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Influencer Alix Earle Says Girlfriend Took Nude Photo Of Her Without Consent & Sent It To Her Crush!

Alix Earle Friend Sent Nude Photo Without Consent

Alix Earle is opening up about her friendship breakups — and one in particular was after a huge betrayal!

On Thursday, the 23-year-old influencer posted a new episode of her Hot Mess podcast where she got real about how she’s had to make her friendship circle much smaller since finding fame — and some of the disturbing reasons why. One incident in particular, Alix references an unnamed ex friend of hers, and how she took nude pics of her without her consent:

“My friend and I came back from [a night out], I’m laying on my bed naked, butt cheeks were out and this person decides to take a picture of me. My legs are spread a little bit, my taco is out.”

Come on, WHAT?!

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And if that wasn’t bad enough — this person took it to the next level and sent the photos to her crush at the time, Miami Dolphins star Braxton Berrios:

“This person then texts this picture to [Braxton Berrios] who’s my boyfriend now but at the time he was not my boyfriend, I was just starting to hang out with him. I was like ‘do not send that’ and this person hits send.”

According to the TikTok star, her friend thought it would be “funny” because they were drunk. But understandably, she felt “taken advantage of” and angry over the whole situation — this really crossed a line after all! She said she immediately called Braxton and was “bawling her eyes out” trying to explain what had happened:

“I didn’t want him to think I wanted this to happen, I was bawling my eyes out. [My ex friend is a] psychopath. What an invasion of privacy.”

Just awful! It’s sickening to think anyone would do this — especially to someone they considered a friend!

Apparently that’s not all this unnamed person did, either. Alix also described how her ex-BFF would go around and spread all her secrets:

“I had girls DM me saying she was at a bar saying ‘I’m Alix Earle’s best friend’ and was telling them personal secrets about my breakup.”

Sickening! You can watch the full podcast (below):

We’re glad to hear this person is no longer in Alix’s life and she’s moved past this. Your friends are supposed to be FRIENDLY!

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[Image via Hot Mess with Alix Earle/YouTube/Alix Earle/Instagram]

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