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Carrie Fisher News Archive

Carrie Fisher Hurt Her Thumbs And Smokes E-Cigarettes

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Carrie Fisher E Cig

Carriehttps://fitperez.com/category/carrie-fisher/! What's going on??

You look like you're in rough shape — which totally isn't your style!

Maybe the paps just caught her on an off day (she's rad enough that we'll give her the benefit of the doubt), but we can't help but wonder what happened to her thumbs… and why she's suckin' back on an e-cigarette!

We HOPE it's a way to help you stop smoking, as they're sometimes used as a cessation device, but we can't help but wonder why not just quit if you're only doing it for the less health risks they pose!

Gurl, we want you to be happy and healthy, and you can do it!

Plus, we hope your thumbs get better — what happened??

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Mariah Carey Talks Losing Baby Weight

| Filed under: Baby BlabberRosie O'DonnellMariah CareyFitnessCarrie Fisher

MAriah After Baby Rosie

So impressive!

Mariah Carey has lost all that baby weight she gain while pregnant! She appeared on the Rosie show to kind of unveil herself for the first time. Let us say now that we KNOW this is not an easy task!

But, if she can do it, you can do it!

And here's how:

"I lost a lot of water weight initially, and then I lost 30 pounds on top of that. A lot of people give up hope when they have had their kids and can't lose that 20 pounds or 40 pounds, or they have gone through issues with weight their entire lives. It becomes so frustrating and debilitating that you give up.

"I worked like a fiend. The diet is 90 percent of it. Being able to just grab something. I like the soups a lot. It's 50 calories. I gotta say I like the snacks too."

And she swears her success is a mix of working hard and Jenny Craig — which we just talked about Carrie Fisher being successful with too!

We're stunned!

You look so good gurl, congrats on everything from the babies to the weight loss to the upcoming music!!

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How Carrie Fisher Lost 50 Pounds And Got Her Life Back

| Filed under: FitnessHealthMental HealthCarrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher Health

We are so glad to see that Carrie Fisher has gotten her health back on track by losing 50 pounds.

But that's not all she did — she also attributes a lot to the psychiatric hospital Silver Hill in New Canaan, Connecticut.

"You have that last gigantic meal, look in the mirror. None of your clothes fit, and … forget it. I have a lot of trouble I really have to be held down when I pass a 31 flavors. You do the treadmill first, which is this horrendous, evil thing. And then you get on the elliptical for 30 to 52 minutes."

So it's all about discipline and find the help that you need.

Be it Jenny Craig (who Carrie is a spokesperson for), or a therapist, or both!

As long as you get healthy and do it in a healthy way, it doesn't matter!

Congrats, Carrie!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Carrie Fisher Gets Back In Princess Leia Shape!

| Filed under: DietsBodyCarrie Fisher

Jabba The Hut must be proud!

We've been following Carrie Fisher's weight loss journey since she became the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and we proudly say she is finally back in Princess Leia shape!

The actress and writer has lost 50 POUNDS in the past 9 months!

She appeared on Wednesday's TODAY Show to show off her unbelievable weight loss success and even joked about getting back into the famous metal bikini she rocked in Return of the Jedi.

"I want to get back in the metal bikini and just walk around the house like an idiot, you know? Answer the doorbell. 'What? What is it? Oh, this old thing? I'm just wearing my homestyle metal bikini!' I'll just come out with a line of metal bikinis for women over 40."

LOL! We bet she could DEFINITELY rock that bikini with all the weight she lost!

Her transformation really is unbelievable, so watch the video above to see it for yourself and hear how she did it!

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Carrie Fisher On Jenny Craig

| Filed under: DietsCarrie Fisher

Jenny Craig is sweeping the nation!

Carrie Fisher is on the diet and it’s doing wonders for her! She’s already lost 30 lbs!!

Keep it up, Carrie!

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Carrie Fisher Loses 30 Pounds!

| Filed under: FitnessDietsFoodHealthBodyCarrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher loses 30 pounds

Congrats, gurl!

Carrie Fisher, of Princess Leia Star Wars fame, has lost an incredible 30 pounds since becoming a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig in January!

She says she gained the weight while on the road for three years performing her one-woman show, Wishful Drinking, explaining:

"I went on the road with the show and I did not exercise for three years and I just ate horribly. My ritual was drinking regular soda and having pounds of peanut butter protein bars."

Not anymore!

Now carrie has substituted water for soda, snacks on Jenny Craig approved diet food, and exercises regularly every morning, saying:

"I'll just get on the elliptical machine first thing in the morning and get it over with. I'm up to about an hour now. If I read books, I don't look as much at the time."

We're so happy for her! All her hard work paid off because not only does she LOOK great, but she FEELS great! The actress continued to say:

"I feel much better. My blood pressure is down. And I can stand on the scale at the doctor's office."

Her new weight has given her new confidence too. At her heaviest, Carrie did "not want to go out at all", but since shaking the excess weight, she explained:

"Now it's an option for me to go out. I actually went to the Lakers game a couple of times."

We don't think your weight should dictate your activities necessarily, but we're glad she has the confidence she needs to get the most out of life now.

Carrie hopes to lose another 20 pounds and we wish her the best as she gets closer and closer toward her weight loss goal.

[Image via WENN.]

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Carrie Fisher Undergoes Electroshock Therapy

| Filed under: Oprah WinfreySad SadMental HealthCarrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher electroshock

From alcohol and drug addiction to severe bouts of manic depression, Carrie Fisher has led a troubled Hollywood life.

In a recent interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Star Wars actress revealed that growing up in the shadow of her iconic mother Debbie Reynolds and father, singer Eddie Fisher, has left some severe psychological scarring.

Carrie told Oprah, "My self-image is just whacked from having the movie star mom."

So much so that even to this day Carrie recieves regular electroshock therapy!

She turned to the dramatic therapy after anti-depression drugs did not work for her crippling state of mind and explains its benefits, saying:

"I was getting medication I could not handle. It feels like my brain gets moored down in cement and it kind of blows that apart. You can move on from whatever feelings you cannot resolve through therapy and medications."

Even though it seems to be working for her, Carrie explained some of the mind numbing side effects like memory loss as she joked:

"I don't remember movies I've seen so I get to see them over and over again. It's actually not bad."

Carrie continues to treat her manic depression with a cocktail of prescribed drugs and shock therapy treatments every six weeks.

It's a shame that anybody needs to resort to such a severe treatment plan, and we don't know if Dr. Drew would approve, but we're just happy she is getting the help she needs.

[Image via WENN.]

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