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Alyssa Milano Says Her Uncle Needs Open Heart Surgery Following Car Crash

Alyssa Milano Says Her Uncle Needs Open Heart Surgery Following Car Crash

Alyssa Milano shared a health update on her uncle, Mitchell Carp, more than a month after their terrifying car crash.

As you may recall, he became unconscious after suffering a heart attack while driving the two of them on the Los Angeles freeway in August. The 48-year-old actress, who was in the passenger seat, helped save Mitch by stopping the vehicle and performing CPR at the scene. Although things were up in the air for a moment, Milano revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday that her family member is “doing well” at the moment but may need open-heart surgery in the future, saying:

“He’s doing well. I mean, he has a long road of recovery. He’s out of the hospital, he’s home, he has care, and they’re trying to build up his strength to get open heart surgery. So that’s kind of where we are now.”

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Fortunately, that hasn’t forced him to miss out on some quality family time. Milano said Mitch actually attended her son’s baseball game earlier this week, which was “really amazing” to see:

“He came to my son’s baseball game the other day. I looked over and there was uncle Mitch sitting in the stands. That was really amazing.”

This is a huge improvement from the days following the accident when he was still on life support! When asked how she felt following the scary incident, the Charmed alum said she’s “been really good throughout this whole thing” before adding:

“Whereas if you would’ve told me years ago, ‘You’re gonna get into a really bad accident. You’re gonna have to save this person’s life and it’s gonna be really scary.’ I would’ve told you, I don’t know if I could get through that. But it’s true what they say about having this superhuman strength when it comes, when you need it, and this fight or flight thing that I was definitely in for a few days after too.”

Milano also recognized that she has “handled it the best that I can being somebody that’s super anxious pretty much my [whole] life. It was scary. Accidents are scary and it makes you just realize how fragile life is.”

True! We are continuing to keep Milano and her uncle Mitch in our thoughts, especially while he continues with his recovery.

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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