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Katie Price Banned From The Roads!

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katie price gets her license revoked

Looks like drivers in the UK won't be sharing the roads with glamour model Katie Price for a while.

Price has been banned from driving for the next six months after being caught speeding on camera. She was driving at 83 mph in a 70mph zone in West Sussex.

She didn't attend her hearing, but she plead guilty, and was given three points on her license, which brought her over the edge at 13 points, and resulted in a 6-month license suspension, as well as £1,000 fine and £100 costs.

Here's what her solicitor Robin Sellers had to say about it:

"About nine minutes before she was caught she pulled over and in a state of exasperation asked that another enforcement officer could have a word with a couple of members of the paparazzi who were following her."

Looks like those paparazzi are really messing with celebs' driving habits these days! Katie should talk with Lindsay Lohan about it!

We're glad nobody was hurt and this was only a speeding violation. Just be sure to drive safely when you get that license back, Katie!

Do U think being chased by paparazzi is a reasonable excuse for speeding?

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Alexis Neiers ARRESTED For Possession Of Black Tar Heroin!

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Color us SHOCKED!

Pretty Wild reality starlet Alexis Neiers has pretty much gone and effed herself after being arrested this morning for being in possession of black tar heroin!

Yeah. Seriously. As if she didn't dodge a bullet during the Bling Ring debacle!

According to sources, Neiers never checked in for probation after her July jail release - regarding her involvement in the burglary of Orlando Bloom's house - so the authorities arrived at her home this morning, and upon searching the property, discovered the illegal drug, and arrested her on site.


Have fun trying to weasel your way out of this one, bb! You're officially screwed!

Big time!

[Image via WENN.]

Brazilian Drug Lords LOVE Justin Bieber!

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drug lord is a justin bieber fan

…Well, at least one does!

Yesterday, a massive swarm of 2,600 police and army operatives seized 11 tons of marijuana and a "small arsenal" of weapons from a Brazilian drug gang.

They also found an oversized Justin Bieber mural.

Pezao, who is known as "one of the area's top traffickers," is apparently also a serious Justin Bieber enthusiast!

If this drug lord ends up behind bars, we wonder if they'll let him bring his prized mural of the Biebs with him.

Do U see anything strange with a drug lord being a Bieber fan? Or do U think it's totally normal?

Willie Nelson Busted With Pot!

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Not that this really surprises us!!

Willie Nelson was arrested in Texas when a U.S. Border Patrol officer smelled marijuana from his tour bus at a checkpoint. After a search was made, Nelson was found with 6 ounces of marijuana and was charged on possession.

Nelson claimed the marijuana was his and was held briefly before being released on a $2,500 bond.

LOLs, well, at least he was honest about it!

[Image via WENN.]

Mugshot Hall Of Fame

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mugshot hall of fame casey gordon

Casey Gordon and Juan Quezada were arrested in Cleveland County, Oklahoma after sheriff's deputies seized 110 pounds of marijuana from them!

After receiving a tip, a deputy found the two men and began an investigation. After speaking to Casey Gordon, the deputies acquired a search warrant and entered his place.

There, they found "individually-wrapped bricks of marijuana wrapped in nylon," and the rest is history!

Seems like a pretty clear cut case, but what seems LESS clear cut to us is why somebody would get tattoos like that!!!!

What do U think about Casey's tattoos?

Wesley Snipes Is Going To Prison!

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wesley snipes is going to prison

Looks like it's finally happening!

After making all kinds of desperate attempts to get out of prison time, Wesley Snipes' efforts have failed and he's been ordered to surrender and begin his three year sentence.

On Friday, Snipes had his attorneys request a new trial, but U.S. District Court Judge William Terrell Hodges rejected the motion.

Snipes was convicted in 2008 on three misdemeanor counts of "willful failure to file his income tax returns."

Guess we won't be seeing Wesley in Major League 4 or any other movies for a very long time.

Do U think Wesley deserves 3 years in prison for his crimes?

[Image via Johnny Louis/jlnphotography.com/WENN.]

DMX Arrested!

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Roll out the Welcome Mat! He's baaaaack!

DMX is back behind bars this morning after he violated his probation last night. Officials in Phoenix say he was brought in around 6:00 PM for failing to check with his probation officer. He'll be back in court on the 24th of this month for a a probation revocation hearing.

So much for parole!

[Image via WENN.]