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Ryan Back With The Adultureous Whore

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Ryan Phillippe has resumed his relationship with Australian actress Abbie Cornish!

Us Weekly is reporting that the pair rekindled their romance earlier this summer, in June.

The twosome reportedly began seeing each other last October, having an affair while Phillppe was still married to Reese Witherspoon. They met on the set of the film Stop Loss but put the breaks on their romance once news of their relationship was made public.

Ryan and Abbie were most recently spotted together on August 5th in LA's Franklin Canyon Park, Us Reports. "They were laughing," says an onlooker, "and obviously enjoying themselves."

Despite the fact that he's moved to his old ho, Phillippe is not pleased that Witherspoon is dating Jakey GyllenHO.

"Ryan is pissed about Jake," a Phillippe insider tells Us. Ryan told Reese he "didn't want 'that guy' around their kids and then made some crude Brokeback Mountain remark."

Ewwwww. Get over yourself, Phillippedouche!

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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166 comments to “Ryan Back With The Adultureous Whore”

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  1. steph says – reply to this



  2. a says – reply to this


    That little girl looks just like her mama!

  3. YO MOMMA says – reply to this



  4. brit says – reply to this


    ha! first one… love it

  5. lucy says – reply to this


    i love perez!!

  6. Cliff says – reply to this


    Perez, you read enough tabloids to know when things are more than they seem, and when they're true or not. The scene they paint at the end, where a source says Ryan made a Brokeback Mountain joke? Sounds faker than anything in the Globe. These people aren't tv characters, they're people.

  7. Orla says – reply to this


    that kid in the yellow tshirt looks so much like Reese!!

  8. m says – reply to this


    If Ryan was still married, wouldn't HE be the adulterous whore?

  9. Trav says – reply to this


    FIRST BITCH, BUt i still dont like perez

  10. sian says – reply to this



  11. shirna says – reply to this


    How stupid can a man be — he had a beautiful family and he gave it up!

  12. Lauren says – reply to this


    OMG they are the most BEAUTIFUL family ever!! Gorgeous BLONDE HAIR and BLUE eyed kids! so gorgeous!

  13. Chrisi says – reply to this


    Mini-Reese is SO adorable. Ryan is a complete moron. He could stand her career doing so well while his went down the crapper. LOSER!

  14. kristy says – reply to this


    Reese can do so much better than ryan. He is a jerk who doesn't deserve her

  15. Bax says – reply to this


    Good Lord, Ava is the spitting image of her mother! Look at that expression! Tracy Flick lives!

  16. KLM says – reply to this


    The look on Ava's face says it all- "Daddy you a fucking bastard!"

  17. Travi says – reply to this


    and again

  18. J Ox says – reply to this


    What a man whore! I'd still jump him though! Daaaayum he's fine!!!! Lookin all scruffy and stuff. Shoooot! :P

  19. jane says – reply to this


    little Reese looks as pissed as big Reese would be.

  20. amanda says – reply to this


    wow their daughter is IDENTICAL to reese

  21. nori says – reply to this


    WHat a JERK!

  22. ho says – reply to this



  23. foryourinfo says – reply to this


    the brokeback mountain comment sounds pretty made up. ryan got his start playing a gay character…

  24. nadine says – reply to this


    HE's such an idiot, but so good looking!

  25. daVidtheGay says – reply to this


    i love to see a picture of ryan's weiner.

  26. FoaL says – reply to this


    Don't you recognize US weekly sponsored Camp Witherspoon spin when you read it Perez?

    Give Ryan a break. The Chin is an evil bitch.

  27. me says – reply to this


    wow that little girl looks exactly like her mom how friggin cute

  28. Karin Buckland says – reply to this



  29. donna says – reply to this



  30. rolo says – reply to this


    oh my god the little girl looks exactly like her mother. That is kinda creepy!!

  31. G says – reply to this



  32. cheeeze says – reply to this



  33. Spicy McHaggis says – reply to this



  34. Shane says – reply to this


    their little girl looks exactly like Reese

    p.s. Ryan can have his next affair with me :)

  35. L says – reply to this



  36. Lexi says – reply to this


    she looks like his daughter!

  37. joan says – reply to this



  38. melissa11 says – reply to this


    Ryan cheated on his wife with Abbie and you call her a whore but when Brad Pitt cheated with Angelina you call her a goddess and worship everything she does. Does because Angleina's beautiful you seem to think it's okay. You really are f**ked up Perez.

  39. smashie says – reply to this


    And yet you are proud of Saint Angelina????? Go figure!

  40. silly says – reply to this


    ryan is not the cheat!!!!

  41. Nikki says – reply to this


    He's hot he can do WHATEVER he wants!! Go Ryan lol

  42. bobby says – reply to this


    Is his fly open? I hope so.

  43. M says – reply to this


    Ava IS a spitting image of her mom. How funny. I wonder what Ryan thinks every time he looks at her.

    He has never done it for me. He is so average and just blah.

  44. Amy says – reply to this


    omg…does that little girl look just like Reese or WHAT? ADORABLE!

    ps. What's with all the 'first' crap… knock it off. Losers.

  45. Toothy Tile says – reply to this


    Come on. We ALL know that Ryan takes it up the ass, so Piggez your "Brokeback" comment is bullshit.
    This is one of Hollyweirds worst kept secret and everyone who is ANYONE knows Ryan plays with the boys.
    Opps, except you Piggez. He ain't a chubby, or in your case, whale chaser!

  46. anthony says – reply to this


    #6 and #8 says it all..perez is fab…but he is so tacky with the way he writes his stories that it is clear the only education perez employees have are on being sloppy gays

  47. peeonme says – reply to this


    Go back to school and learn how to spell, you moron!

  48. peeonme says – reply to this


    Go back to school and learn how to spell!

  49. passing by says – reply to this


    You need to get upto date on this, because while US Weekly is hitting the stands Reese & her kids are being photographed in MV, with reports that she is spending some vacation time with Jake and staying down the road from his family. You can find the photo in today's boston herald.

  50. tommee boom boXXX says – reply to this


    douchebag but….hot and pouty.


  51. DN says – reply to this


    The whore in this situation is Ryan you sexist PEABRAIN!

    Ryan was the one who was married and still had the affair. Girl isn't married to anybody.

    What she did was wrong, what he did was ADULTERY!

  52. hahaha says – reply to this


    SO FAKE!! Everybody in Hollywood knows Jake is gay. Why does Perez protect him but out everybody else (including people who are straight)??
    Ryan may be back with that Aussie chick, but there's no way he's worried at all about jake Gyllenho. He's as gay as the day is long. I just don't get why Perez is furthering the myth about him being straight and with Reece.

  53. traci says – reply to this


    from reading the comments I am not the only one who realizes you are full of it. Your info reads like a "someone said" "the friend of someone said" blah blah!! I seriously doubt if Ryan has any problem with Jake but since Jake has ties to a gay movie and you are gay you just had to go there. Grow up Perez!!

  54. Apple Bottom says – reply to this


    He's the one that cheated, he has his nerve. I agree that little girl has her moms' big ass head too. That little boy looks like Reese too. F Ryan, I guess he is trying to hurt Reese by dating that slut again.

  55. One Great Mind says – reply to this


    #12 why do white people say oh she/he is beautiful, blond hair and blue eyes?You all think that this is the only beauty that exist. I happen to like dark hair and dark skin and yes I am white. It makes me sick, this is the white world perception of what beauty is and it's wrong white people.

  56. ry says – reply to this


    that girl looks just like reese, and the boy looks just like ryan

    such a hot fam

    everyone cheats.

    lets be honest.

  57. jamie says – reply to this


    THANK YOU # 6!!!!! SOOOOO sick of this shit - I'm not judging anyone, but I'm sick of these guys cheating and the woman they cheat with is "the homewrecker"!!! UGHHH!!!!!! It's with every friggin situation, and it pisses me off. She didn't stand before God and everyone else vowing to be faithful, HE did. I think Ryan's hot as hell, but come on - IF he cheated, HE's the one who wrecked his home. Fuck you Perez!

  58. Wrong on this one PH says – reply to this


    Ryan wasn't cheating they were OVER!

    He took the fall as part of their "agreement"


  59. grrrrrr says – reply to this


    Wow Reece and Ryan's daughter is UUUGLY! That's one ugly little hirl! She looks like a little chimp. Monkey face eeeeek

  60. Ayanna says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who thinks Resse is not that pretty, sry but that extends to her children too. I mean she's not ulgy but she's not beautiful either…

    Anywho as far as looks Ryan could have done better than Resse…

  61. me says – reply to this


    piece of shit cheater.

  62. erin says – reply to this


    ava is mini-reese. it's scary.

  63. mudge says – reply to this


    is that mini reese???

  64. Laura says – reply to this


    Angelina is an angel but Abbie an adulterous whore???? At least be consistent!

  65. amanda r says – reply to this


    Oh well Reese is fabulous, and everytime Ryan looks at his little girl ava he will be reminded of that. I know everyone always talks about it, but the resemblance between them is insane… DAMN she's like reese's mini-me.

  66. Meg says – reply to this


    Hahaha…how's that for a reminder? Staring at your kids who look SOOOOOOO much like your ex-wife.

  67. mari says: says – reply to this


    Ryan: What a fool!

  68. Who's that girl?? says – reply to this


    The funny thing is I could really care less about most celebrity gossip. However this one hits a little close to home. Ryan is a good guy and I hate to see him being torn apart by all this crap. What happened with him and Reese should stay between them. I dont blame him for being a little jealous of ANY guy going after Reese. She was the love of his life.

  69. Fica says – reply to this


    damn the little girl looks just like her momma.

  70. industrial grade blower says – reply to this


    he's hot. i'd lick his balls

  71. angela says – reply to this


    nice neanderthal face mini reese. and i thought ryan and jake were friends? that quote sounds completely made up. can't you be just a little more thoughtful?

  72. Anon says – reply to this


    Of course Ryan is pissed about Jake. He is so jealous of Jake he could scratch his eyes out. LOL!!! That's why he contested custody arrangements insisting on joint physical custody. Ryan's children really like Jake. Funny. Ryan doesn't think how Reese feels about her kids being around Ryan's women, but he goes apeshit when he thinks they might be around another man. That's what divorce is all about. BTW: US magazine had me until they said Ryan made a Brokeback comment. That Ryan would not do.
    He resents Jake bcz he thought they were friendly. Bcz Jake is doing well with his film choices and can pretty much pick and chose whatever he wants. Jake is the new hot guy in H'wood. Jake is in the happy place of being able to say no to projects, while Ryan at 32, is still scrambling around to prove himself. Also, Jake is taller LMAO!

  73. Jay says – reply to this


    Too bad they made such a cute couple. you know who'd be even cuter? Ryan and Jake…Yum-O

  74. Izzy says – reply to this


    How is she the adulterous whore when HE's the one who was married?? Like Reece gives a shit anyway. She's banging The GyllenHo. Hot. Ie.

  75. Lamb Chop says – reply to this


    He fucked up BIG TIME when he couldn't keep it in his pants. That was a gorgeous family. Love Reese's Mini Me!!! What a cutie!

  76. Bobby says – reply to this


    Reese seems like a controlling bitch. I think Ryan is glad to be outta that mess. And he is so much hotter than that smarmy punk Gyllenhaal.

  77. Lizzie says – reply to this


    Ava looks exactly like her mom! So adorable!

  78. HTOWN says – reply to this


    Perez it's well known that Ryan is a really good guy. Why do you give him so much of a hard time?

    He deserves to be happy.

  79. oompaLoompa says – reply to this


    Good for him. Reese looks about as lovable as a hang nail. She's the freaking AVON lady now. That's old lady stuff. Why not MAC or something?

  80. emily says – reply to this


    It's mini-Reese!! Those kids are adorable.

  81. Aruba says – reply to this


    hahaha OMG do you see the resemblence of the lil girl and Reese? uncanny!
    Btw, I dont think Ryan made that commnet, cuz he played a gay character himself.

  82. Baron says – reply to this



  83. ~y says – reply to this


    a) #12 is a complete imbecil
    b) Ryan and Abby are cheating homewreckers just like Brad and Angelina
    c) Reese is way better off with Jake or with anyone but Ryan, once a cheater always a cheater and he's a cocky ass to top it all off.
    d) I love Perez! and please realize that your Santa Angelina is a homewrecker.

  84. coopjj says – reply to this


    It will be hard for their daughter to go anywhere. Just looking at her, everyone will know THAT IS REESE WITHERSPOON'S DAUGHTER.

  85. clueless says – reply to this


    How gullible are people? Do you reallly think Ryan would make stupid Brokeback jokes? US Weekly is Reese central. Janice Minn probably thinks she's doing Reese a favor making her look like the perfect wife and mother and making Ryan look like an ass.

    It's all to sell magazines people!!!!!!!!!

  86. Perez says – reply to this


    Here you go again, Perez - mocking people whose marriages were ruined by whores. What about the whole Aniston-Pitt-Jolie thing? I know you don't read these comments. You're too busy to do that, huh? Since you've now gotten your long-awaited fame, try to be nice to people who are not even aware of your existence and to people who try so hard to be nice just so you don't come mockin' at them. Beware of karma, Perez. You wouldn't want that to happen…cuz when it hits you back, it'll be ten times worse than how you made those celebrities look bad and how their fans felt like while reading your blogs. If you have nothing good to say, if you have no constructive comments and advice, please don't say nothing at all.

  87. Julie says – reply to this


    OMG mini-Reese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look soooo alike

  88. some info says – reply to this


    Reese is with Jake & her kids on Martha's Vineyard. Ryan will eventually get serious with somebody else and lose interest. The kids will get older and start voicing their dislike for being shipped around. That's how divorce works, I'm all for dad's having rights but fighting for 50/50 physical custody is really unfare to kids, especially so young.

  89. i heart perezzers says – reply to this


    Those are the cutest kids EVER- they look just like Reese :)

  90. Me says – reply to this


    Perez- I agree with 87- Angelina Jolie was the adulterous whore; and for some reason you never miss an opportunity to throw the hate at Jen. Why? She was the victim of that triangle!

  91. dina says – reply to this


    oh my god she is a copy of her mom

  92. ATX says – reply to this


    What that must be like to be staring right at your ex-wife's face when looking at your daughter. A good reminder of what he lost the dumb-ass.

  93. devilgirl says – reply to this


    Yeah, Abbie's a whore but Saint Angelina is the bee's nuts???
    That's called hypocrisy, my friend. Look it up in Merriam Webster if you can read.
    And let's not limit this to gender. Male, female, she-male, butch— fucking around is fucking around, plain and simple.

  94. Ashley says – reply to this


    Ava's face is priceless. She's so cute, mini-mom. :)

  95. dior says – reply to this


    Isn't he the adulterer????

  96. sweet caroline says – reply to this


    If he hates Jake then he has nobody to blame but himself for cheatin' on Reese in the first place. I would have ditched him too if he screwed me over like poor Reese.

  97. WOW...MINI-REESE says – reply to this


    DAMN! THAT LITTLE GIRL IS THE TWIN OF HER MOMMY! The kids are cute kids, especially the little boy.

  98. Anon. says – reply to this


    First, to all the retards:Us Weekly made the Brokeback quote, not Perez.
    Second, Ryan is scum. I have never seen Ryan happy. He is always pouting and sour. Even on talk shows. I think he gets over on his looks and has no personality. US magazine isn't for Reese. Why are they showing Mr. Mom and then talking about Reese and "Brokeback " Jake? I think the people who buy that crap magazine are homophobes. They see "pretty Ryan" with his kids and actually feel sorry for him. I am not hating on that Abbie. I think she was what 22? When they met. He probably told her he and his wife weren't together and his wife was a bitch. I think that young girl was just stupid and horny. Ryan is the guilty party. He can take a thousand pictures with his kids. He is still a punk. And Jake is hot AND successful. Everybody's into Jake in H'wood. He is golden right now.

  99. joeyOh says – reply to this


    He's a DOLL

  100. ktbug says – reply to this


    Oh yeah, like Ryan's big break wasn't playing a gay character on OLTL.

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