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TikTok Stars Respond VERY Unexpectedly To Ariana Grande's Epic Shade Of Their Irresponsible Pandemic Behavior!

TikTok stars respond after getting called out by Ariana Grande over partying during the pandemic!

Ariana Grande is calling out TikTok stars for their selfish, ill-advised behavior during the coronavirus pandemic… and it sounds like at least a few of the biggest names on the social network are actually listening to what she has to say?!

The Positions princess popped up on The Zach Sang Show this week to discuss her new music and the work she put into the album. But during that chat, the 27-year-old pop superstar couldn’t resist also getting in a little dig at the TikTok stars coming up behind her — because some of their party-centric behavior during the pandemic has been WAY out of line!

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Grande didn’t hold back in speaking to radio host Zach Sang on his eponymous talk show, dropping shade and then some on out-of-line TikTok stars, though without naming any names:

“Couldn’t we have just stayed at home for a few more weeks? … Did we all really need to go to f**king Saddle Ranch that badly that like we couldn’t have waited for the deathly pandemic to pass? Did we all really need to put on our cowgirl boots and ride a mechanical bull that bad? We need that Instagram post that badly?”


Even without naming names, it’s a pretty obvious dig at stars of the short-form video network, as many of the biggest names are often seen partying at that El Lay hotspot together. And even though California began slowly opening up restaurants again at the end of May, large group outings and parties like what the TikTokkers often do have come under serious scrutiny by many across the state.

Interestingly, though, Grande’s strong comments didn’t quite get the blowback we were expecting!

Dixie D’Amelio (pictured above in the inset, on the right), the 19-year-old sister of most-followed TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio and a rising social media star herself, reacted responsibly to the pop princess’ comments! Speaking to Pop Galore, Dixie acknowledged Grande’s bona fides as a “queen” whom she “loves,” and said about the pandemic shade:

“She’s right, she’s right.”


Addison Rae (pictured with D’Amelio above, inset left), another huge TikTok personality who is also the on-again, off-again GF of embattled young social media star Bryce Hall, also admitted Grande had a point in her pointed criticism.

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Noting she personally hadn’t been partying as much — both due to the pandemic and her upcoming role in the gender-swap remake of She’s All That — the 20-year-old TikTok princess said:

“I think it’s fair. I definitely have been not going [to Saddle Ranch] … because I’ve been working out a lot and also preparing for my movie.”

Um… and because of the pandemic?! The 20-year-old also implied she was reining in on-again, off-again boyfriend Bryce Hall:

“ … And no more parties for Bryce.”

Wow! Wouldn’t that last part be quite the change

Seriously, though, are y’all as surprised as we are that these young social media celebs actually owned up to poor pandemic behavior after Grande’s call-out?!

We expected a clap back, and then a bunch of headline-making shots at each other across social media, but here we are, with the whole thing apparently under control!

What Ariana says goes… at least with this crowd!

Reactions? Sound OFF about things down in the comments (below) y’all!

[Image via Ariana Grande/Dixie D’Amelio/Instagram]

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