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Here's What Feds Found In Diddy Raid -- And What They Were LOOKING FOR!

Diddy Homes Raided What Evidence

OK, so you’ve probably heard Diddy‘s massive homes in Beverly Hills and Miami were raided by the feds on Monday. But what were they looking for? And what did they find?

The investigation is in the wake of the horrible accusations made by Cassie and others who have known the music mogul for years. And yes, per a source spilling to NBC News, the investigation is related to the claims of sex trafficking and sexual assault. But there’s more. The source said they’re also interested in the solicitation and distribution of narcotics and firearms. Um… they think Diddy might be a dealer and gun trafficker? Are we reading that right??

Per the source, said to be close to the investigation, feds in the Southern District of New York interviewed four individuals — three women and one man — with accusations against Diddy. We wouldn’t be surprised if one of those women was Cassie — or if the man was RodneyLil Rod” Jones, Diddy’s former producer who made more claims of illegal activity in his own bombshell lawsuit. Obviously we don’t know for sure.

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Clearly there was enough evidence given by these witnesses to get a warrant, and Homeland Security Investigations took point on simultaneous, hours-long raids on the estates. But what did they find in these exhaustive searches?

More sources speaking to NBC News said firearms were found and seized at both homes, though it’s unclear if these were illegal weapons or in quantities that implied trafficking. HSI also took Diddy’s personal cell phones in the Miami airport. That makes sense considering all the digital evidence they were clearly looking for. According to footage previously obtained by TMZ from inside the homes after the search, they seized all the hard drives, too.

HSI also took the drives with footage from Diddy’s surveillance cameras — including footage of the raid. Innerestingly, per TMZ, they already knew the layout of the homes’ security features. Apparently they had really good intel before the raid.

Diddy has, of course, denied all wrongdoing. His lawyer is calling the whole investigation a “witch hunt.” In any case, we’ll have to wait and see what this evidence actually means. We imagine it’ll take some time for the feds to comb through all the data in those hard drives.

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon.]

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Mar 28, 2024 14:08pm PDT

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