociative disorder. Schizophrenia is splitting from reality…. thought i would educate you guys a litte

  58. roxy says – reply to this


    she couuld have been in a psychotic manic edisode(for any fuck tards that don't know what that means it can happen with bipolar

  59. roxy says – reply to this


    Re: registered nurse – this person is NOT a nurse borderline personality disorder CAN NOT BE MEDICATIED i have that along with bipolar and yeah this person is an idiot

  60. marissa says – reply to this


    Perez, take this false and ignorant information off of your site. like many people have already stated, schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder are two entirely different problems, and i doubt that Britney has either. i also highly doubt that she is bipolar. i would more likely diagnose her with a personality disorder, but the truth is probably that she is on drugs most of the time. and not bipolar drugs, or ADD drugs. more like crack.

  61. s says – reply to this


    also, schizophrenia or delusions are a part of the bipolar 1 disorder.

  62. get it straight says – reply to this


    As many people pointed out, schizophrenia is NOT the same as multiple personality disorder. You are continuing the myth that they are one in the same.

    Many people suffer from schizophrenia, learn a little about it. It's sad.

  63. Lacey says – reply to this


    Hey perez Schizoprenia and multiple personalities or more commonly known as DID are not at all the same thing so before you start talking about Brit and what mental illness she may have KNOW YOUR SHIT. Thanks! I still love you though.

  64. Deb says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia and Multiple personality are two separate disorders. Please read up of this. The media is the worst for getting the two confused. It's now Disasociative Disorder. Look it up.

  65. Deb says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia and Multiple personality are two separate disorders. Please read up of this. The media is the worst for getting the two confused. It's now Disasociative Disorder. Look it up.

  66. ? says – reply to this


    Re: Torb – and bipolar is a separate disorder from the two

  67. vanessa says – reply to this


    love that art

  68. Hello says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is not multiple personality disorder, or now known as dissociative disorder…

  69. concerned reader says – reply to this


    A ridiculous number of people read your site daily, myself included, so it is really important that you get your facts straight. Multiple personality disorder is not the same as schizophrenia. I'm glad to see that other people have commented on this, as well. Someone with as much influence, especially on young people, should make sure they are educated on facts before they start talking about things as misunderstood as mental illness. Perpetuating ignorance and stigma is not entertainment.

  70. Stacy B says – reply to this


    Hmmmm…..crystal meth, anyone?

  71. cole says – reply to this


    schizophrenia is NOOOOOOOOOT multiple personality disorder. they are two TOTALLY different disorders. multiple personality disorder is formally known as disassociative disorder. get it right! but britney is for sure mentally ill

  72. @mes says – reply to this


    Man, all those personalities and none of them have any style!

  73. amber says – reply to this


    MPD does not equal schizophrenia…

  74. @mes says – reply to this


    Hey Perez, did you hear those are two different disorders? Geeze, and everyone needed to tell you about it too. F*cking know it alls…no one visits this site for facts. You visit it because it's hilarious!

  75. Katy says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder are NOT the same thing.

  76. Kit-Kat says – reply to this


    Umm, thats not schizophrenia. That's dissociative identity disorder otherwise known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Read a book.

  77. chelsey says – reply to this


    schizophrenia is not the same as multiple identity disorder… let's be a little smarter than unfitney herself

  78. kgirl says – reply to this


    How is she not a danger to herself and society? Are they going to wait until someone dies because of her recklessness before something is done with her?!

  79. ccrocker says – reply to this


    Leave Britney ALONE!!

  80. Kit-Kat says – reply to this


    And by the way, why are people so quick to pin a psychological disorder on someone that happens to do something totally random like speak with an accent? We've all done it! Give me a freakin' break.

  81. Jude says – reply to this


    As many people have already clarified, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are two different things. Schizophrenics tend to hear hallucinations from outside the head as opposed to those with multiple personality disorder (or DID, as it's now called) hear internal voices and have separate identities/alters that take over their actions. Loss of time, memory problems, and extreme decrease in functionality are common with DID. It's a quite debilitating disorder and unfortunately stems from trauma or abuse. If Britney is a multiple she may have been dissociating for years to deal with the trauma of early stardom and not have known about it. My personal opinion is that she's a rapid-cycling bipolar who routinely makes bad decisions that happen to be in front of world's eyes. Mental illness is no joke and can cause lots of different problems. If that's the case then she's got to be dealing with a lot. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  82. ms karla says – reply to this


    I think it's really sad the way people like you find such pleasure in saying all this mean shit about someone who is obviously very sick. It must make you feel real good about how fucked up you are as a person. How do you sleep at night? Oh yeah, with a dick in your mouth!!!!!

  83. HI DER says – reply to this


    that's not schizophrenia you dumb shit…it's multiple personality disorder…or disassociative disorder….

    don't start making your own diagnosis's when you don't know shit about psychology.

  84. curlysue says – reply to this


    Re: Jenny – Thank you!! Someone had to say it. They are COMPLETELY different disorders……not even related a little. Britney is still Britney, she just has some symptoms (if she does have schizophrenia) which make functioning on what society calls a "normal" level impossible.

  85. curlysue says – reply to this


    Dissasociative disorder? No its not, its still called Schizophrenia under the DSM IV, it is just under a sub heading of diassociative disorders.

  86. Daniella says – reply to this


    Please look up schizophrenia. It has absolutely nothing to do with "multiple personalities". Also, look up personality disorders which is another mental condition unrelated to mood disorders like bipolar or to schizophrenia. You are putting out misinformation and ignorance.
    Thank you.

  87. maliac says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia, contrary to popular misunderstanding, is not the same as Multiple Personality Disorder (which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder). People who are bipolar can often have psychotic symptoms. I had a roommate who had it and one night I came home to find her on the floor talking to the ceiling.

  88. V says – reply to this


    Yeah, just wanted to say that Dissociative Identity Disorder (once formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder) does not equate with schizophrenia. The latter involves delusions and hallucinations, while the former is distinctly two or more identities in an individual. Both, however, involve psychotic breaks.

  89. quita says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is not the same as Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities. Split personality is a common erroneous definition for schizophrenia. Actually it is a disorder where the person experiences psychotic episodes, hallucinations and delusions and otherwise loses touch with reality. Acting like you're from the UK is not a psychiatric symptom per se. It could be someone just trying to be funny. More than likely she is bipolar, which in its most severe form can also include psychotic episodes where the person is absent from reality. Also, when the person is manic, they often engage in high risk behavior (unsafe sex, gambling, spending lots of money, driving erratically, etc.). What Britney is most likely doing now is called "rapid cycling," which is just what it sounds like, rapidly going from mania to depression and back again.

  90. Ignorance kills says – reply to this


    For the last time people, Schizophrenia is a DISEASE of the brain NOT a personality disorder. Schizophrenia is caused by GENETICS and results in a loss of touch with reality, hearing audible voices, hallucinations, and delusional thinking. Most of the homeless people are schizophrenic because people with this disease cannot hold down jobs. In contrast, Multiple personality disorder has NOTHING to do with genetics and is NOT a disease. It's a personality issue caused by child abuse. If you want to understand the difference then go watch the Sally Field movie SYBIL which is a case study in multiple personality disorder then go watch the Russell Crowe movie a Beautiful Mind which is a case study in schizophrenia. After watching both you will get it. Perez go educate yourself. You can really be ignorant sometimes.

  91. This will not end well says – reply to this


    Whatever Britney's diagnosis is it is obviously of a genetic nature. Her Grandmother went bezerk around Brit's age and committed suicide. She also has numerous relatives in jail and mental hospitals so whatever is wrong she inherited which means mental illness. Personality disorders cannot be inherited as they are not genetic. She is either a manic depressive or a schizophrenic or possible both. Yes, you can have both. Either way she needs to be force medicated or she will never get better. Lynne Spears should have her kidnapped and force medicate her. It may be the only way to save her life.

  92. julie says – reply to this


    hey im sure some people already commented on this- but im so annoyed with people thinking that multiple personality disorder is akin to schizophrenia- they are two totally different things- im too annoyed to explain the details to ignorant people, just know that they are apples and oranges and perez, i like what you have to say MOST of the time, but here you've TOTALLY MISSED THE BOAT_ READ THE DSM.

  93. Britney needs Haldol says – reply to this


    Britney does in fact "hear voices". Her bodyguard confirmed this. He said she sits in the corner for hours talking to the voices in strange made up languages which would seem to indicate schizophrenia. Most homeless people are schizophrenics and this is exactly what they do. Haven't you seen homeless people talking to themselves in nonsensical languages? It's classic of this disease. Another classic Schizophrenic sign is the poor hygeine and the inappropriate dress. Schizophrenics often don't bathe or dress properly because they are so lost in a fantasy world of the voices and hallucinations that they lose all touch with reality and normal things. This explains why she is so dirty looking and dresses like a hooker. I feel this girl is headed towards suicide. I cannot believe the hospital let her out, they should have kept her for at least a month.

  94. jess says – reply to this


    Saying that schizophrenia and the no-reported-cases-doesn't-actually-exist MPD are the same is kinda like saying that being gay and being a bugger/pedophile are the same. wELL DONe pEREZ you fat retard. Besides, you are talking about 'paranoid type schizophrenia', not any of the others (catatonic etc) so you have to specify because the outcomes are drastically different.

  95. dittysmom says – reply to this


    Adding to the chorus of schoolmarms correcting your psycho-knowledge. But also MPD is a very rare disorder brought on by severe physical and mental abuse during childhood (not in Brit's history at all). Brit does not fit the dx for schizophrenia. Manic episodes can bring on very bizarre behavior, including saying/doing really crazy things, sexual promiscuity, etc. All the crazy things Brit has been doing. She is bipolar, and probably also suffers from post-partum depression or even psychosis. She needs alot of help. Substance abuse does not appear to be her primary problem. . I truly hope that she accepts professional help (please, God, anyone but Dr. Phil), not for her career (’cause let's be honest - how many more years did she have of that act anyway?) but for her and her children.

  96. kp says – reply to this


    someone just needs to superman that hoe.

  97. fark says – reply to this


    umm idiot… schizophrenia is NOT the same thing as Multiple Personality Disorder.

  98. me says – reply to this


    YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT, schizophrenia is not the same as multiple personality disorder (or dissociative disorder) so get your facts straight before you start trying to diagnose disorders.

  99. Sofia says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder aren't the same thing, you fat piece of shit.

  100. Hayley says – reply to this


    Schizophrenia is NOT M.P.D. (thanks doxiecat for also catching that). They are very different. Google it Perez.

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