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Pulling At The Heart Strings

| Filed under: Tom Brady


Now this is a good cover!

Tom Brady's ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, is on the cover of the new issue of OK!, exploiting their infant son JET.

This is cheap and dirty.

And we love it!

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254 comments to “Pulling At The Heart Strings”

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  1. Tom says – reply to this


    brady is badass

  2. sal says – reply to this



  3. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Women raise children on their own all the time. Is this really news worthy?

  4. raine says – reply to this


    Good for Bridget !

  5. jane says – reply to this


    Tom Brady is a douchebag.

  6. first says – reply to this



  7. j says – reply to this


    awww he looks just like his loser father!

  8. jlm says – reply to this


    ohhh, I want that

  9. Amy says – reply to this


    GOOD FOR HER!!! I think that it is good that she is doing this that way everyone know how much of a pile he really is. That is assuming that he really isnt there for his baby.

  10. Mo says – reply to this


    What a piece of shit he is!!! 1st?

  11. Cici says – reply to this


    umm lets talk about the other cover stories though

  12. Mo says – reply to this



  13. kaycee says – reply to this


    hah good! He is a dog! And Gisele is a pig! I can't stand her! Who steals a man from a pregnant woman! THE AUDACITY! Plus Gisele looks like a drag queen wtf

  14. TRACY2 says – reply to this



  15. Emily says – reply to this



  16. louielengua says – reply to this


    good for her!

  17. bam says – reply to this


    first! britney never misses it on the covers.

  18. Rody Picoloto says – reply to this


    I was born without a daddy and I'm totally fine haha

    FIRST!!! u.u!

  19. Sheena says – reply to this


    ~What a piece of crap~ (him)…What is he a baby maker?? He should be ashamed of himself!!….

  20. mell says – reply to this



    haha the line where is says DID BRITNEY HIT HER KIDS… it should say DOES she lol.

    zacfrofro walkedout on vanessa, yeah walked outside of her room to get service to send the nude photos to people hahaha.

    mariah must have an eating disorder. its all the rage these days.

  21. Amanda says – reply to this


    how mariah lost 25 lbs…she took off that fugly butterfly belt buckle

  22. mega says – reply to this


    She looks so sad, and that baby looks like Tom! I guess what woman would have a chance if Gisele comes after your man? But to leave your pregnant long time girlfriend? Cold.

  23. kate says – reply to this


    I love it - buying this magazine ASAP!

    You go Bridget. What scumbag walks out on a pregnant woman as publicly as he did? I love you didn't name your son after him (either first or last name). What a loser!

  24. Boo ya says – reply to this


    Atleast in the top 10 ?

  25. COCO says – reply to this


    Well she is whoring her kid exactly the same way ANGELINA JOLIE whores her kids. Yes, that is cheap and dirty, but you, OF COURSE, failed to said that about Angelina.

    You are so bias, you make me sick.

  26. michelle says – reply to this


    awe their son is so adorable.

    hey look its mariah only thinner! i wonder how she lost it.. lipo?

  27. bk says – reply to this



  28. molly says – reply to this


    bridget is one cold hearted vengeful baby mama. sure who wouldnt be upset to get dumped for giselle but you're gonna keep his son from him?

  29. sam says – reply to this



  30. hill says – reply to this


    That baby has toms eyes and mouth! He wasn't around at all during her pregnancy, I don't blame Bridget one bit! What her life is on hold for 9 months then he can pop up and play daddy?? I don't feel sorry for him one bit!

  31. michelle says – reply to this


    * could people just SHUT UP about Zach and Vanessa. NO ONE CARES. well again no one i know. she's a whore we all know it, and he's bound to come out sooner or later.

  32. GISELLE'S A SKANKY WHORE says – reply to this


    What the eff is wrong with women? This lame ass guy leaves his pregnant momma and Giselle thinks he's some kind of prize? What a stupid whore. He has no morals, and Giselle has no morals. I can't stand these people.

  33. Matia says – reply to this


    Profit not to understand as Tom has the heart so lasts when not wanting anything with this innocent and precious Baby

  34. mega says – reply to this


    And maybe Brady isn't that great of QB anyway, with his coach stealing signals from the opposing teams. Cheap. Hey, I could throw some TD's if I knew what defense was coming at me. A little off topic I know, but Tom Brady has always annoyed me with his smugness. Brett Favre, now that's a real QB, Baby!

  35. sparrow says – reply to this


    what a LOSER. I thought she had more class.

  36. Kate says – reply to this


    She didn't know what the cover would read. Perhaps she was just cashing in like all the other celebs who sell their baby's first photos. I wish I could make some bucks on my kiddos cuteness.

  37. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: mega

    He may indeed be a huge asshole, but unfortunately he is a great QB. Week 2 & 3 showed he didn't need any help to be the best. The signals they stole via video would not have done them any good until later in the season when they played the team again.

  38. leslie says – reply to this


    he'll have someone else preg soon, too then leave her

  39. R says – reply to this


    How cheap is this magazine? Total exploitation of the situation to sell some copies. They make it sound like Tom is the antichrist. That he has denied being the father, isn't paying child support…sounds like someone is just jealous that he has moved on and she's still obsessing over their relationship. If she really cares about the well-being of her child, she will make the situation work. Tom is free to date whomever he wants. His obligations are to his son, not to her! She needs to get over it and get her own life.

  40. Sherry says – reply to this


    Actually, I get the impression she probably *isn't* exploiting her new son. I just think she wants to introduce him to the world, but also show that she is a strong woman who is capable of taking care of her baby all on her own. I also think she wants people to know what a douchebag Brady is. Well his actions speak for themselves as far as I'm concerned! What kind of man leaves his pregnant girlfriend behind to go hook up with some model?? I am SOOOO glad she didn't name the baby after him! What a jerk! Stayy strong Bridgette! So many women out there have been where you are.

  41. heyyall says – reply to this


    What kind of person would want to hit tater tot or small fry?

  42. sparrow says – reply to this


    what a LOSER. I thought she had more class than this. Psycho.

  43. coolrepublica says – reply to this


    Who are the people who comments that TOM was wrong to leave her. Would they have prefered that he stays with a woman he doesn't love just to make you happy.

  44. Jen says – reply to this


    She is a bithy, I would leave her too!!!

  45. Carly says – reply to this


    So Zac was "walked out " on Vanessa huh… Yeah, as long as that kid wears that silver ring on his hand I will believe they are together. American journalism at its finest!

  46. pamela says – reply to this


    Pimping your newborn out to a trash gossip mag. to get back at dad is horrid. This women is a media whore bitch. that poor baby.

  47. jamie says – reply to this


    Isnt the baby's name John??

  48. jennzz says – reply to this


    I love this cover,,
    Tom Brady is a scumbag,,
    hate that fuckhead,,
    I love how she gave the baby her last name,,
    men that think with their heartless dicks deserve public shame,,
    and to me,, this cover shot,, shows some nice ol public shame for stupid football lughead Tom Brady

  49. Tessa says – reply to this


    He is a piece of trash for leaving her for Gisele. Scumbag. GOOD FOR HER

  50. SHES PATHETIC says – reply to this



  51. Jennifer says – reply to this


    John Is very cute and does look just like his father. What they fail to mention is that the second the reporter for OK asked questions pertaining to Tom and her relationship as well as tom and giselle, Bridget refused to talk to the reporter. I doubt Bridget had anything to do with the headline.

    PS its hardly considered whoring if you give the money to charity. If you want whoring please see photos of Dannilynn Birkhead

  52. lorenawoods says – reply to this


    give me a fckn break!! if this baby doesn't know his father, its her fckn fault, and in the years to come, the guilt will end up destroying her. forget that daddy moved on honey, coz you wallowing in despair is sooooo unattractive and so unfair to your kid! grow the fck up woman! be a mother!!!! to unjustly deny the kid or the father will end up eating you alive!!!!

  53. coolrepublica says – reply to this


    That was awful. I can't believe it. I don't think Bridget knew what caption OK was going to put on the cover with her picture. She would never have agreed to this. I hope. "Losing Tom to supermodel Gisele." Ouch!! and the sad eyes. This cover only tells the world that Bridget is an attention whore and Tom was right to leave her. And that comment about the baby growing up without a daddy. Low. Jet is going to get so much money from TOM, he won't care. Just kidding.

    The best part of this cover is not even mention by Perez. MARIA'S DIET: How I lost 25 lbs and still manage to look fat.

  54. Tiffe says – reply to this


    Good for Bridget!!!! Tom seems to be selfish and I don't think I could handle my boyfriend of 3 or 4 years leaving me while I am pregnant for an UGLY model. She has been very poised and graceful during this time

  55. larissa says – reply to this


    the guy is a jerk. good for Bridget. she and her baby look beautiful.

  56. Spacey says – reply to this


    Wait a sec…..didn't she find out she was pregnant AFTER they broke up? What was he supposed to do, lie to them both and say he loves her and wants to be with her again??
    TB said he was going to be involved in his child's life no matter what. Is that not good enough for her? You can't make someone love you again if they don't regardless of having their child.
    The kid isn't even 6 months old yet and she's whoring him out for sympathy. Give it up Bridget!

    Cute kid though.

  57. brainchild says – reply to this


    She chose to decieve him, and try to get pregnant, when she knew the relationship was over. She is scum–lower than scum. Tom Brady is a class guy who was tricked by this evil bitch. He should take the kid from her, because he would be the better parent and not sell his soul to the papparazzi. You don't see him talking to all these cheap magazines and talk shows about her. Has he said one bad thing about her!! NO!! It's sour grapes for this bitch!!! Shut up!!

  58. Jac says – reply to this


    I love Bridget!! She is absolutely beautiful! She is such a strong woman and I wish the best for her and her baby. Tom is a douche and always will be! And whoever said Gisele looks like a drag queen is right..total tranny!!!

  59. ~Y says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with her wanting to show off her new baby…
    She is a strong woman and she doesn't need that douche bag anyway…
    He's an idiot and he can't keep dating that horsed face dumb ass Giselle… Bridget is way out of his league anyway.

  60. Sarah says – reply to this


    No one in New England likes Bridget. She is going to be known now as the single mom who used to date Tom Brady. This was a shitty and exploitive move. Does she really need the money? Tom Brady is our hero in Boston, and anyone that tries to mess with him, is instantly not liked.

  61. FRE says – reply to this


    perez u r cheap and dirty just like the people you exploit and so desperately wanna be like.

  62. AlexRichards says – reply to this


    I LOVE it! I hope she saves all these tawdry magazine covers to show Jet when he's old enough.

  63. that baby is cuuuuute says – reply to this


    #13 omg roflmao!! " Plus Gisele looks like a drag queen wtf "
    That was awesome!!

    So apparently he's only seen his child during the "token hospital visit" what a douche.
    MILK it for all you can Bridget!!!! Get what you can now while the getting is good !! The haters can SUCK IT!!!

  64. Ned says – reply to this


    How DARE he break up with a pregnant woman before he knew she was pregnant?!?!

  65. mimi says – reply to this


    First of all, Bridget is far more beautiful than Gisele. How many are actually looking at Gisele's face , she's famous for whoring out her body isn't she?
    Strong women raise children on their own everyday so that part of this story is hardly newsworthy.

    Best of luck to them both.

  66. bridge says – reply to this


    OH, maybe I'll get pregnant to save my relationship with this guy. Then I'll act really sad that I'm raising this kid on my own. I'll sell out to dirty mags to earn some extra money off my kids cute face(cause I can't get any acting jobs). Then everyone will feel sorry for me and I'll fool them all!! And make Tom look like an asshole(even though I still LOOOVE him and would take him back in a second.) Have him call me if this works. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

  67. patsfan says – reply to this


    If you look at the timing, she was pregnant before the break. Giselle was spotted outside the Pats locker the first week in December. (Globe) The baby was born in August, on time. If she concieved in November, it would have been a Sept baby. She's not this p'd for no reason. Brady always said he planned on going into politics after football but recently quoted as saying "he couldn't stand the scrutiny"–would survive it more likely

  68. fuckhomewreckers says – reply to this


    giselle is ugly. tom is a loser. fuck the stupid baby daddy drama. damn any woman how stoops so low to mess with a man that has another woman pregnant has low self esteem issues. especially britney spears. karma has a funny way of payin back those dumb fucking girls

  69. Misty says – reply to this


    Unfortunately this is what happens when people still have sex at the end of a relationship. Tom should've either rubbered up, or pulled out, if he didn't want to have a baby. Bridget did the right thing by not having an abortion, just because Tom Brady aborted their relationship. I bet Gisele will be puking on her own and not with the aid of a finger when she sees the pics of this love child. And–I just saw Simplicity, and I think it's sad that Bridget always plays the dumped one in all of her movies–like in SATC. Team Bridget and BABY JET!!!! XOXOXOX

  70. Lynne says – reply to this


    The Patriots are cheating scum bags!

  71. yeah baby says – reply to this


    That kid is going to be so proud when he grows up and realizes how great and classy his father is. When that grown kid sees this cover of OK, he is going to have serious questions about why his mom did it. I don't care that she didn't know (really??) what the cover would say–it's still the same effect. Do business with trash and you are trash, honey. Bridget should think about the effect on this young child.

  72. nolajenn says – reply to this


    Give her a break. She donated the money to charity. Better she stage the shoot than be chased by the paps to get the baby's first picture.

  73. well says – reply to this


    to the person who said 'would you prefer he stay with someone he doesn't love'

    I'd say yes, because if he just goes for someone he just currently has an attraction to he's going to be all over the place. It's ridiculous and gross.

    If he couldn't stay with the mother of his child, he shouldn't have slept with her!

    The point of being with someone is to commit to them and realize that your feelings will wax and wane.

    That being said, I don't understand why women will sleep with a guy w/o being married (especially, apparently unprotected). And Brady…what is he thinking?! He seems to have no regard for safety!

    Anyway, who do you have a better chance of being happy with. Someone you just met, or someone who you've already shared experiences with? People need to look beyond the novelty of meeting someone new.

    I feel sorry for that kid. He has a mega rich dad, and the dad can't even provide him a normal, intact family.

  74. well says – reply to this


    and for people who say he didn't know she was pregnant at the time he broke up.

    I'll bet you are right, but can we assume he knew he didn't use a condom (or did he)?

  75. pyo says – reply to this


    She is truly low to do this to her own child.
    Mariah looks like she pumped all her fat into her ginormous boobs. She just rearranged it!!

  76. ewwww says – reply to this


    I want to see the reciept for the check she gave to the charity. What charity??? She went to Barney's and donated it to her wardrobe!! She is a bitter woman whose aim is destroy a good man's name and she'll whore out her own child to do it. What a douchebag.

  77. christine says – reply to this


    it's been reported that bridget won't let tom see the baby and let's be honest, he's a bit busy right now. ever since they broke up, bridget has gone out of her way to my tom look bad. she's an evil bitch, but that kid is gorgeous, looks just like his dad!

  78. Mimi says – reply to this


    The baby already looks like daddy.

  79. whatever2 says – reply to this


    Um, yeah Perez and if you actually READ the article, you'd know that she donated the money from the pictures for CHARITY!

  80. ishty says – reply to this


    She agrees to do a photo shoot with OK magazine and she doesn't know they'll try to sell the most amount of mags by putting on a salacious cover?? Is she that stupid?? Every person who's been in Hollywood for 2 minutes knows what kind of trash OK is. She is a whore who only had this kid to try to get him back, and when that didn't work, she got mad and is now trying to get him back.

  81. wait a sec says – reply to this


    It makes me sick that everyone blaming Bridget for the pregnancy! What–like she stole Tom Brady's sperm from him?!?! No, HE willingly sperminated her! You cannot blame her in this situation. It is both of their faults. If the relationship is so bad and is ending, don't bust your load! Let this be a lesson to all of you people. USE CONDOMS, or abstain! Stop the blame game!
    PS The baby is GORGEOUS! CONGRATS! PPS You're a complete fool if you don't see that Tom Brady is equally responsible here. Why people still have sex when their relationships are bad is beyond me.

  82. PATS FAN says – reply to this



  83. Whoreanus says – reply to this


    In pain, Mariah?

  84. trying says – reply to this


    Do people really think that Tom is shirking his responsibility as a father? He is thrilled with the baby, but not Bridget. Unfortunately, she is going to limit his time with the kid and make him look like an ass. She is already trying to make him look bad. It is a woman taking advantage of her status as a mother to exert control of the way people will see her.

    It's just like Britney, and Denise Richards. Rotten mothers who exploit their children for their own good.


  85. it's me, bridget says – reply to this


    "I think I'll have a kid so I can earn money off his famous father cause he doesn't love me any more"

  86. tool says – reply to this


    I have one thing to say—-

    PATernity test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Heather says – reply to this


    How can people be mad at him for breaking up with her BEFORE he found out she was pregnant. And it makes him a bad father because he doesn't go back to her after he finds out. Yeah, that makes sense. Lets raise a kid together in a loveless marrage. SMART THINKING PEOPLE!!!!

    Tom wants to be a part of this childs life, and nobody has the right to say he's not trying. If the whore "mother" does not want him to see the child, there is not much he can do since no court will give custody to a father unless the mother is horrible.

    This beautiful baby looks just like Tom (thank god) and I'm sure Bridget will be taken care of for the rest of her life (which is her whole reason for this anyway).

  88. uggabugga says – reply to this


    That baby looks just like it's daddy.

  89. jerk says – reply to this


    Tom is such a good catholic he gets Bridget pregnant and then parades Giselle all over town ! Talk about kicking someone when they're down!

  90. uggabugga says – reply to this


    Re: wait a sec – I totally agree! My BIL had already seen a divorce lawyer when my SIL came up preggers with their second child. I could never figure out why he was hittin it if he wanted out. Now the guy is never happy.

  91. treehugger says – reply to this


    Bridget donated the proceeds from sale of the photos to the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance [FARA], as well as the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, as her friends have children afflicted by the disorder and disease.

  92. APatsFan says – reply to this


    So how much do you think Mangini is paying Moynahan to try to distract Brady?

  93. i know says – reply to this


    I was very friendly with Bridget and Tom towards the end of their relationship. They weren't doing well, arguing, etc. There was a point when Tom wanted to break it off, but Bridge was desperate to keep them together, and wanted to get married. Tom kind of waivered, and that's the point when they probably got pregnant. Then something happened, and I don't know what that was, but it angered Tom and he realized that she wasn't what he wanted in a woman. She was kind of controlling and manipulative. So Tom finally completely broke it off. She was insanely depressed. She was devastated. Tom tried to comfort her, but then had to cut off communications with her altogether because she would call him constantly. I don't blame her for keeping the child, but she is no innocent. Tom has tried to be there for her, but she makes it very difficult for him because of her anger over the situation. Just think how you would feel if your famous gorgeous ex was dating a supermodel right after you broke up!! But she should not have put that cover on OK. Tom is a good guy, and he will do right by that child. Unfortunately, he has to deal with a woman who is probably still in love with him, and who has control over the child. No one here is perfect or completely to blame. Leave them both alone.

  94. PatsFan says – reply to this


    Bridget is so tacky. How can you do this to your kid!? She's ONLY famous b.c she dated Tom and now she's using him for money! It's pretty funny that she just HAPPENs to get pregnant as rumors start about them breaking up. She did it on purpose and now she's using the baby for sympathy. Poor Tom.

  95. Lena says – reply to this


    The best revenge to someone who steals your husband or boyfriend is to let her keep him. Who would want to hang on to someone who mistreats them?

  96. anonymous says – reply to this


    Condoms are not 100%, perhaps it truly was an accident. Would not be the first time, happens all the time since the beginning of time. They broke up before she found out she was pg. Just like with anyone else, he has an obligation to the child but not to her. He moved on with Giselle, as if this never happens. He should not marry Bridgette just because she was pregnant. We all know that does not work in reality. He's a dependable, steady, father unlike many people that are not celebs. He has good employment and cannot just run off like other fathers do and not pay child support. He would not have shown up at the birth if he was not interested in helping. Leave them both alone.

  97. Faithful reader says – reply to this


    How did they get that baby to look so despondent?! Tabloid magic at its finest; LOVE it!

  98. paul says – reply to this



  99. OXA says – reply to this



  100. PlayingTheSympathyCard says – reply to this


    Fuck Bridget. She tried to trap him and he didn't take the bait. Now she is trying to portray herself as a victim. She was and always being a cold bitch. That is what she is known for. She got what she deserved.

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