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Separated By A Lawsuit

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Left: a bag from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line. Right: a Forever 21 knockoff.

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222 comments to “Separated By A Lawsuit”

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  1. Joann says – reply to this



  2. Joey Jack says – reply to this


    lame.. first?

  3. Lauren says – reply to this


    Haha, well I guess she's less of a paranoid bitch than I thought. That's a pretty legit rip off.

  4. Keenan says – reply to this


    i can see it

  5. Daniel says – reply to this


    i is ghey

  6. brendan says – reply to this


    pretty much identical

  7. Eve says – reply to this


    Love you perez!

  8. me says – reply to this



  9. val says – reply to this



  10. Erica says – reply to this



  11. kevin says – reply to this


    she deff should sue. its the looks the same

  12. Laura says – reply to this


    WOW, that's blatant copyright infringement.

    I'd expect to see it on Canal- not in a retail store…

  13. ummm says – reply to this


    who cares?

  14. alyssa says – reply to this


    They look pretty similar to me. :O

  15. jo says – reply to this



  16. your mom says – reply to this


    both are ugly, who cares

  17. Alex says – reply to this


    Forever21 totally ripped off Gwen

  18. emily says – reply to this


    forever 21 can eat a butthole

  19. Darling Nikki says – reply to this


    see…this is where lawsuits are justified…of course I thought the knock off thing was part of Forever 21's shtick

  20. martin says – reply to this


    so, both tacky!

  21. electric blogarella says – reply to this


    Uh, oh. Looks like the 21 is goin' down. Damnit, now they'll have to mark up their clothes from $5 to $50 to pay of Gwennie Gwen Gwen.
    And who wants to pay $50 for something that's going to fall apart on its way to the washing machine?

  22. Sha says – reply to this


    Spitting image. that's a shame. I'd sue too

  23. Terese says – reply to this


    Sue Gwen..sue. Love you Gwen.

  24. sierra says – reply to this


    definatley a ripoff
    but soooooooo much cheaper

  25. R says – reply to this


    gwen will sue. gwen will win. end of story

  26. kristen says – reply to this


    yeah it looks pretty much the same, but people rip off things all the time, i have seen so many of the imitation louis vouittan, coach, gucci etc bags and knock off shirt for various brands that this really doesnt seem to be that big of a deal, and if gwen stefani is freaking out about forever 21 that is kinda lame, she shouldnt even waste her time, they will just change the design a little more and then sell it again!

  27. greeneyes says – reply to this


    Yesterday I bought one!! woo me!

  28. Jessie says – reply to this


    I just feel like America sues to much. It seems to be the answer to everything.

  29. FashionBizz says – reply to this


    Yup .. its a knock off. AND? Everyone acts like this is the first time Forever 21 has ever done this, why do you think so many people shop there to begin with? DVF just sued them at the begining of this year. Everyone in the industry does this, this is not a practice that is unknown …. It just happens to be blown up on www.Perezhilton.com now. This won't stop them though, they will just take the tops off the racks and sell something similar to it next week.

  30. TMacK says – reply to this


    DUh! That's why forever 21 is cheap, they do this stuff all the time, same with Urban Outfitters and their printed tees!

  31. FashionBizz101 says – reply to this


    Yup .. its a knock off. AND? Everyone acts like this is the first time Forever 21 has ever done this, why do you think so many people shop there to begin with? DVF just sued them at the begining of this year. Everyone in the industry does this, this is not a practice that is unknown …. It just happens to be blown up on www.Perezhilton.com now. This won't stop them though, they will just take the tops off the racks and sell something similar to it next week.

  32. COCO says – reply to this


    This is like a chicken and the egg thing. Who did it first? Who copy who?

  33. ash says – reply to this


    its just the same fabric

  34. Bodhi says – reply to this


    L.A.M.B has also been ripped off, the hoodie from a few years ago, the where did my lamb go featured on Gwen's rolling stone cover in i believe, 04 or 05, is also a key example on how they have stolen ideas. Forever 21 sucks anyways.

  35. Lauren says – reply to this



  36. MOLLY says – reply to this



  37. FURBY says – reply to this


    I like both though…

  38. boo says – reply to this


    see i always just thought forever 21 carried her line :l

  39. voice of reason says – reply to this


    Why does Cheney Bros. v. Doris Silk Corp., 35 F.2d 279 (2d Cir. 1929), come to mind?

  40. Peter says – reply to this


    Gwen so obviously stole the design.

  41. Gretchen says – reply to this


    You can get cancer from Forever 21 clothing. I AM NOT KIDDING. My friend was shopping there and saw a sign on their counter. It said that chemicals in their clothing may cause cancer. My friend addressed one of the workers about it as she pointed to the sign and the worker was clueless on the issue.

  42. joe says – reply to this


    Forever 21 is a christian company. More hypocritical religious nuts.

  43. sara luppino says – reply to this



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  44. legaleagle says – reply to this


    Unless Forever 21 used the LAMB logo, what they did is legal. Because fashion trends are so short lived, there are no copyrights.

  45. gwen still sucks says – reply to this


    So what? Both are fucking ugly. Gwen's line is anything BUT original and it's not even cute. It's over priced, fugly, as well as a rip off of so many others anyway. Plus Gwen just sucks period. I wish she'd stick to what she was good at: BEING THE LEAD SINGER OF NO DOUBT. Not a solo artist. Not a 'designer'. But the freaking awesome 90's band that used to be No Doubt. I wish they'd go back to their original sound, not the shit they came out with when she got big. She just sucks otherwise.

  46. Nina says – reply to this


    They are the same, and ugly.

  47. L. Luxe says – reply to this


    All Forever 21 clothes are sweat shop made anyway! (Does any one here know what a sweat shop is???) Good for Gwen! Those effing child and slave-laboring fat cats can AFFORD to hire their own desingers! Screw them! It's disgusting! Anyone who shops there should BE ASHAMED!!!!!
    Go Gwen! Protect what you worked for!!

  48. holla says – reply to this


    gwen DOES suck. she's got a cute family but it all goes downhill from there. am i the only person on this planet who DOESN'T like no doubt? when she sings it sounds like someone's strangling her. i wish they were. jokes!

  49. Skizzy says – reply to this


    Wow, that's such a blatant rip-off it's ridiculous. I knew that if Gwen was pressing charges, it would be obviously justified. Gwen's not the type to start unecessary drama! Get it girl!

  50. Dave says – reply to this


    I like the print a lot better as a shirt :-/ It's her right to sue if she wants to, but as a college student, I always appreciate the cheaper versions of things more…. why waste unnecessary money that most of us dont have?

  51. Henry says – reply to this


    I am a HUGE No Doubt/ Gwen fan, and have spent an hour looking up how F21 is a cheap knockoff, WOW, some things are IDENTICAL

  52. simone says – reply to this


    both tacky and loud

  53. Ave says – reply to this


    While they are ridiculously similar, I don't think it will get very far because they didn't actually use the same characters… designers do this shit all the time.

  54. religious nutz says – reply to this


    1st, look on the bottom of your Forever 21 bag for the John 3:16… 2nd both the bag and the dress are not that cute at all. Gwen stefani is soooo "perfect" and so rich too. she ought to fugettit. Greedy beotch

  55. megs says – reply to this


    So sorry Gwen Stefani did not think to sell her design to Forever 21 like the rest of the designers do. Everyone knows a cheaper company like Forever wants to have clothing and accessories like the expensive shit celebs wear. So most SMART brands sell their design to forever for people who cannot afford real shit and at least the designers get some money for the stuff that other cheap companys are innevitably going to knock off and sell. THerefore, it was stupid for Gwen and L.A.M.B. not to sell their prints to Forever 21.

    Don't be stupid.

  56. M says – reply to this


    love gwen, hate forever 21

  57. Anna says – reply to this


    i half expected it to be a shirt that avril lavigne was now selling or something D:

  58. mami says – reply to this


    I am Japanese, and I think Gwen stole the fabric from Harajuku in Tokyo, really. And both are darn ugly . Her stuff is not so original anyway.

  59. Jessica says – reply to this


    There have been a couple of times that ive gone into forever 21 and seen exact replicas of abercrombie & fitch shirts before.

    since i work at A&F the blatant knockoffs were obvious to me. considering a&f is such a crazy company about "brand integrity" im suprised they havent sued yet either.

    i like forever 21 though. that stuff is fun and cheap. I dont feel bad about buying a shirt im only going to wear once cause it doesnt cost a thing.

  60. samantha says – reply to this


    Why does everyone say first… i don't get it?? Don't yell at me for not knowing..lol

  61. Mii says – reply to this


    How the hell did they think they were getting away with that?! IT looks exactly like it.

  62. MOI* says – reply to this


    Wow . . . those are exactly the same.
    You go, Gwen!
    Sue their asses!

  63. murray says – reply to this


    wow, that's more blatant than i expected.

  64. Ashley says – reply to this


    Everyone yells first becuase they're idiots. They think it's cool to flood the comments section with idiotic posts about how they were here first.

    Who cares if they ripped it off. It's a shirt, they could've have bought the print. If they had made it into a bag then okay be pissed but they didn't besides Forever 21 makes clothes for people who can't afford the real thing. That bag is ugly and I bet Gwen's asking $100-200 for it. All of Gwen's stuff is overpriced considering she's selling to a certain demographic. Besides that shirt will be gone in 2 weeks. Forever 21 is always replacing items like *that*. She doesn't have to be so damn greedy. Isn't she rich enough?

  65. ree says – reply to this


    this comment is toward gretchen about getting cancer from forever 21… im an assitant manager there, & yes its true we do have that printed on our return policy sign… but it is a state LAW that we, & other retail stores, must print that because pretty much everything that is imported from indonesia & china might have a chance of having pesticides or chemicals on them from shipping & whatnot. look at any other posted return policy in other stores & i bet you'll see it.

    oh… & about this whole post… that shirt really isnt a big seller, so gwen shouldnt be worried. im sure its not selling well for her either. ugly shit tends to do that.

  66. F21 Corporate says – reply to this


    you are so fired!

  67. kypre says – reply to this


    when i first read the earlier post about this, i immediately thought that gwen was just being an egotistical bitch and she probably wouldn't have a leg to stand on as far as a lawsuit goes. but now, i'll admit, this is pretty suspicious. it would be a pretty big coincidence if the store come up with this pattern all on their own. it's definitely more likely that they ripped off gwen's idea.

  68. brie says – reply to this


    that is so screwed up
    i hope she gets a fat check
    not that she needs it..

  69. mell_j says – reply to this


    a design that i would never buy.

  70. Shannon says – reply to this


    The print looks better as a bag anyway. And the bag isn't that expensive, its only $74, and will end up at TJ Maxx in 6 months for $25 (’cause that's where I got my HL bag). The fabrics are basically identical, the only thing missing is the HL logo, I think she has a pretty valid case.

  71. Michelle Z says – reply to this


    Wow. That Sucks.

  72. Shannon says – reply to this


    Ree, I have never seen that warning anywhere else except for F21.

  73. christine says – reply to this


    forever 21 is cheap and their stores always look messy and unorganized. good for gwen.

  74. Bre says – reply to this


    Wow Super Lame! I Hate Fakes!

  75. wgh120 says – reply to this


    First of all Perez's headline is a lawsuit away, prolly hard up for stories. No where it says Gwen is going to sue them. It is part of fashion, there is no copywright anyway. If you claim you are selling a gucci watch and it is in infact not, that is illegal but not selling a replica Gucci watch as a Gocci watch. You people should stick to things you know about….

  76. ree says – reply to this


    prop 65… look it up. its basically ALL over california, from retail, to hotels, to water. & blah blah blah on gwen… just the rich trying to get richer. the label whores will by hers no matter what cheap knock off hits the stores.

  77. ree says – reply to this


    prop 65… look it up. its basically ALL over california, from retail, to hotels, to water, to dentists office. & blah blah blah on gwen… just the rich trying to get richer. the label whores will by hers no matter what cheap knock off hits the stores.

  78. wgh120 says – reply to this


    Rival designers LeSportsac insist her Harajuku Lovers collection is a copy of their own Japanese street look, and are suing her business partner and the firm's boss, Tim Schifter, for $1.23 million.

    I think Perez has his facts confused, as usual

  79. cris says – reply to this


    i love forever 21!

  80. JerKo ☻ says – reply to this



  81. screamapiller says – reply to this


    Your wrong wgh120, Gwen/HL company is suing Forever 21. The document has been circling the internet for days now.
    Ya Lesportsac was suing her business partner too, but this is a different case.

  82. Ilya says – reply to this


    dayyyyuuuummm, i suppose so.

  83. alice says – reply to this


    so when did cheap knock offs become such an a-list frenzy?I know they have always been trashy, but maybe dooney and dork should sue target and wal-mart for their handbag misdemeanors. Gwen is pretty bitchin and i sure hope this wasn't her angry idea…

  84. frank says – reply to this


    well shoot her stuff is so expensive anyway so more power to then

  85. LILLY says – reply to this


    I saw someone wear that at my school. Forever21 are such losers. I love Gwen.

  86. sunshine says – reply to this


    uhm, didn't gwen DESIGN a line of handbags for LeSportsac? I could swear that that happened not a year or two ago…
    so WHY would they sue Gwen herself? She loaned her name and designs to them, so they made money…
    anyway, i wouldn't buy Forever 21 things anyway. I'm looking for bargains, but because i want to wear the clothes MORE THAN ONCE before they self-destruct.
    the design looks WAY better as a handbag. the top is way too busy.

  87. ALLY says – reply to this


    Urban Outfitters has done it as well.
    Stole designs from acquaintance and designer Johnny Cupcakes.


  88. nuouu says – reply to this


    you should know a thing or two about lawsuits since your fatass has been sued for stealing pictures.

  89. ya says – reply to this


    its funny, because ive never had a problem with f21 clothes… i still have tons from years ago, even some really delicate crochetd tops & whatnot. guess im lucky.

  90. MARY says – reply to this


    total knock-off….

    Welcome to the REAL fashion world Gwennie….

    You know you've made it big when cheap shit starts looking like your expensive crap……


  91. annanananananaa says – reply to this


    forever 21 is a hypocritical, capitalistic company. christian my ass. they can bible thump all they want but they seem to have no problem with the sweat shops they generate in third world countries and the PESTICIDES ON THEIR CLOTHES ( i have never ever ever seen a cancer warning at any other clothing store. maybe in a nuclear bomb facility, but not a mall thank you).
    gwen stefani is really involved in her clothing line unlike a lot of other celebreTARDS i.e. hilary duff, jlo, whoever the fuck else. she was also really interested in fashion forever and this was a life long dream of hers so MORE POWER TO HER. the clothes cost more cause they're made better (f21 falls apart, lamb does NOT) and are original ideas.
    fuck forever 21, i hope she gets them for every cent they're worth

  92. Mel P. says – reply to this


    Very similar and both cute.
    WTF is up with people saying first…sfw if you are first, is your life so insignificant that you need to let people know you posted "first" on here? BAH!

  93. Ali says – reply to this


    She's just stolen the whole range of Super Lovers clothing anyway, so why not have her stuff ripped off too. She's crap.

  94. Sara says – reply to this


    Have they not learnt anything?!
    I heard, sometime ago, that they were getting sued for coping some other designer items and they're STILL AT IT??

  95. chazzzzz says – reply to this


    that looks exactly like the print on the purse, i think she has a pretty good chnce at the lawsuit……ive seen some others that makes me want to punch a bitch cause it was wayyy too off to even consider doing something like this. She deff has one! Go get 'em Gwen!!! shes so fucking sexy and her husband is too!!!!! forever 21 is a store that has cute stuff……but the shit falls apart on the first wash…..so actually, gwen shouldnt be so worried about people sporting her "look alike line"…..the shit dont last a week out of the store anyways!!!!! ; )

  96. Nicole says – reply to this


    She ripped off the Japanese and then sues them for ripping her off. AH AMericans!

  97. resistance is beautiful says – reply to this


    isn't that gwen's fault for not designing her own fabric?

    that is what "real" designers do.
    if they ripped off her fabric too, then i suppose its legit…

  98. resistance is beautiful says – reply to this


    isn't that gwen's fault for not designing her own fabric?

    that is what "real" designers do.
    if they ripped off her fabric too, then i suppose its legit…

    otherwise, how is a handbag like a dress? sounds like a zen koan…

  99. Caesars says – reply to this


    the t-shirt is pretty cute, though

  100. アシュ says – reply to this


    I really wish Gwen would stop "speaking Japanese." All I have ever heard her say is kawaii and it drives me nuts. She sounds like an anime freak.

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