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Amanda Kloots Opens Up About Dating Again 2 Years After Husband Nick Cordero’s Death

Amanda Kloots Opens Up Grief & Dating 2 Years After Husband Nick Cordero’s Death

Amanda Kloots is ready to find love again following the death of her husband, Nick Cordero.

As you may recall, the 40-year-old talk show host tragically lost the Broadway star two years ago following a battle with coronavirus. After documenting his 95-day struggle with COVID, she has since risen to fame – joining as a co-host on The Talk, competing on season 30 of Dancing With The Stars, and even writing a book and upcoming movie, Live Your Life. While it may seem like she has it together, Amanda admitted in a new interview on CBS Mornings Thursday that she is still feeling the loss of Nick all the time.

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According to the former fitness instructor, her grief will often hit her like “a ton of bricks out of nowhere,” like when a Journey song randomly comes on in the car that Nick previously sang in the Broadway show Rock of Ages:

“I went to a show last night. I got home, and I was pulling into the driveway, and a song from Journey came on that Nick sang in ‘Rock of Ages,’ and I just… I looked over at, you know, the passenger’s seat. And it was empty. And it hits you like a ton of bricks. And then you know you have to go into the house, and it’s all fine. But it’s those moments where you’re just like ‘What happened?’ And then it hits you, you’re alone. I’m alone. I am all alone. I lost him.”

She then confessed that she misses having someone by her side, expressing:

“I miss having somebody to come home to, and I miss laughing with somebody. Every time I retell this story, it’s amazing how helpful it is in this grieving journey. Grief does not stop. Loss, death — it does not end.”

Although Amanda will forever mourn the loss of Nick, she confirmed to the outlet that she still has been trying to get back out there and wants to find a person to share her life with again. However, the television personality is not currently dating anyone at this time. Sorry to those who have been shipping her and Bachelorette alum Michael Allio! She said:

“I want to love again. I want to have another person in my life. I want Elvis to have a father figure in his life.”

Very understandable…

But just because she is back in the dating game, it does not mean she is replacing her hubby nor trying to have their 2-year-old son forget about his dad:

“You’re not taking the place of Nick. It’s not ever that. It’s just that Nick was a part of my life.”

Honestly, we are happy that Amanda is getting back out there again — and we wish her nothing but the best during this journey to find love. You can watch her entire interview with CBS Mornings (below):

[Image via CBS Mornings/YouTube, Amanda Kloots/Instagram]

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