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CIA UFO Files: Did Pissed Off Aliens Really Turn Soldiers Into 'Stone'!?

The truth is officially out there — and some of it is truly stranger than fiction!

As you may know, the CIA recently made the unexpected move of declassifying more than 700 documents about UFO sightings and research relating to extraterrestrials dating back to the 1970s.

While alien enthusiasts say the CIA has made it incredibly difficult to navigate the data dump — officials offered a very outdated format and largely unstable text file outputs — some interesting encounters have been revealed, including a dispute with a Bosnian fugitive with alleged alien contact and a “mysterious blast” in a Russian town.

But as Twitter users look into the new data dump, previously declassified docs have been reanalyzed as well — and one case is almost too insane to believe!

Photo: Leaked Pentagon Report Shows ‘Silver Cube’-Shaped UFO

A document describing a report of a “mishap involving [a] UFO” cites a 1993 article from the Kiev newspaper Holos Ukrayiny. The article claims the CIA snagged a 250-page file from the KGB after the Russian intelligence organization had been dissolved, and that a CIA representative had said the file painted “a horrific picture of revenge on the part of extraterrestrial beings.”

According to the alleged KGB file, a “quite low-flying spaceship” shaped like a saucer appeared over a military unit that was in the middle of performing a routine training exercise. For reasons unknown, someone launched a surface-to-air missile at the saucer, sending the aircraft falling to the ground “not far away.” Yeah, bad idea.

Here’s where it gets wild. The paper reported five alien beings with large heads and big black eyes freeing themselves from the crashed object; the aliens allegedly came together before merging “into a singular object that acquired a spherical shape” (!!!). This terrifying alien amoeba then started to hiss and buzz before glowing a spectacular white color — which grew in size before exploding with a burst of brilliant white light.

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The explosion allegedly caused 23 soldiers who were watching the blast to be immediately transformed into “stone poles.” Two soldiers only survived because they apparently stood in a shaded area and were less exposed to the lethal light. The UFO debris and the “petrified soldiers” were quickly transported to a secret scientific research station near Moscow, where researchers allegedly discovered the bodies of the explosion victims had been transmuted into “a substance whose molecular composition is no different to that of limestone.”

This alleged file was said to contain photos and drawings of a disastrous event, as well as witness testimony from the bizarre incident. A CIA rep reportedly stated that, had this event actually taken place, it means “the aliens possess such weapons and technology that go beyond all our assumptions.”

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Like we said, it’s pretty hard to believe. And that very well might be because it probably didn’t actually happen! Again, the doc said the incident was “reported” by a local news outlet — and picked up by magazine Canadian Weekly World News, a satirical tabloid paper known to publish almost entirely fictional tales.

So why would the CIA have a declassified document about pure sci-fi? Well, one theory is that the story in Canadian Weekly World News drew the attention of agency officials, who realized they were not, in fact, in possession of the 250-page document that Ukrainian papers claimed they were. Since the USA and the Soviet Nations haven’t historically been on great terms, the CIA could have investigated the report as a possible smear tactic to associate the agency with UFO attacks.

Another theory? This bananas story is 100% true, and 23 unlucky soldiers really were Medusa’d by a glob of pissed off aliens.

What do U think really happened, Perezciosu readers? See the report for yourself (below).

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[Image via 20th Century Studios/Universal Pictures]

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