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Oh Snap! Amy Schumer Roasted Hilaria Baldwin So Hard She Had To Delete It!

Amy Schumer Hilaria Baldwin Spanish Heritage Scandal Joke

Dang! We guess Amy Schumer and Hilaria Baldwin didn’t become besties after that little joke misunderstanding after all!

In case you missed it, last week the standup poked fun at how perfect Alec Baldwin‘s wife always looks compared to herself by posting Hilaria’s Instagram photo — featuring the fitness influencer wearing lingerie while carrying her son around the house — with an incongruous caption implying it was just her and baby Gene!

That’s just SO Amy! LOLz!

Hilaria said she didn’t really get the joke at first, but the real issue was the body shaming she was receiving as a result. Amy quickly took down the post and apologized, and it seemed like the two found common ground together on Team-Women-Supporting-Women!

And then Hilaria’s new scandal broke…

On Sunday, the Mom Brain podcast host was forced to respond as accusations she had been masquerading as a Spanish woman hit a tipping point on social media.

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If you missed it, there is WAY too much evidence of folks who knew her earlier in life — as a white woman from Massachusetts named Hilary. There was also quite a lot of video showing the celeb making inconsistent statements about when she moved to the US, as well as speaking with an American accent that seemed to disappear later in life.

Well, Amy must have left that whole women’s team and reaffirmed her place on Team Comedians-Laughing-At-Nonsense. Following the controversy going viral on Sunday, she posted on Instagram:

“I get it. I went to Spain a couple times and loved it too.”

OMG, ouch!

But diminishing Hilaria’s claims of Spanish heritage wasn’t the extent of the shade. She also added an extra spicy ingredient: cucumber. Yes, she finished her comment with a cucumber emoji!

OK, if you didn’t get that one, it’s a very specific reference to a video internet detectives unearthed of “Hilaria” — who, remember, was apparently born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and NOT Mallorca, Spain as she’s implied in interviews and her online professional bio info explicitly states — doing some cooking on the Today show and forgetting the word for “cucumber” in English.

So yeah, the cucumber dig is particularly salty — which is actually how we like our cucumber.

Even Emily Ratajkowski joined in on the shade, commenting:

“That cucumber emoji really hits”

It did indeed. Apparently so hard, Amy had second thoughts about roasting her newfound IG buddy so hard and DELETED THE POST!

What do you think, Perezcious readers? Is Amy being mature here? Or too safe??

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram.]

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