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Amber Portwood's BF Stands By His 'Clean Conscience' As Staying Together Becomes 'Less Likely'

Andrew Glennon Amber Portwood clear conscience

Sounds like Amber Portwood‘s baby daddy sleeps well at night amid all the domestic drama flying around him right now!

Andrew Glennon took to Instagram overnight on Thursday to open up a little bit about the state of his relationship with Amber — and his conscience — just hours after the Teen Mom OG star was granted supervised visits with their one-year-old son James at the family’s most recent court appearance.

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It all started when Glennon cryptically posted a “clean conscience” picture meme to his IG page, as you can see (below):

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…Except baby James ????????

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That may not seem like much until you remember there are already allegations floating around about a potential infidelity committed by him… and it’d seem here that the clean conscience is his way of refuting those accusations and trying to move on!

James’ father continued this line in the comment section of the post, too, responding to fans by straight up saying he’s not shading Amber, in writing (below):

“I’m not shading anyone at all. Would you disagree with what I wrote? I’m sure Amber’s conscience is perfectly clean. Don’t read into it too much, I just don’t like being called a cheater when I’m not. If I cheated you wouldn’t hear a peep from me, but I’m just not that species of animal so… conscience clean.”

Interesting!!! True or not, it sure sounds definitive!!

And when another commenter brought up the cheating allegations again, Glennon went full-on into sarcasm to deflect it (below):

“Yes, you are right, my plan was to destroy everything that I loved in my world, correction, my ENTIRE world. [sarcasm].”

Ha! Well, when you put it like that…

But wait… WAS he cheating?!

Even though he is quick to clear his own name, it’s not entirely obvious there isn’t something untoward going on here. Not so fast, y’all!!!

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A source close to Amber spoke to Us Weekly in the aftermath of the most recent domestic drama and courtroom catch-up, accusing Andrew of allegedly talking to “another woman” while noting the chances he and the Teen Mom OG star get back together are getting slimmer by the day.

The source revealed all the alleged infidelity dirt here (below):

“Amber does [know] Andrew was talking to another woman. She is devastated. Their reconciliation is looking less likely. The priority in her life is James.”

Hmmm… now that comes from a source in Amber’s camp, and it completely opposes what Glennon claims about himself, but it’s interesting to wonder on which side the truth may be here!!!

Whatever may be going on, we can say this for certain: things continue to be MESSY AF between these two, and it doesn’t sound like it’ll be sorted out — in court, or among their family — any time soon…

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