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Amber Heard’s Former Makeup Artist Says She DID Cover Up Bruises & A Split Lip For James Corden Appearance

Amber Heard’s Former Makeup Artist Says She DID Cover Up Bruises & A Split Lip For James Corden Appearance

Amber Heard’s former makeup artist has explained how she helped her cover up bruises and other injuries she allegedly received from Johnny Depp – specifically ones she had right before her appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

As you may recall, the 36-year-old actress previously testified how Depp became physically violent with her on December 15, 2014. On that day, she alleged that the Pirates of the Caribbean alum had chased her around the kitchen, got on top of her, and hit her multiple times in the face. Things supposedly got worse from there. During the fight, Amber then claimed he head-butted her “right in the nose” and was “screaming and swinging” at her before eventually grabbing onto her hair and dragging her into another apartment.

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Following the altercation, the Aquaman star said she ended up with a split lip and busted nose – plus two black eyes. The injuries were so bad that she claimed her MUA needed to cover them up before she went onto the late-night talk show with Corden on December 16. Now, her makeup artist Melanie Inglessis is telling her side of what went down that day…

She recalled during her testimony that she came to the home and saw that Amber did in fact have some wounds on her face, saying:

“When I came to the penthouse to do Amber’s makeup, she had injuries. She had two light — I’m not a medical expert — but it looked like somebody had headbutted her lightly so she had discoloration here under both eyes and the bridge of the nose and she had what I would call a split lip or something on the lip like a gash or split lip.”

Melanie then noted that Amber was missing a chunk of her hair that day after being shown a photo of her head, adding:

“I remember this ’cause she showed it to us.”

And when presented with photos of her alleged injuries, she confirmed the pictures reflect what she previously witnessed. She went on to describe what she did to hide the alleged bruises on Amber’s face – including down to the different types of concealer used:

“I just did makeup, just a little heavier. We covered the discoloration or bruises with a slightly heavier concealer, one that had more of a peach undertone that I would normally not use on Amber, but peach does cancel blue, so I did that under the eyes, Although Amber always has a red lip, it’s one of her signature looks, I remember clearly talking we had no other option that night than to use a red blood … a really red lipstick to make sure we could cover up the injuries on the lip.”

Additionally, Melanie said Amber used arnica gel in order to reduce the swelling. As for how The Danish Girl star’s mood was like before the show, she recalled her acting “angry, sad, a little erratic” at the time. However, Melanie said Amber “had the ability to turn it on” for the show and “do her job and perform the way she was supposed to perform on the show.”

And while she was successfully able to cover all the alleged wounds, she was still able to point out where the bruises were when shown a photo of Amber’s makeup look from Depp’s attorney. When his lawyer questioned why Melanie stopped their working relationship and friendship, she said it all came down to not only her welcoming a child but also the fact that the relationship was “very consuming for me.”


As usual, we will keep you posted as more details come out of the trial. In the meantime, though, reactions to Amber’s former makeup artist’s testimony?

[Image via Law&Crime Network/Twitter, E! News/YouTube, The Late Late Show With James Corden/YouTube]

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