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Cheating? Homewrecking? Ariana Grande Will Tell *Her* 'Side Of The Story' About Ethan Slater Romance On New Album!

Cheating? Homewrecking? Ariana Grande Will Tell Her 'Side Of The Story' On New Album

Ariana Grande is gearing up to spill all the tea on her messy divorce and subsequent cheating scandal!

With the release of her new album Eternal Sunshine just one day away, a source opened up to Us Weekly about the pop star’s true intentions behind the album — and it’s good news for fans who’ve been dying to know what’s really been going on in her love life! On Thursday, an insider dished:

“Ariana thinks these songs will provide a lot of insight for her fans. [It’s] her side of the story regarding Dalton and Ethan.”

As Perezcious readers know, Ari publicly split from Dalton Gomez in July 2023 after two years of marriage. Later that same month, she quickly linked up with Ethan Slater — her co-star from the highly anticipated big-screen adaptation of Wicked . That would have been eyebrow-raising enough, the possibility she had an on-set romance that ended her marriage. But it got so much worse when reports came out Ethan had been happily married — and in fact had just welcomed his first child with Lilly Jay. While the new couple has denied infidelity rumors, the timing of everything has been super sus! So the fact the new music is going to finally break this down is huge!

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But don’t get too excited yet. A different source insisted the project is a “concept album” and won’t be the full truth, noting:

“Ariana is playing with different characters, some of the lyrics come from her personal life, but others are just her playing a fun character for her fans.”


The Victorious alum hinted at this herself in a Zach Sang Show interview last month when she bashed all the attention on her romance, saying:

“I’m so nervous because pieces of [the album] touch on things that are real and then pieces of it are also just, like, part of the concept. So, what is that separation? It’s so scary to leave it up to these selective memory people to decipher. It’s scary, but I digress. Too late. The vinyls have been printed.”

On the writing process, she added:

“It says everything and nothing at the same time. It’s very vague and very specific — all at once. The thing that was beautiful about it was, when I was writing [Eternal Sunshine], it was with no intention for the world to hear it. I was just kind of [like], ‘Let’s just go. Let’s see what comes out.’ And then, when I was done, I remembered that people will hear it and sometimes, people will sensationalize things and assign meaning to certain things. And I wanted to make sure that I combed through, just to make sure that it was what I intended.”

So she doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea — but she’s also not going to make it too easy to figure out exactly what went down. Guess if she really was a home wrecker, that makes sense. Nobody wants to proudly sing about that, you know?

Regardless of the undeniable amount of scrutiny the relationship is about to be under as fans pick apart the song lyrics, a third source said that the musician is optimistic about her future with the Broadway star, explaining:

“She feels like she’s found her soulmate. Life is good.”

Soulmate?? Whoa! Guess we can expect lots of love songs then! Ethan’s ex is gonna HATE that!

Just a few more hours and the wait will be over. What are your predictions for the album? Share them in the comments (below)!

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