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Isla Fisher Gushed About Sacha Baron Cohen Valentine's Day Plans TWO MONTHS Ago! Huh??

Isla Fisher Talks Sacha Baron Cohen Valentines Day Kelly Clarkson After Divorce

Huh. The story we have now is that Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher broke up in 2023. They’ve already “filed” per their surprise announcement. Going public is kind of the last step.

Totally fair, except… why was Isla on TV two months ago being all cutesy about their marriage?

The Wedding Crashers star was The Kelly Clarkson Show on February 13. So naturally Valentine’s Day was on everyone’s mind. Kelly asked the actress what she “and Sacha” do anything fun for the holiday. While Isla brushed off the idea of big gestures — as they didn’t have time with three kids — she did speak sweetly about her man’s traditional gift:

“Every year Sacha does give me a card that’s like, ‘Happy Valentine’s from…’ and then there’s like a massive question mark, as if anybody else would send me… as if I have any other Valentines!”


As far as we’re led to believe the breakup has nothing to do with the incendiary claims in Rebel Wilson‘s new memoir, about how Sacha was a “massive a**hole” on the set of The Brothers Grimsby. She says he ambushed her in a room full of his male friends, trying to get her to finger his butt. Supposedly the divorce has nothing to do with that and happened months ago.

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So then… what’s this interview about? Did poor Isla just happen to get scheduled to do an interview the day before V-Day and have to pretend to still be a happily married woman? Because OUCH!

We will say, look closely earlier in the segment for when Kelly mentions her own divorce and technical difficulties with her passport. A look flashes on Isla’s face that may, in retrospect, be saying, OH S**T IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME?

Ch-ch-check out the interview clip for yourself and decide what you think is going on for real!


[Image via WENN/Avalon/The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube.]

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