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30-Year-Old Woman Dies From Complications Of 'Mommy Makeover' Discount Surgery In Mexico!

30-Year-Old Woman Dies From Complications Of 'Mommy Makeover' Discount Surgery In Mexico!

A family has been left devastated after a 30-year-old mom died from complications of a discounted surgery in Mexico a couple of months ago.

According to KTVU on Thursday, Tan’Quasha Williams wanted to get a complete “mommy makeover” done, including a breast lift and liposuction. While online, she came across several advertisements offering plastic surgery at a super cheap rate at a clinic in Mexico. She knew she wanted to get her cosmetic work done there. We’re talking only $4,000 to get all that work done! Stuff that would cost closer to around $25k in the US. Damn. And she became determined to get the cash for it fast, too. Her sister Porsha Hilt recalled:

“For months and months and months, she would say like, ‘In a month, I need to make $4,000 to get my mommy surgery. And we would just laugh, not encouraging her.”

Two months ago, Tan’Quasha saved up the money for her procedure. The outlet said she then flew to Matamoros, Mexico, from Los Angeles to undergo plastic surgery with Dr. Orlando Villanueva at the clinic. On the day of her surgery, February 10, 2024, she snapped a picture with the doctor. However, that was the last photo she’d ever take. Tan’Quasha did not survive the operation — meaning instead of a mommy makeover she was leaving her two young daughters behind.

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KTVU reported she died from a “rupture of multiple blood vessels of the thorax and muscular region of the abdomen.” So, so sad. And get this — it turns out the person who operated on Tan’Quasha wasn’t even a real doctor! The family later received shocking news from authorities in Mexico that he “was unlicensed, and the clinic was unlicensed,” her other sister Quentasia Mathis revealed. What the f**k!

Despite her death, the family claimed advertisements for the unlicensed clinic have continued to appear to them on Facebook. Now, they have come forward to share Tan’Quasha’s tragic story in order to warn others about the potential dangers of getting plastic surgery done outside of the country. Sibling Passion Hilt said:

“I don’t want to put another family in the same situation because if there were a way that I could prevent it and a way that I could have stopped her from going, I would have.”

Tearfully, Quentasia added:

“Everybody is affected. We all miss her, we loved her. She meant a lot to us.”

Incredibly heartbreaking. We’re glad these women have spoken out about what happened to Tan’Quasha. Hopefully, this story will change someone’s mind about getting plastic surgery done through sketchy places like this clinic. Learn more about this tragedy (below):

[Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube]

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