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Alec Baldwin DELETES Twitter After Gillian Anderson 'Switching Accents' Joke Receives Major Backlash!

Alec Baldwin DELETES Twitter After Gillian Anderson ‘Accent’ Joke Backlash

Ay dios mio.

Alec Baldwin has officially deactivated his Twitter account following criticism over a joke he made after Gillian Anderson won an award for her performance in The Crown at Sunday’s Golden Globes. Attempting to make light of his family’s current controversy centered on wife Hilaria Baldwin and her fake Spanish heritage, the 30 Rock alum wrote:

“Switching accents? That sounds … fascinating.”

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Without calling anyone out, it was fairly obvious he was talking about the S*x Education lead considering many fans were similarly stumped online when Gillian’s usual British accent in her roles was traded for an American accent during her acceptance speech. For those unaware, the actress was born in Chicago, but raised in England until her family moved back to the States when she was 11.

But social media users did not have any sympathy or laughter to share with the fiery husband of Hillary Hayward Thomas, so now he’s hurt and blaming America. We kid you not. In a new Instagram post detailing his decision to delete Twitter, he argued:

“Of course you can’t do any irony on Twitter. You can’t do any irony in the United States anymore, because the United States is such an uptight, stressed-out place and unpleasant place right now.”

While he’s not totally wrong, there are some pretty valid reasons for the US to be a bit “uptight” right now. Most of us are just trying to survive a global pandemic without the luxuries afforded to celebs! So forgive us for not finding a joke funny, sir.

Having just returned from a brief Twitter hiatus in January, it now seems the Donald Trump impersonator just can’t deal with the social media platform anymore. He even described it as the place “where all the a**holes of the United States go to get their advanced degrees in a**holeyness.” LOLz!! The 62-year-old explained of his decision:

“The problem with Twitter is, it’s a lot of haters. It’s one-third interesting posts… one-third tedious, puerile nonsense, and then it’s one-third abject hatred and malice and unpleasantness.”

Addressing the joke specifically, the dad of seven added:

“The person I was referring to is someone I am a huge fan of.. and that comment was meant to just illustrate the point that multicultural expressions of anyone… that’s your business.”

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After a garbled rant (which does a very poor job of getting his point across, if you ask us), the political activist did take a moment to thank those who have supported him during this rollercoaster of a year, especially now that his daughter Lucia is here via surrogate. He shared:

“The good thing about being an older dad is work is less important to me now, I don’t really need to work too much right now. I’ve worked a lot… I’ve tried to balance that a lot with my wife and kids.”

Crediting his wife and kiddos for helping him be the “happiest” he’s ever been, the producer gushed:

“I love my children more than I could possibly put into words.”

Well, that’s certainly sweet! Though it’s always been obvious what a hardcore family man Baldwin is considering his downright aggressive approach in supporting his wife’s made-up backstory. Ch-ch-check out the full rant (below)!

Reactions, readers?? Does anyone else kinda feel like some of Trump’s lesser qualities have rubbed off on the performer?

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Instar]

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