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EXCLUSIVE! Has Kendra Been Axed???

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Boo! No dice! We love us some weird Kendra Wilkinson laughter. We can't live without it!

We just got an EXCLUSIVE tip from a devoted readers, who swears that the E! Network has plans to cut Kendra from their schedule. The news was surprising to us as we haven't heard anything about it getting low ratings or Kendra and Hank making outlandish demands for more money or anything like that.

So why can it? Why let go of a good thing? Makes no sense to us!

Hear our plea, E! Let Kendra live on! The public still likes her. It's a good thing!

Quote Of The Day

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"I think people should take Perez Hilton’s lead. He used to be really mean to some celebs on his site PerezHilton.com, but he took it on himself to realize that while he was trying to stop bullying, he was still bullying himself. He did a really great and courageous thing by turning around his entire site and brand to stop bullying. He could have lost a lot of readers by changing his site all the way around, but that proved he was really serious about stopping bullying, and I think he’s a great influence when it comes to that. He took the initiative to stop something even if it could have been at the risk of his own career.”

- Kendra Wilkinson, on Perez and bullying, to Parenting.com

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Kendra: Crystal Harris Is A Hypocrite!

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Kendra Wilkinson Crystal Harris Hef Comments

When Crystal Harris had the audacity to blast Hugh Hefner the way she did on Howard Stern's radio show, calling him a 2 second man, she opened a floodgate.

What rushed through that floodgate included major backlash not only from fans, but from bunnies, models, and even the man himself!

Nobody could believe how tacky she was being. Everyone has been coming to Hef's defense, with the latest being former Girl Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson.

As goofy as Kendra may be, she knows how to keep it classy when it comes to the important things — like respecting those who have done so much for you.

When asked, Kendra didn't have any problem commenting:

Crystal Harris Talks Sex With Hef!

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Crystal Harris Talks Sex With Hef

Crystal Harris just keeps showing her true colors more and more!

After taking Holly Madison's place as Hugh Hefner's 'Number One,' Crystal was set to marry Hef, but, as we all know, she left him before going down the aisle.

They've been apart for months, but she's still talking smack about him.

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, she told the radio king that sex with Hef only lasted two seconds, adding:

Hugh Hefner Drops A Shocker During Runaway Bride Special

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Hugh Shocker On Runaway

(video after the jump!)

That was some cold shizz that happened to Hugh five days before he was about to get married. We don't think a single person can think that wasn't messed up on Crystal Harris's part.

And now, on the Runaway Bride special all about it, you can hear in his voice how it's affected him emotionally.

Not only that, though, but he drops a rather big bomb on Holly as he speaks about it:

Kendra Still Has Hef's Back

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Good! He's going to need some support right about now!

After Hugh Hefner was dumped by fiance Crystal Harris, his former girl next door, Kendra Wilkinson, says she still cares about her ex and will always have his back no matter what.

Even though Kendra herself has moved on and married and has since become a mother, she still wants to lend her support to her ex. After hearing the news that Crystal left Hugh, Kendra says:

"I'm leaving him alone right now. He needs to time to breathe and grieve. Obviously I feel really bad for him and the situation."

But, she also adds that she was secretly excited when she heard the news. She says:

"But I'm also happy. She was going to get ready in my old room, you know the room that I got ready in for my wedding. So I'm happy that she left it alone."

Meow! Sounds like someone isn't Crystal's biggest fan.

We can see why. Kendra obviously still has a special place in her heart for Hef and we're sure it's hard for her to see him so heartbroken.

We wonder what Holly has to say about this matter?

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Kendra Got Invited To Hef's Wedding!

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Kendra Invited By Email

… by email! Whomp Whomp!

Kendra revealed on Leno that she did get invited then, after bring it up nationally to E! News:

"I hadn't gotten my invitation yet. I was a little bit worried, so I put it out there into the universe—the media. You know, sometimes you have to use being a celebrity sometimes, get things out there and be like, 'Where's my invitation? Wink-wink.'"

"I actually got an email from Hef right after that."

And, luckily, Jay Leno had the email right there, ready to read to all! Here's the eloquent and poetic invitation that Hef sent:

Dear Kendra,

We haven't sent any 'Save the Dates,' but if you can't make the planned wedding on June 18, we'll just change the date. Do you think I'd consider getting married without you being there?!

Keep shaking your booty. I love you. See you soon.

All best,

Really?? That's so impersonal! The least you could have done, Hef, would be call her up and invite her personally! It would take maybe five to ten minutes, depending on the small talk!


It's a good thing she's a good sport about it, because she's totally going to be there regardless of how she was invited!

Glad you landed an invite, girl!

How do U feel about how he invited her??

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