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Britney's Former Manager In Hiding!

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Larry Rudolph is MIA!

Britney Spears former manager, whom the pop star fired for feeling like he pressured her into going to rehab earlier this year, is in hiding.

Rudolph emailed Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning and told him that he voluntarily has gone MIA because he doesn't want to get subpoenaed and be forced to testify in court against Britney in the ongoing baby battle between her and Kevin Federline.

[Image via Celebrity Babylon.]

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93 comments to “Britney's Former Manager In Hiding!”

  1. jess says – reply to this


    which means he knows something he doesn't want to share. lol. they'll find him no matter what if they want him bad enough. plus he was the main reason she was in rehab so they'll find him for sure

  2. forrest says – reply to this



  3. nuri says – reply to this


    aww. what a good guy, i wish britney's bi-polar ass will take her meds and come to her senses…

  4. ricky says – reply to this



  5. nuri says – reply to this


    save britneyyyyyyy

  6. Jenny says – reply to this


    … isn't evading a subpoena some kind of criminal offense? *boggles*

  7. jennzz says – reply to this


    wow,, he must have some pretty bad shitt on her!!

  8. hiya says – reply to this


    who the hell calls a radio show to announce going in hiding?? he might as well call kevin's lawyer himself! obviously he really does want to testify!!

  9. WTF says – reply to this



  10. lola says – reply to this


    poor brit brit

  11. alexa says – reply to this


    who cares

  12. stupid says – reply to this



  13. Joo Bung BUng says – reply to this



  14. Gina says – reply to this


    i dont speak english well, what does MIA means please? thanks

  15. holly says – reply to this


    GROSS. both of them.

  16. Chris says – reply to this


    Right on! Fex EX can kiss my ASS! All he wants is money anyway! Those kids are going to be fine. They will always be fed and be taken care of. People should be more worried about crack babies!

  17. becky says – reply to this


    first comment! :D
    Go Britney,
    Cant wait for your comeback!!

  18. t-Rel says – reply to this


    at least someone is on her side!

  19. Dylan says – reply to this


    I sucked perez's cock in da 6th grade. He likes bathroom stalls.

  20. clairec says – reply to this



  21. 1 says – reply to this


    Who gives a fuck ???

  22. 1 says – reply to this


    Who gives a fuck ???

  23. poo poo says – reply to this



  24. jolenejawdropper says – reply to this


    im excited

  25. Ship says – reply to this



  26. rachel says – reply to this


    wait… isn't that just like sending up a red flag and saying "COME FIND ME" cuz it seems like he doesn't want to get subpoenaed so that he doesn't have to say bad things against brit, which i'm sure he knows. some people…

  27. L-Rudolpho says – reply to this


    He probably feels bad for Britney and doesn't want to add fuel to the flame. He'd probably go back to her to manage her again (probably) and doesn't want to burn his bridges. She was a major moneymaker for him for a long time, and still has money to keep him employed as her manager…

    Why though did he voluntarily call into the Ryan Seacrest show? "Uh…hello, I am calling to tell you that I do not want to be found, here's where I am, but don't contact me because I am in hiding" lol!

  28. Steph says – reply to this


    That's just so wrong…he definitely knows something…and he should do the right thing for the kid's sake. SAD

  29. Kitana says – reply to this


    wow that is crazy…..so you know he's got some serious shit on her then…..yikes

  30. LmA says – reply to this


    This is OLD news PEREZ!!! I heard about this DAYS ago- you need to get back on your game!

  31. John Murder says – reply to this


    Gosh, that´s like sooo interesting!!!

  32. jolenejawdropper says – reply to this


    rofl I wasnt 2nd
    : [
    If I worked with that hot mess I would go MIA too
    I'd be embarassed
    Okay if you didnt like him then
    stop coming to his blog everyday and checking things out
    obviously you like him in some way
    I doubt your comments actually hurt him or are
    going to make him shut down his blog
    grow up and admit
    your a perez junkie
    like me

  33. Simon says – reply to this


    Remember K-Fed's lawyer saying people are 'trying to hide' and 'they will be found'…I bet this dude is just one of the many who have gone into hiding to avoid the lawyer…but c'mon - get real…everyone is so easily traced w/ cell phones, credit cards, and blabby friends that he'll be found w/out any problem at all…

  34. #16 - Gina --MIA means... says – reply to this


    This is for Gina above…
    Missing in Action is what MIA means. It is a military term, when a member of the armed services is reported missing… but it is also used in everyday life too, when someone has gone missing (purposely or not)
    :) Phrase lessons for the day :)

  35. nuri says – reply to this



  36. mE says – reply to this


    Hmmm!!!! Why would you feel the need to go into "hiding" if you have nothing to hide.

    Obviously, he knows a lot. If there is nothing wrong with her and she is a good mom, would it not help her for him to testify.

  37. javier says – reply to this


    Perez you should be on Britney's Team…and come on people Kfed just wants britney's $$$$$

    I doubt he is a good dad, after all he also does drugs, and he abandoned a pregeant Shar Jackson (whata a great Man)

  38. Monkeycox says – reply to this


    That picture is pre-headshaving and it STILL looks like a wig!

  39. Whoreanus says – reply to this


    He must have some good shit on her, if he's willing to hide from Kfed's attorneys. I can't wait until they catch up with him.

  40. Jessekins says – reply to this


    dayum he's got some big ol' feet *wink* I'd hit it

  41. diegoboy says – reply to this


    what an asshole! The wellbeing of the kids is what's important and if there's shit on Brit that needs to be exposed to protect the kids then he needs to testify.

    He must really hate those kids.

  42. lol says – reply to this



  43. jennzz says – reply to this



    MIA = missing in action,,
    it's an old war phrase I do believe

  44. FARTO says – reply to this


    He will then have to talk about doing drugs with her, drinking with her, bangin her and encouraging her to have lesbian 3somes with him. He also will have to testify about KFed screwing brintneys mom and lil sis.

  45. Amber says – reply to this


    Wow.. for a second there, Britney looks almost like Melissa Joan Hart in the face… and then you scroll down to the rest of her body and yeah… that's definately Brit!

  46. spenceispoop says – reply to this


    this dude knows all. hope brit pays him a lot of cash to stay away. actually since she wants to lose her kids - maybe she will urge him to talk. anymore whitening strips brit. what a crazy hor

  47. Amy Winehouse says – reply to this


    he looks like a drunk.

  48. memememe says – reply to this


    britney spears has a mental health issue. i don't know if she also does drugs or not, but her mental instability is obvious. k-fed may be just as bad, but he is definately winning the publicity war. britney spears just seems insane…from her bizarre relationship and marriage to k-fed, to her head shaving, and umbrella attacks–ms. spears has come undone.

  49. Stephanie M says – reply to this


    So he went into hiding, and called a radio show to tell people about it? Seems Smells like crap to me.

  50. Ugh says – reply to this


    Clearly he *HAS* something to hide, meaning that by trying to hide from the subpoena, he is therefore indicating that he knows of severe problems that she has, probably in regards to her lack of ability to care for those poor children. By not saying anything, he has said everything.

  51. Mmm says – reply to this


    He's sexy. I'd take it for a ride =-) Atleast he's not going behind Brit's back and sucking Kevin's dick like her pathetic mom and dad. You don't see them getting called to testify now do you? I guess it pays to sleep with Kevin.

  52. Bytch says – reply to this


    He must have seen her do some crazy shit!

  53. Peggy Wanker says – reply to this


    Now if SHE would just go into hiding. Countdown to losin the babes Shitney.

  54. Leigh says – reply to this


    Where there's smoke, there's fire.

  55. jarvis says – reply to this


    you can hide…. but my bet is that they'll find him… losing his own liberty is not worth protecting that bitch… she turned on him and fired him when he was only trying to help. why give up freedom for her? he knows too much and sooner or later- they'll track him down…

  56. Hello Kitty says – reply to this


    The only person the has her back is the one she let go !

    I know there has to be someone with some dirt on Fedex… why can't they sell his sorry ass out.. it has to be worth a little $

    Please let Britney bring him back and LISTEN to him this time.. a bit of give & take !

    Britney Spears MTV VMAs 2007 !

  57. JP says – reply to this


    It looks like his face is melting.

    Shout out to the crew.

  58. Shawn says – reply to this


    People forget he was her lawyer back when she was managed by Johnny Wright, way before he was her manager…

    Plenty of people have avoided subpoenas by "going into hiding."

  59. e says – reply to this


    Is he wearing lady pants?
    He knows first hand that Britney is actively creating 2 future psychiatric patients.

  60. Ell says – reply to this


    Almost like putting up a huge sign over one's head, saying: "I know something soooooooo bad about Britney, that not only would she lose her kids forever, she'd be put behind bars!" I'm sure Kevins lawyers don't want to find him now…

  61. Mrs Minx says – reply to this


    That's one nasty pair of jean's he's wearing. I'm not surprised he's in hiding - the Fashion Police would be after him, that's for sure..

  62. chinagirl1 says – reply to this


    Boozer was boozed up & calling people! It happens to the best of us, from his face I'm guessing Jim Beam extrodinare!! You go girl!!!

  63. Cynthia says – reply to this


    Thats great considering he is himself a lawyer. No wonder why he got fired.

  64. She's a nasty looking ho.... says – reply to this


    #16 - Gina –MIA means

    And also: MIB is for Men in Black.

    That's a film by the way.

  65. Gustavo Medeiros says – reply to this


    This is so old news

  66. Lizzi says – reply to this


    he probably knows things that shouldn't be told!

  67. Jen says – reply to this


    He must have supplied her with drugs….uh oh……..He better keep his ass in hiding…..

  68. j says – reply to this


    he is in new york i say him at the diner

  69. Jules says – reply to this



  70. Gina says – reply to this


    #49 thanks for the translation, i'm smarter now lol
    #72 you forgot to finish your sentence i think…, but thanks though

  71. LILLY***LILLY***LILLY***LILLY***LILLY***LILLY***LILLY*** says – reply to this


    WOW!!! What does this say about Britney? He obviously knows something.

  72. tamzin says – reply to this


    This man has a moral obligation to tell what he knows for the proection of those children! What a coward and douchebag!

  73. yo says – reply to this


    I think those are around $500 a pair jeans but can't place the maker of them. Why did he call Seacrest? What's he got to do with it now? And yeah, isn't evading a subpoena a criminal offense? What a moron.

    So, what's K-Fed gonna do when he does get the kids? Give them to Shar to watch while he hits Vegas?

  74. Aimee says – reply to this


    He is not so afraid of incriminating Britney, he's afraid a lot of dirt will be revealed about himself and how he brought Britney down. He's running for cover to protect his own butt. What a coward!

  75. roberto says – reply to this


    what does MIA means ????

  76. sara says – reply to this


    my sister and her friends saw him last night in a diner in elmsford, ny. that means he is somewere in westchester county. good luck kfed in finding him!

  77. smledoc says – reply to this


    Brit is done - PLEASE get it in your heads. Go FED EX.
    Team Larry.

  78. jax says – reply to this


    He's basically telling Federline's attorney to come find him because he's got something good. Way to use that reverse psychology, Rudolph.

  79. Employee says – reply to this



  80. The real truth says – reply to this


    Her fired manager is another attention seeker. Vacationing with "wife " and kids. Not hiding. Perfect timing for him to put a spin on it! I'm sure she has as much dirt on him. Of course he's trying to stay away from this. Meanwhile Brit will rock at VMA's. she is a true entertainer and I believe has handles herself as best she could with all the constant harrassment that surrounds her. The People she has cut out of her life are just jel because they will miss out the the big bucks. Go Brit!!!!! rise above it! They all want to feed off you!!!!!!!

  81. One who really knows says – reply to this


    Her fired manager is another attention seeker. Vacationing with "wife " and kids. Not hiding. Perfect timing for him to put a spin on it! I'm sure she has as much dirt on him. Of course he's trying to stay away from this. Meanwhile Brit will rock at VMA's. she is a true entertainer and I believe has handles herself as best she could with all the constant harrassment that surrounds her. The People she has cut out of her life are just jel because they will miss out the the big bucks. Go Brit!!!!! rise above it! They all want to feed off you!!!!!!!

  82. jared says – reply to this


    Yes Mr Rudolph loves the attention even though he's not her manager anymore. Remember he was fired twice. I agree with # 51. Was vacationing with "wife" and kids when this broke out and is now trying to look all mysterious about it by correlating it together. Bunch of shit! Looking for attention, and has plenty of his own shit to hide !

  83. sasha says – reply to this


    LR called in because he wants attention. The man is vacationing with "wife and kids". not in hiding. Just coincidence that the timing worked out for him to sensationalize it. operative word "Fired Manager" with his own shit to hide. Britney will soar at the VMA's. She a true entertainer. Get rid of the bottom feeders Brit!!!! Your the best.

  84. sasha says – reply to this


    # 80 Aimee "gets it Too". All these managers are just "hungry dogs" Let's examine their lives and see how well they go Don't be so hard on yourself Brit. You are the gravy train. None of these people are anything without you. Don't believe the hype! Do what you do best! You are a "true Star"

  85. shauney says – reply to this


    Yes Jared #88 You are right on. As the papers have said she can't stand him , fired him twice, yet he still wants to be a part of it by calling into his 'so called" bud Seacrest. Go back home to your family and disappear!!!!!!!

  86. Perez Hilton says – reply to this


    I luv it!

  87. ann says – reply to this


    go to closehopeclinic.com, for a real education about abortion.

  88. ann says – reply to this


    Perez, why won't you tell the public about all these rich skanky ho's getting abortions all the time, The people deserve to know, Why you covering for these stinking biatches???? People deserve to know all the DIRT, not bits & pieces. Out them. Are you too scared too?

  89. ann says – reply to this


    out these skanky bitches getting abortions. Spill the spoo dude, if you got the balls to do it. You don't like these hobags anyway. Tell the people the thruth.

  90. shay says – reply to this


    Britany spears needs to grow up she had her kids to young and doesnt understand anything about what being a real mother is about and a guy wont help her situation any before u can love someone else she has to love herself and as you see on all the covers of mags she doesnt love anything about her life.

  91. jaime says – reply to this


    I am waiting for the day when the news tells of her death - sorry, it just seems like a matter of time!

  92. Tim says – reply to this


    First of all I Love Ya Britney! I don't think that she abuses her kids, I think she is just having a really difficult time dealing with all the adversities in her life. I think that everyone needs to get off her fucking back and let her deal with all this. Hell I would fucking flip out if I had camera's and people following me everywhere I went. I hope that she comes back stronger than before!!!!

  93. paulie says – reply to this


    Looks like he didn't spend any of the money he made off her on clothes. He's stuck with that wardrobe now!