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Alice Evans Drags Ioan Gruffudd's Girlfriend As 'Creepy' For 'Liking' Photos Of Her & Their Kids Going Back YEARS

Alice Evans Ioan Gruffudd Girlfriend Bianca Wallace Liked Photos Children

Everything changed for Alice Evans a couple weeks ago.

The Vampire Diaries alum had for some time been very publicly upset about her husband, Titanic actor Ioan Gruffudd, leaving her. She posted all about how he had abandoned her and their young daughters back in January.

But when she learned he had a new girlfriend toward the end of October, it has been, as she says, a “rollercoaster” of emotions as she keeps discovering new information that makes it worse — and often weirder.

Photo: How Alice Gut Punched People Who Wished Ioan & His ‘Mistress’ Well

It was bad enough her ex had unblocked her on Instagram, as Alice believes, just to show off his IG official relationship with a 20-years-younger starlet named Bianca Wallace. But the unanswered question of just how long this relationship has been going on has tortured Alice all over again.  And it’s led to some quite inneresting discoveries…

The latest is learning that Bianca had allegedly Instagram stalked Ioan for some time — and on his wife’s page!

The 30-year-old aspiring actress reportedly met the Fantastic Four superhero when she was an extra on Harrow, the TV show he filmed for three years in Australia (away from the family, who live in Los Angeles). That supposedly was some time in 2020. But Alice found evidence she was liking pics from way back in 2018! Not the occasional sexy shirtless photo of Mr. Fantastic either, we’re talking about FAMILY. PHOTOS.

Alice posted proof over the weekend, saying:

“Scary? According to Bianca Wallace’s offficial porteparole, Amy Douglas, they ‘didn’t even meet each other until the end of Season 3 ( in early 2020). Yet here she was, likening all our happy little family photos in 2018

It breaks my heart.



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Later on Twitter, the scorned momma blasted the behavior as “creepy,” writing:

“Bianca Wallace spent many months liking pics of our little family before stepping in and seducing the father. Wow.”

Speaking to a fan who agreed it was gross, she wrote:

“I feel sick to my stomach. You know how much our little family pod meant to me.”

Obviously it’s unclear whether the likes came before the ingenue met her co-worker or after they became involved. Bianca has since taken down her Instagram page, so it’s difficult info to track down at this point.

But Alice says it “doesn’t really matter if it was done at the time or much later when she was with him” because even if it was later “it blows the whole ‘she didn’t know’ theory out of the window.”

Of course, we wouldn’t say it doesn’t matter; it certainly makes it more inneresting if the new girlfriend had been following him as a fan for years before becoming a colleague. He’s a notable guy, for sure, but he’s not THAT famous. At least, he wasn’t before this scandal. So we can see how the image of a now-girlfriend once sitting alone and combing through his wife’s IG could inspire thoughts of dark Lifetime movies.

But she’s definitely right about that second part; folks have been coming out of the woodwork on social media to excuse Bianca’s part in this. They argue that it was Ioan who broke his commitment and that he is the only one Alice should be furious with.

The 50-year-old Brit responded to one such commenter by saying:

“Very kind… but she met us all on set (with the kids) and my instagram (which she stalked, never showed any sign of there being a break down of marriage.

Having said that I’m not looking to ‘blame’ anyone (except myself)

I’m just dealing with this in the only way I can”

So far Alice’s way of dealing has been to live out loud, to share her pain with the world and commiserate with the many, many folks who have been through similar circumstances. And she told Lorraine Kelly last week that it’s actually working, and that she doesn’t know she “would have gotten through it without their help.”

Unfortunately there are still clearly some very painful days. Early Monday morning Alice tweeted:

“Can’t sleep.
I used to think I would die for him.
What was wrong with me?

I just had total confidence that in this world,
He was the one person I could absolutely count on
My rock.
My honey.
My best friend.”

Awww. She continued:

“The trouble is; if you trust somebody THAT much
(When everyone else has passed or lives far away)

If that person convinces you, by their every day behavior, by the ticket, the notes of his love, the grandiose exclamations fo love that
you WILL be together for eternity –

If that”

Rather than finish that thought, she moved on to:

“The only question remaining in my mind is ‘why?’

Why spend 2, maybe 3 years pretending?

Was there not a moment where you felt it was on you to take a stance and stick to it?

Were you together when we went to Moscow? (PLEASE SAY NO ) What about our trip to France? (oh god)”

We are so sorry you’re going through this, Alice! Stay strong!

[Image via Alice Evans/Bianca Wallace/Instagram.]

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