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Aaron Carter's Ex-Fiancée Predicted His Death Last Week?!

Aaron Carter Ex-Fiancee Melanie Martin Predicted Death

Like much of the world, we were shocked to hear of the tragic passing of Aaron Carter. But it sounds like someone wasn’t nearly so surprised: maybe the person who knew him best?

Aaron’s former fiancée and baby momma Melanie Martin released a tear-filled video, as well as an official statement after hearing the news, saying she was “still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality.” She later shared a pic of the couple kissing on her IG, writing:

“My baby I can’t breathe”

Aaron Carter’s Former Fiancée Melanie Martin Tearfully Reacts To Singer’s Death
(c) Melanie Martin/Instagram

But it’s what she said before it happened that has us chilled to the bone…

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During an Instagram Live video posted on November 2 — just three days before he was found dead — the I Want Candy singer was complaining about the ongoing fights he was having with his ex, asserting:

“All I did was protect that girl, all I did.”

He began reading her text messages, sharing the harshest with his followers:

“Oh, now she says, ‘I don’t care anymore, blah blah blah.’ Leave me alone, Melanie! God, dude, can’t you take a hint?”

But it was one particular message Aaron revealed that has us spooked. He read:

“She just told me that ‘you are going to die.’ Wow.”

Yeah. She sent him that. Just a matter of hours before his death. How did she know??

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We have to assume this was a warning on her part. After all, she got a more close-up view of his life over the past few years than anyone else. It’s no secret Aaron struggled with mental health problems and substance use disorders. He went to rehab multiple times, most recently in September. Sadly, it didn’t seem to take — TMZ reported that he had been pulled over for a DUI just a couple days before his death. Could this be what Melanie was talking about? That she was worried if he kept going the way he was that he wouldn’t see their child grow up?

Aaron Carter baby
(c) Aaron Carter/Instagram

The 34-year-old was found in the bathtub of his home in Lancaster, California on Saturday morning. No official cause of death is known at this time.

Our hearts go out to all of Aaron’s loved ones and fans. #RIP

[Image via Aaron Carter/Instagram/YouTube.]

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