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Madonna's Down On Her Knees & Slips On Stage!

| Filed under: MadonnaMusic MinuteOops!PerezTV

Currful Madge! We wouldn't want our national treasure damaged!

After inappropriate gunplay in Denver, Co sparked controversy Thursday and throat sickness caused her to cancel Saturday's show in Texas, we're glad to see Madonna was back to being her glorious, sassy self during her MDNA show in Dallas Sunday night…

Except we did NOT enjoy seeing her Madgesty face planting it on stage!

Ch-ch-check out the fan made video of Madge slipping while trying to lead the crowd in a Like a Prayer singalong (above)!

And is that an audience member pulling her down?! It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like somone got a little too handsy with Madonna, causing her to fall!

But, girl is a professional and made like she had meant to tumble, and even rolls around for a while before getting back up.

Madge might get brought down, but man does she know how to get up again!

Kellan Lutz Explains That "Oscar" Comment

| Filed under: Film FlickersOops!TwilightKellan LutzOscars

Kellan Lutz Explains Oscar Speech

Kellan Lutz is the strong silent type- or at least he should be!

We told you yesterday about how the Twilight star casually mentioned that he expects to win an Oscar at some point.

Well, it turns out that what he sad wasn't exactly what he meant.

Kellan must have had that big ol' size 12 foot in his mouth, because he clarified his statement today. He said:

Britney Spears Gets A Break! Sam Lufti Was LYING About Shaving Her Head To Hide Drug Use!

| Filed under: DrugsBritney SpearsOops!Legal Matters

Ten points to GryffinSpears!

After Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lufti dropped some pretty craycray allegations against her, claiming she shaved her head to hide any evidence that she had been abusing drugs (specifically meth, as Lufti claims), it turns out he was lying all along.

Oh yes, Mz. BritBrit gets a break with this one because a video has surfaced from 2010 where Sam is seen casually talking about the infamous head-shaving incident, saying that he actually thought it was "cool" that she took off all her locks.

Not only does he not mention drugs AT ALL, but he goes on to say:

Justin Bieber Takes A Tumble With Carly Rae Jepsen! Bieber Goes BOOM!

| Filed under: CanadialandMusic MinuteOops!Justin BieberCarly Rae Jepsen

Bieby, Bieby, Bieby, nooooo!

Justin Bieber continued his Believe tour Tuesday night, stopping in his home country of Canada, for a concert in Saskatoon!

However, things didn’t entirely go as smoothly as the Biebs had planned!

While taking the stage with Carly Rae Jepsen to perform their duet, Beautiful, Justin stumbled on the stairwell, near the end of their song!

Check out the vid (above) of the trip-up, which happens at about 2:00 in!

PHEW! Good thing Carly Rae was there to catch his fall!

And see, just like the lyrics say, “nobody’s perfect”… not even the Biebs! Ha!

Guess we can add staircases on the list along with glass walls and doors that JB should watch out for! LOLz!