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Aaron Carter's Fiancée Melanie Martin Explains 'Predicting' His Death In Final Text Messages

melanie martin aaron carter's fiancee explains chilling last text messages

Aaron Carter‘s fiancée is finally explaining just what she meant by those chilling last texts she sent to him before his tragic death.

As you know, the I Want Candy singer was found dead in his bathtub in his Lancaster, California home last month. His fiancée and baby mama Melanie Martin expressed her heartbreak on Instagram following his passing, but what she said before he died shows she knew what was coming.

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During an Instagram Live video posted only three days before the singer’s death, he was complaining about the ongoing fights he was having with Melanie:

“All I did was protect that girl, all I did.”

He started reading text messages exchanged between the two, one of which sent just hours before his body was discovered by police:

“She just told me that ‘you are going to die.’ Wow.”


At the time it was assumed this was a warning due to the former child star’s mental health and addiction struggles, but now the 35-year-old is breaking her silence to The Sun about just what she meant by that text. Just last week Aaron’s mom accused Melanie of enabling his addiction, but according to the texts it’s a completely different story.

The influencer says her ex was completely clean from drugs for the majority of their three year relationship — it wasn’t until “bad people” from the actor’s past resurfaced did he begin to struggle again. She said she had a suspicion he was on drugs again, but he didn’t admit to it until only a few weeks before his death. And sadly the texts between them where she was begging him to get help weren’t enough:

“I said ‘Aaron, we love you.’ I said, ‘Please stop ignoring me. We’ve been down this road, we’ve got each other through it all.’ He goes, ‘I never said I relapsed.’ I said, ‘I have a video baby. You did. Please, please, please let me help you.'”

So sad. The 34-year-old didn’t take her messages well, eventually replying with:

“I want you gone for good. You’ll never hear from me again.”

The beauty guru said she even sent content about Mac Miller to the 7th Heaven alum as a warning, considering the rapper died from an accidental overdose in 2018:

“I sent him Mac Miller. I was going crazy because I’m like, this is not normal, I know something bad is gonna happen. I felt it. I’m like, I’ve never seen him like this ever. I sent him ‘Mac Miller overdose and history of drug use.’ I sent that to him. I said, ‘This is what happens when people do what you’re doing. I said ‘It can happen to anyone.’ I said, ‘I’ve been doing my research.’ He wouldn’t respond to me.”

Melanie sent more resources to him, including a  link with pictures showing what can happen to his face if he continued to abuse aerosol cans, but he never responded. She also offered to take him to the hospital herself, saying she “should’ve just gone” to his house — but she was going to give him some time to “cool off”:

“I thought he needed a few days to cool off, with the whole me calling and being that nagging girlfriend; that’s why I didn’t want to be the one that does the intervention. I was the girlfriend, you know, so he’s gonna be mad at me if I’m the one. I tried to get help and I’ve reached out to TV personalities and they said they weren’t doing shows right now. I don’t even remember their names, they were on social media, but I reached out to them. I was trying. It was just hard. I didn’t know how to plan all of this. I knew it was bad though, people are blaming me saying, ‘You didn’t get him help.’ I want people to know that because people are saying I did nothing.”

Carter’s fiancée also admits to being sick during all of this. Sadly, she had no idea the Aaron’s Party singer would pass just days later:

“I wasn’t feeling good that week too. I thought I had Covid, but I just had like a small cold too. I was going to bed early but packed to go over to the house in the morning. It wasn’t like a huge bag, it was just my belongings. And I said, okay, you know, I’ll see Prince [and] I’ll go back to him, you know, it’s time to come home.”

She would never see him again. So heartbreaking.

Our hearts continue to be with Melanie and Aaron’s family, friends, and loved ones during this unthinkable tragedy.

[Image via Instagram/Aaron Carter]

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