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Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher’s Marriage Was ‘Shaky’ For Years -- Here’s Why!

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher marriage had been rocky for years

It sounds like Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher‘s divorce was a long time coming!

This week, the 52-year-old comedian and the 48-year-old actress announced that they broke up last year after more than 20 years together. They even filed for divorce already! Neither Sacha nor Isla revealed what led to their split. But things seemed rocky between them long before they officially ended their marriage, according to multiple reports!

According to on Friday, their relationship had been “shaky” for years! Why? An insider told the outlet the marriage struggled ever since Sacha, Isla, and their three children moved to Australia back in 2020 to be closer to the Confessions of a Shopaholic star’s family:

“Their marriage has been shaky for years. The breakdown started when they relocated to Australia so that she could be closer to her family. But it left Sacha far removed from everyone he knows. He made this sacrifice for her and would make many sacrifices for her throughout their marriage. He is deeply affected by their split because she was his life for many years.”

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A big move like that is never easy! Before anyone asks, the insider pointed out that “cheating was not involved on either side” and neither of them is “seeing anyone else” at this time. So nothing super scandalous! Well, except for the allegations of sexual harassment currently against Sacha from Rebel Wilson!

And there is more to the story behind their marital woes! A source for Us Weekly spilled that the pair had been “at odds” for a while, fighting over their respective professional commitments and family responsibilities. In fact, a second insider said Isla and Sacha got into a “heated argument” at a celebrity hotspot in Hollywood! They reportedly “furiously argued” over their conflicting filming schedules, promotional tours, and childcare demands. Oof.

According to People, their relationship had become so strained at one point that they considered breaking up! A source told the outlet they even reached out to divorce lawyers “several years prior.” Whoa! But clearly, they did not go through with it at that time. It was not until last year they decided to officially pull the plug on their marriage. The source added that the Borat star “had been talking to divorce lawyers in the summer of 2023.”

We guess when the duo said in their divorce announcement they were “finally putting our racquets down” after a “long tennis match,” they weren’t kidding! They were done fighting and battling it out between them, literally! Now, the former couple are in the thick of the divorce process. said Isla currently has custody of their children. However, the source for the outlet explained they are working out the “best arrangement” in order to have Sacha in their lives as much as possible:

“She has custody of the children and they are still working out the best arrangement so that Sacha is able to be an active part of their lives. They have much love for each other, but they could not get along and became different people than they were at the beginning of their relationship. They wanted different things in life in terms of their careers.”

Sacha and Isla are also trying to divide their property and assets. The source added:

“They had a prenup but it is still very difficult because everything they owned is purchased for the two of them and their family together.”

These two appear to have a lot to figure out still, despite having filed for divorce months ago! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/TODAY/YouTube]

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