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Alec Baldwin Impersonates Hilaria's Allegedly Fake 'Accent' & Says She's 'From Spain' In Resurfaced 2013 Interview Clip!

An unearthed 2013 Alec Baldwin interview shows him faking Hilaria Baldwin's fake accent and saying she's 'From Spain'!

The past is coming back with a BITE!

Even as Alec and Hilaria Baldwin continue to try to get their story straight about just how “Spanish” the author and mother really is, old videos are coming back to haunt the pair. And this next clip is just another in the mounting pile of evidence against “Hillary from Boston”!

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This time around it’s an April 11, 2013 video from The Late Show back when David Letterman was still hosting, and the 62-year-old showed up for a guest interview. While discussing his wife — who at the time was pregnant with the couple’s first child — the 30 Rock actor shared one crucial point that has our ears perked up (below, our emphasis added in bold):

“Let’s face facts. If you’re a husband, and you want to be a good husband, and I’m trying to be a good husband and future father, you save your best for your wife. And she knows that. So for example, my wife is on the phone with her hairdresser, or her friend, and she’s like ‘Really? OK, I can’t wait to see you. It’s going to be great. What time, 12 o’clock?’ My wife is from Spain… So I don’t mean to be racist when I put that accent on there, by the way. And so she says, ‘OK, I can’t wait to see you.’… And then she turns to me and says, ‘I don’t feel good.’ Because she saves her most vulnerable, needy self for you.”

You kind of have to watch the clip to really let it sink in, because Alec puts on a very fake Spanish accent — the same accent his wife has legitimately been accused of faking for years — while explicitly claiming she’s “from Spain.”

Here’s the full video (below), though the part in question starts right about at the 8:50 mark:


A fake of a fake?! It’s getting hard to keep up at this point!

But man, this couple seriously can’t stop claiming (past or present) that Hilaria is “from Spain” despite all evidence proving that was NOT the case! Like, come on, y’all!

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For those who may have missed it, Hilaria was actually born Hillary Hayward-Thomas in Boston, Massachusetts on January 6, 1984. And while it seems true that she visited Spain at least a few times as a young woman, Page Six and other outlets have confirmed that her parents didn’t move to the Spanish city of Mallorca to live full-time until at earliest 2011. Like, when Hilaria Hillary was 27-years old. As in, a full-grown adult and then some. And just a year away from marrying Baldwin! OOF!!!

What can we even say at this point?! The wacky, crazy 2020 s**t show continues! Hashtag pepino!!!

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[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN/YouTube]

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