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Former Student Makes $250K At College Job. Too Bad It's Illegal…

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former college student makes crazy money selling weed in college

Instead of a leisurely position in his dorm's mail room, former North Carolina State University student Robert Harrell Bass Jr. started an enormous marijuana-selling business on campus, and made $250,000 in sales in the past year!

Robert was caught by an Oklahoma state trooper while transporting 26 pounds of marijuana from California to Raleigh, North Carolina.

When Raleigh police searched the former student's home, they found $26,123 in cash, nearly 60 grams of marijuana, and other drug paraphernalia. Yikes!

He currently faces a drug trafficking charge, and his bail has been set at about $25,000.

Wow, Robert! We're thinking you need to face the music, deal with the consequences, and then utilize those business skillz of yours for good…not evil.


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Ice-T's Son Arrested!

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Ice Marrow Jr. Arrested

Ice-T’s teenage son, Ice Marrow Jr., was arrested on suspicion of exposing his Jr. public indecency. The son of the rapper and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star was detained by LAPD officers early Monday morning, and was later released on $5,000 bail.

The 19-year-old Ice Jr. is set to appear in a new reality TV show The Real Teens Of Hollywood where we know hope we'll hear more on the subject.

Should Ice-T book his son in a special episode of Law & Order: SVU????

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Miss Teen Arkansas Arrested For Being A Drunken Nuisance!

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Oh dear! This is no way for a Miss Teen America contestant to act!

Last weekend, Miss Teen Arkansas Megan Burgess was arrested outside her college dorm for public intoxication.

The story we got from a rep at the Miss USA Organization was that Megan was found drunk outside her University of Arkansas dorm. Her RA called the police and when they got to her, she was sitting in the snow all by herself. Sad!

Still, it doesn't sound like the Miss USA Organization will be demanding her crown. Sources at the organization say Megan "is a sweet girl who exemplifies the values of a Miss Teen title holder and is mortified about this."

They added that she even called the organization after her release to apologize for the "shame" she brought the program and her state.

Ah, poor girl. She's allowed to make a few mistakes, right? Besides, it sounds more embarrassing than scandalous. If she's really learned her lesson, we don't see the harm in letting this slide.

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Mexian Singer Kalimba Deported From The US, Jailed In Caribbean Regarding Rape Allegations

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Things are not looking good.

Mexican pop singer Kalimba has been arrested and jailed after a Mexican judge in the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo issued a warrant regarding claims that he raped a 17-year-old last month after a performance.

According to his lawyer, Eliezer Garcia, he was in Texas on a business trip when the warrant was issued, and was immediately deported back to the city of Chetumal, so he could be detained until the trial begins.

However, state deputy public safety secretary Didier Vazquez, confirmed that the singer would be held in a seperate cell for his safety, and also would be given a routine pyschological exam:

He explained:

"The important thing is that everyone who enters is a prisoner and will have the same rights and the same obligations as any other person who is imprisoned."


We sincerely hope that this trial can definitively prove what exactly happened that night in that hotel room, and the guilty party will be punished accordingly.

What do U think happened that night??

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Mugshot Hall Of Fame.

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We can see it now! The next great TLC reality series - Larpers Gone Wild!

That charming face featured above is Indiana man Ricky Lee Kalichun, who is currently behind bars in Vanderburgh County jail on $50,000 bail after he was arrested for attacking a man with a SWORD in the hallway of their apartment building!

According to an affidavit, the victim reported that Kalichun had been a former roommate of his, and he called him from the lobby extremely intoxicated. He invited him in, and discovered that he was dressed in a camouflage coat and had painted his face. Once they got him back into the hallway, Kalichun pulled out a sword and began swinging it at the victim, before he and his wife subdued him and called the police.

WTF?! Who does this guy think he is?? Mel Gibson in Braveheart?!

He's been preliminarily charged with intimidation with a weapon and public intoxication, and is expected in court Monday morning.

Well, at least other inmates will probably be bored enough to want to join in on his Dungeons & Dragons fun!



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Busted! Hundred New York Mobsters Arrested!

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There's a lot of racket coming from New York this morning as 100 suspected mobsters were arrested during numerous raids across NY and NJ. Turns out, this is the biggest mafia bust in New York history!

The gang was all invovled - FBI, NYPD and State Police officers - as the 100 mobsters were booked on everything from gambling to racketeering to murder. The FEDS report that they've snagged members from all New York Mafia familes, as well as associates of New Jersey's Soprano DeCavalcante family.

Well done, folks. You've performed a civic duty.

Hundred bucks says all 100 of them are released and acquitted by dinner. (What, you don't think there is a judge on their payroll? Forget about it!)

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Survivor Winner Busted! Arrested For Being Under The Influence!

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He made it off the island, but he couldn't make it off of the Cali beaches….in the middle of the afternoon.

Yesterday Judson Birza, the winner of Survivor, season 21 in Nicaragua, was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

He was caught after he decided it would be a good idea to ride his skateboard in the middle of the street in Santa Monica, which in case you haven't heard, is illegal and kinda dangerous. When the police stopped him, they noticed he was acting a bit strange and determined he was under the influence.

Oh, and did we mention this was at noon? Yeah, boy likes to start early!

Judson was booked on not only yesterday's DUI charge, but for an unrelated DUI warrant as well as a probation violation.

He's currently chillin' like a villain behind bars. Bet he wishes he was back in Nicaragua right about now.

[Image via WENN.]

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