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Ioan Gruffudd Finally Reveals Much Younger Girlfriend & Alice Evans Accuses Him Of Cheating On Her For YEARS

Alice Evans Ioan Gruffudd Cheating Girlfriend Bianca Wallace

To say this divorce has been messy is a MASSIVE understatement — but if it was bitter before, it’s getting downright explosive now.

Alice Evans went public back in January with accusations that Ioan Gruffudd, her husband of 13 years (not to mention the father of her two daughters, Ella, 11, and Elsie, 7), had abandoned the family without warning.

While she made her suspicions clear that the Titanic actor had left her for another woman, she seemed unsure about who it was — and unwilling to name names. Now, nine months later, Ioan has finally gone Instagram official with a new lady love, and it’s got Alice FURIOUS.

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The Fantastic Four star posted a new photo to his IG on Tuesday evening in which he and actress Bianca Wallace looked cozy on set. But it wasn’t the photo so much as the caption. He wrote:

“Thank you for making me smile again @iambiancawallace”


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A post shared by Ioan Gruffudd (@ioangruffudd)

Damn. Not only that, she shared the same photo on her own IG!

Alice took to Twitter right after the posts, absolutely fuming:

“So it turns out that my husband, after two years of telling me I’m a bad person and I’m not exciting and he no longer want so to have sex with me and he just wants to be on set abroad…

Has been in a relationship for THREE years behind all our backs.

Good luck, Bianca.”

When an out-of-the-loop fan asked who Bianca was, Alice responded:

“Bianca Wallace seems to be the person he has been in a relationship with for three years whilst blaming our difficulties on me.

I’ve just found this out tonight .

I feel like killing myself.

(I won’t)”

To another fan she put it more bluntly:

“Katy, he’s been f**king another bitch for two years……”

When asked why she thinks the relationship has been going on the whole three years, Alice admitted she didn’t know — but she had reason to be suspicious as that’s how long he’s been filming his television series Harrow in Australia:

“He’s been in OZ for three years He started becoming weird the first year. Maybe it’s not three years. Would it be better if it was only one, as her family are saying?”

Apparently Bianca’s people are saying the relationship has only been the last year? Her sister Chanel did take the confirmation one step further, reposting the pic on her own IG Stories, captioning it:

“Seeing the smile Yo brings to my sister and showing her the true love she deserves makes my heart so full of happiness. Welcome to the family Reed Richards”

Mr. Fantastic indeed. Bianca, btw, is 30 years old (Ioan is 48). She’s an actress with very few credits so far; apparently she was an extra on seasons 2 and 3 of Harrow. She posted back in September that she was leaving for France for two months… just enough time to spend the entire time with Ioan as he’d be filming a miniseries called The Reunion there.


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A post shared by Bianca Wallace (@iambiancawallace)

Alice tweeted about their little romantic getaway:

“South of France.

The girls were thinking they were going to go visit him but he said it might not work out.

Now I see why. Because “Bianca’ is there.

I feel so bad for them…”

She went on to call her husband’s actions “cruel,” posting:

“I have an 8 yo girl too and they were best buds – he barely calls her now and then today he let her find out about his new love without preparing her or me at all. Shocking”

She added:

“Am so tired of being painted as ‘the angry one’.

for at LEAST 2 years I’ve been told ‘by him’ I’m just not interesting or lovable enough.

why couldn’t he have just told me the truth..?”


“why did he have to gaslight me? why couldn’t he just have told me he had met someone.”

She also posted a photo on Instagram she said was taken “after learning that a person I thought was a friend might not be.” We think this is about someone already knowing about the relationship but not telling her??


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A post shared by Alice Evans (@aliceevansgruff)

It really seems like Ioan was just as much of a heel as Alice has been saying for months.

However, a friend of Bianca’s is challenging that notion. Wardrobe assistant Amy Douglas, who worked with the fledgling couple on Harrow, responded on Twitter:

“I have personally known Bianca for years and they have NOT even known each other for three years let alone have an affair!!”

She claimed Bianca “didn’t have contact” with Ioan in Season 2 of the show:

“i know because i was there as crew. Season three yes, but they only started talking towards the end.”

A fan following the controversy responded that even if what she was saying was true, the 48-year-old star was still cheating on his wife before breaking off the marriage, to which Amy responded:

“Your point? I saw what Alice was doing to Ioan in the last week of filming, threatening a divorce if he didn’t go home. I saw how upset he was on set. And Bianca was barely even on set for season 3. I know, you do not.”

Remember, all this was out in the open on social media. So a few hours later, Alice saw this little exchange and went NUCLEAR, tweeting:

“What the F**K?

When did you see this?

Why on earth would I threaten divorce when he was on set?

You should take that back.
You should have some sensitivity instead of making up crazy reasons that fit your narrative.”

She defended herself:

“Wait – I never threatened a divorce. I was just trying to get him home before the pandemic got him stranded there. His kids hadn’t seem him for 8 months.

I pulled EVERY string to get him out so he4 could spend lock-down with his family.

Is that not what he wanted to do?”

The Vampire Diaries alum then wrote to the costumer:

“You totally and absolutely know that they started seeing each other before he told me he didn’t love me and wanted a divorce.

If you want to get into this we can.

But spitting on the victim isn’t a great look. Even for a fashion designer.”

Damn. But that wasn’t the end. Alice also claimed he had been lying to their daughter about having a new girlfriend:

“He PROMISED his 8 year old, Elsie, that there was nobody else. Over and over. This morning she found out. From INSTAGRAM! She is devastated and apparently has been having panic attacks all morning. If you’re cool with that then I have no more to say to you”

Believe it or not, this still wasn’t the end. On Wednesday afternoon things got even spicier as a friend of Alice’s warned Amy she was likely to lose her job for spilling the cast’s intimate secrets on social media like this. That’s when the wardrobe assistant hit back with:

“I have permission from both to comment.”

Whoa. Did YOU take that the same way Alice did? Because she then called Amy the new couple’s “minion,” writing:

“I’m shocked and on the verge of tears. On the other hand – notice how they’ve got their minion to do this, not them themselves. Because then she’ll get fired when it turns out he’s ben lying to them too….”

Oof. We can’t imagine this is anywhere near over.

[Image via Alice Evans/Ioan Gruffudd/Instagram.]

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