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Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz had been receiving blackmail and extortion threats.

Not cool!

The threats came from a husband and wife that worked for the Latin superstar.

38 year-old Carlos Gonzalez and 48 year-old Sylvia Alzate took a plea deal this Monday just before their blackmail trial was about to start. Actually, just moments before the jury was about to be selected.

The two have admitted to making threats of extortion against Sanz.

They agreed to a sentence of two year’s probation. Their criminal record could be erased if they successfully complete their term.

The pair would have faced 50 years behind bars if they were found guilty of trying to extort money from the singer.

They got off easy!!!!!!

The judge has imposed a strict gag order on everyone connected to the case for the next two years. He also ordered the couple to stay away from Alejandro.

Gonzalez performed maintenance work for Sanz at his Miami Beach home. Gonzalez and his wife were also allowed to live there.

They were reportedly threatening to release some information to Hispanic media unless he paid them $500,000.

Back in December, however, shortly after receiving a threat, Sanz issued a press release acknowledging that he has a 3 year-old son from a previously undisclosed relationship.

That’s it????? THAT is what they were trying to hold over his head????

They should have tried harder! Idiots!

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May 20, 2008 13:15pm PDT

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