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Dr. Drew Puts Honey Boo Boo Child To Sleep LIVE On Television!

| Filed under: TV NewsWacky, Tacky & TrueDr. DrewReality TV

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Honey Boo Boo Child may be America's newest reality obsession, but for how much longer?

If it was up to the 7-year-old reality star herself, probably about a week.

Little Alana Thompson is getting so tired of being on television that she fell asleep next to Dr. Drew while appearing on his HLN show yesterday.

She let out an audible moan upon returning from a commercial break, then literally started snoring when the Celebrity Rehab doc asked if it was difficult to be on the tube all the time (above).

Judging by her behavior, yes, it is.

We think she's ready to go home and enjoy her childhood again. She's given us all so much … we think she deserves that now.

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Courtney Stodden Swears She Ain't Plastic! Just Ask Her Plastic Surgeon!

| Filed under: Joan RiversDr. DrewCourtney StoddenHealthReality TV


Courtney Stodden desperately wants the world to believe she's made of real live 18 year-old girl parts!

Tired of being heckled by those who claim she has cheek implants, lip injections, or was born a Filipino boy in 1958, the Teen bride is going to great lengths to legitimize her flesh!

Last time, it was appearing on Dr. Drew to prove she didn't have fake tittays!

This time, our cray cray girl hired

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Dina Lohan Calls Dr. Phil Interview 'Unprofessional,' She Wants To Talk To Dr. Drew!

| Filed under: TV NewsLindsay LohanWacky, Tacky & TrueDina LohanDr. PhilDr. Drew

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After an interview like that, we're pretty sure ANYONE would be scrambling to justify what just happened!

Apparently Dina Lohan's course of action, according to a close source, is to call Dr. Phil unprofessional — and to want to try again, with Dr. Drew Pinsky!

The source, Danish celebrity promoter Claus Hjelmbak, said this:

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Dr. Drew Speaks On LiLo: 'I'm Truly Worried About Her'

| Filed under: Lindsay LohanFilm FlickersDr. Drew

Dr Drew Lindsay Lohan Excuse

When Dr. Drew calls your bluff, you KNOW you’re in trouble!

We’re getting a little tired of the whole “exhaustion” excuse…and it seems like we aren’t the ONLY ones!

Celebrity Rehab’s Dr. Drew Pinsky is speaking out and questioning Lindsay Lohan on her supposed slip into unconsciousness, which she blamed on exhaustion and dehydration about a week and a half ago.

While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that Linds’ excuse sounded like a whole bunch of BS, a few words from a medical professional sure doesn’t hurt!

Dr. Drew stated:

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Charlie Sheen Still Parties Like The Vengaboys Song Was Written About Him

| Filed under: Charlie SheenSad SadDr. Drew

Charlie Sheen Back To Partying

Surprise, surprise!

Reports keep surfacing that Charlie Sheen is rocking out with his metaphorical glock out around the clock at his Beverly Hills palace.

We know Goodtime Charlie is a notorious party animal but we seriously doubt anyone can maintain this type of lifestyle and a functioning liver for very long.

Dr. Drew is equally concerned. He said:

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Brooke Mueller RELAPSES Back Into Rehab! Charlie Sheen Tried To Help!

| Filed under: DrugsCharlie SheenDr. DrewRehab

brooke mueller rehab relapse

Oh man…

It's always tough watching this, especially once it's elevated to this point!

We're sad to report that Brooke Mueller has once again found herself in rehab.

After a hopeful stint, Brooke went to Charlie Sheen's house one day when he noticed his ex-wife seemed REALLY out of it!

He tried to keep her there while

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Lindsay Lohan Could End Up Dead Like Whitney Houston, Suggests Rosie!!

| Filed under: Lindsay LohanDrugsRosie O'DonnellWhitney HoustonSad SadDr. Drew

lindsay lohan whitney houston similarities dead

Quick! Someone call Dr. Drew!!

Because Lindsay Lohan is going down a doomed path unless there's a shiny intervention… says aspiring life coach Rosie O'Donnell!

That LiLo poem just wasn't enough. Rosie had to keep talking about Linds with another appearance on The Today Show this morning!!

And Miss Rosie suggests she could very well end up like Whitney Houston… DEAD!

She explains:

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