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Did Adele & Rich Paul's 'Volatile' Relationship Contribute To Vegas Residency Disaster?!

adele, rich paul : volatile relationship contributed to vegas cancelation

Doesn’t seem like Adele’s romance is making things easy on her right now…

As we’ve been reporting, it sounds like there was a whole lot of drama behind the scenes of the singer’s Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace. We’ve heard rumblings about production squabbles, but her boyfriend Rich Paul’s name has also come up several times. At first, it seemed as though the whole “shouting and sobbing” at him on the phone and running straight to his LA mansion from Vegas was just about a man supporting his girlfriend through a difficult time. But more and more, it seems that “trouble in paradise” for the lovebirds was actually a key factor in the fiasco. Whoa.

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According to Page Six, the Grammy winner is still holed up in Rich’s Beverly Hills home, where they are attempting to “fix things” together — sources told the outlet that LeBron James’s manager “is helping her renegotiate her contract” with the casino.

We’ll see if they’re successful on the professional front, but according to an insider close to Adele, there are still romantic issues to be dealt with. They dished to Page Six:

“She and Rich had been fighting, and their relationship was volatile before she canceled her dates. … Adele is very emotional and dramatic. He’s an NBA guy who has to go on the road — they are very different — and they hit a rough patch.”

Well, they both have demanding jobs that might require travel, so we’d think that “going on the road” is something they actually have in common. But this insight definitely concerns us. In the past Adele has used relationship problems to fuel her art — could they really be derailing her music career now??

The source added:

“Adele didn’t show up in Vegas until almost the last minute — in production terms — we think partly because of her issues with Paul. And when she got there, Adele hated the production and the set, and didn’t have enough time to change it.”


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A second source familiar with the Vegas industry shared:

“There’s chatter about why Rich wasn’t in Las Vegas to support Adele — even the day before the show would have launched. Was he even going to be there for the debut? It’s another red flag pointing to relationship conflict as a factor in the cancellation. At first, we took her emotional calls [to Paul] to be about concerns with the show, but many of the conversations were actually fights.”

We can’t imagine how difficult it is to launch a show when there’s turmoil in your personal life… but for Adele, a seasoned professional, to call off an entire residency, so soon after releasing her latest album? Plus, reportedly canceling her big BRIT Awards comeback? Well, we’re really worried about what that could mean for her behind the scenes. We hope she’s able to solve all these personal and professional issues in a way that brings her peace.

[Image via BETNetworks/YouTube & Adele/Instagram]

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Feb 01, 2022 10:40am PDT

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