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Anne Heche Was Trapped Inside Her Car For 45 Minutes After Fiery Crash

anne heche trapped in her car 45 minutes after crashing

New information on the case of Anne Heche‘s tragic death has been revealed.

As you know, early last month the 53-year-old exhibited some strange behavior before she crashed her car into a garage in a Los Angeles neighborhood. Videos of the incident showed her backing out from the wreckage and driving off once again. She nearly hit a pedestrian and crashed her car a second time — this time into the home of Mar Vista resident Lynne Mishele. The crash caused a huge fire which ultimately claimed the home and later Heche’s life. Such a heartbreaking situation for everyone involved…

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Now we finally have more insight as to what exactly happened that horrifying day. According to audio files released by NBC4 on Thursday, the Los Angeles Police Department‘s response to the scene has been revealed. Deputy Chief Richard Fields also spoke to the outlet about what he experienced at the scene of the wreckage on August 5. He described the smoke and fire as “heavy”:

“Given the heavy fire and smoke conditions, it wasn’t that you could clearly see into the vehicle or clearly be able to access it.”

Because of the fire and smoke, things were much more difficult and confusing for first responders. In the audio recordings, the Los Angeles Fire Department knew “within seconds” upon arriving to the fire at 11:01 a.m. there was someone “stuck” inside the vehicle. Fields clarified the dispatcher was referring to Lynne at the time — sadly, they had no idea Anne was there…

At 11:17 the LAFD believed there were no other victims. It wasn’t until 11:25, a full 24 minutes after their arrival, did firefighters finally realize the actress was in the “inaccessible” vehicle. Richard said she wasn’t in the driver’s side at the time of her discovery:

“Where the person was in the vehicle was not in the driver’s seat, but on the floorboard of the passenger seat.”

Just awful… If she had been in the driver’s seat, or even just not in the floorboards, maybe they would’ve seen her sooner… of course, we’re sure she was trying to escape smoke ventilation best she could, too… just tragic.

Due to the ongoing fire and the difficult place the car was in, it took until 11:49 before they were finally able to rescue the Volcano actress. She had been trapped inside the burning home for a full 45 minutes. This differs from original reports which stated she was in the home for 65 minutes before she was rescued. So, so sad…

The Six Days, Seven Nights alum was loaded onto a gurney and subsequently sent to the hospital, but ultimately succumbed to her injuries. She passed away on August 12 after being in a coma for seven days. It was also revealed through blood tests she was under the influence of cocaine amid the crash.

Heche left behind two sons, 13-year-old Atlas Heche Tupper and 20-year-old Homer Heche Laffoon. The eldest boy is now trying to gain control of her estate after her passing. He’s previously described the siblings’ “wordless sadness” following the loss of their mother.

Such a devastating loss, our hearts go out to Anne’s family and loved ones as they continue to navigate this difficult time.

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