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Gisele Bündchen Breaks Down In Tears After Getting Pulled Over By Cops -- What REALLY Upset Her??

Gisele Bündchen Breaks Down In Tears After Getting Pulled Over By Cops -- What's REALLY Upset Her??

Gisele Bündchen is going through it right now… we just aren’t sure what “it” is!

The supermodel was driving through Miami on Wednesday in her $140,000 Mercedes G-Wagon when she apparently did something wrong. Out of nowhere the Miami Police Department swooped in, turned on their lights and sirens, and pulled her over! Oh, no!

Paparazzi photogs were tracking Tom Brady‘s ex-wife at the time, and they snapped pictures of a Miami PD officer getting out of his cruiser, walking up to her car, and interacting with her on the side of the road. It’s not yet known why she was pulled over, but that part of the incident appears to have been super minor. Per, the officer took her license and registration, wrote up what appeared to be a citation, and delivered it to her. Speeding, perhaps? Rolling through a stop sign? Annoying, for sure, but it happens to all of us.

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And yet that didn’t stop her from appearing to become completely overwhelmed! Photos from the scene show Gisele rolling down her window at one point to converse with the officer… and she appeared to be in tears! Whoa! Like we said, the traffic stop was seemingly very routine. The officer conversed calmly with her, handed her a piece of paper (which obviously might have been some sort of citation?!), and then sent her off on her way. But as you can see (below), she was in anguish over the exchange:


This couldn’t have been all about the ticket! First off, she’s a millionaire many times over, a couple hundred bucks is nothing to her. Also, she’s not a teenager, she’s 43 years old — surely she’s gotten traffic citations before! So what’s the deal? Well…

Hours earlier, the Brazilian bombshell was at her Miami home with jiu-jitsu expert boyfriend Joaquim Valente. The duo was checking out renovations that are being done to the place, and per that same DM report, there was no sign of any discord there. But evidently something overwhelmed Gisele between that reno meeting and the traffic stop! Or is there something else going on??

We hope she wasn’t having another panic attack. Like we said, this is no big deal. Hopefully it was just the emotional fallout to a bad day or something. We all have those every now and again, and a traffic ticket on top of it would be the icing on a real s**tty cake. Here’s hoping things get better ASAP!!

[Image via Valente Brothers TV/YouTube/Apega/WENN/Avalon]

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