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Christina Aguilera Mugshot Released!

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Christina Aguilera Musghot

Here is our first look at Christina Aguilera's mugshot after being arrested for public intoxication in West Hollywood early Tuesday morning.

It's small, but we can clearly tell Xtina knows the severity of the situation and, thankfully, she wasn't smiling in her mugshot like her boyfriend was in his!

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How Drunk Was Drunk, Xtina??? Police Say…

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Xtina Hits The Vino

We've never really found the right time to use the word "obliterated" when it comes to hitting the sauce, until now.

We all know. Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend got into some serious trouble this morning due to the amount they had been drinking.

What we didn't know was the extent of the intoxication:

"When she got out of the car, she couldn't stand. We had to help her stand," L.A. County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Steve Whitmore said. "She didn't know where she was and she didn't know her own address. We took her into custody for her own protection."

Dang gurl, that sounds like you were pretty wasted, and it is just so sad to see.

You've got all that beauty and talent, we hate to see it all be lost to alcohol. We know you're much stronger than that, and if you would just go get some help, you'd DEF be back on top in no time!

You should probably drop that boy, though, because anyone knows the drinking and driving is ridiculously stupid.

We all know you guys can afford a cab!


[Image via WENN.]

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Check Out Xtina's Booking Report!

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Such sad news. We really hope she gets some help after this.

This morning, we learned that Christina Aguilera was arrested with her boyfriend Matt Rutler in West Hollywood last night. Matt was charged with driving under the influence, while Xtina was busted for public intoxication.

According to this booking report, obtained by the Sheriff's Department database, Christina was only charged with a misdemeanor and her bail only came out to $250.

A small price to pay, we guess, but is it worth the shame?

Sources close to Xtina have expressed their concern and have been hoping she'll get herself to a rehab soon. After this, we really hope the same thing.

We know it is has been a tough year for you, but this is no way to handle it. Get yourself some help, for your sake. No, better still - for your son's sake.

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Christina Aguilera Arrested For Public Intoxication! And Boyfriend Arrested For DUI!!!

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Oh darling! What the hell is going on with you?!

Last night, Christina Aguilera was busted for getting her Sheen on for public intoxication in West Hollywood, PerezHilton.com has confirmed.

She was reportedly in her car with her boyfriend, Matt Rutler, driving home around 2:45 AM Tuesday morning when the cops pulled them over. The pair were removed from the car and immediately booked at a West Hollywood substation - Christina for being extremely drunk and a nuisance and Matt for driving under the influence!

What?! For shame! You guys could have really hurt yourselves and others!

Pals close to Xtina say they aren't too surprised by this as they've been trying to get her into a rehab program for weeks.

Girl, consider this your wake up call. Don't let this situation get any worse. Take action. Take care of yourself. Please!

[Image via WENN.]

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MTV Reality Star Arrested, Smears The Walls Of His Cell With…

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mtv reality star arrested

WARNING! The following is VERY disgusting!

MTV reality star Abram Boise was arrested in Massachusetts after he was caught urinating in public, and THAT'S not even the disgusting part…

After being arrested, while sitting in his cell, Boise "defecated in his hands and smeared it on the cell."

It gets worse. Apparently, Boise also peed on the cell's floor, and then after being moved to a second cell, he once again defecated into his hand and smeared it over the wall AGAIN!

Boise's arraignment takes place today. It's difficult to have too much sympathy for him after hearing these horrid reports!

SO sickening…

[Image via Twitter.]

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Shop Owner Stops Robbery Like The Hulk

| Filed under: Busted!YouTube

Holy wow!

Ch-ch-check out the video above to see the owner of a jewelry store muster the strength of a million men and stop two idiots trying to rob his merch!

We are SO glad that he didn't get hurt, and it looks like they didn't get away with anything!



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Sharon Stone Granted Restraining Order From Mentally Ill Stalker

| Filed under: Busted!Sharon Stone


Good! You followed your basic instincts and did what needed to be done to keep you safe.

Sources report that Sharon Stone has officially been granted a restraining order from Bradly Gooden, an "obsessed mentally unstable delusional person," who's been stalking her and recently broke into her home.

In the court documents concerning the case, Sharon confessed that she is "in fear from Mr. Gooden for my personal safety, and that of those around me, including especially my children and family, as well as my friends and employees." In truth, she has the right to feel threatened by this guy, as he sounds like he has more than just a few screws loose.

According to officials, when Bradly was apprehended in Sharon's home, he insisted that he had traveled from Ohio to live in the house, which he claimed was a present from his mother - Hilary Clinton.

Oh wait, it gets better. Bradly explained to the police that Hilary bought this house from Sharon to give to him for all the success he's had as of late. If you hadn't heard, the movie he wrote when he was 2 years old, The King's Speech, is up for quite a few Oscars on Sunday.

And with that gem of a story, Bradley was carted off to a psychiatric hold. However, he was released three days ago, hence the restraining order.

There is so much weird going on in this guy's head, we just don't know where to begin. Thankfully, Sharon will be kept safely away from him from now on. Scary!

[Image via WENN.]

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