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ANOTHER Armie Hammer Ex Comes Forward, Claims He Carved An 'A' Into Her With A Knife!

Armie Hammer Ex Girlfriend Paige Lorenze Abuse Claims Carved Skin Knife

The biggest (and most unexpected) celebrity scandal of the year is the abuse against women — and apparent predilection towards BDSM, blood play, and cannibalism — Armie Hammer is being accused of after a cache of leaked DMs he allegedly wrote hit the Internet last week.

We can’t say we’re surprised at the fact there are more accusations — not after he allegedly sent those messages to so many women. However, we are still capable of being shocked by the content of the accusations!

While several women reportedly got together to share horror stories before one decided to drop the bomb on social media — and insiders claim his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers is backing the claims — only one woman he is known to have dated came forward. Courtney Vucekovich spoke out a couple days after the leak, describing the alleged abusive nature of her relationship with Armie.

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Now a second ex has given up her anonymity to reveal, she says, the all too real violence the Call Me By Your Name star is capable of.

Model Paige Lorenze was linked to Armie last month after the two were spotted getting dinner on Sunset Blvd in El Lay before going back to her place. She now says she dated the A-lister for about five months, from August to December 2020. (Yes, there’s overlap with his other “kittens” — but that’s in keeping with what we read in the first accusations.)

In an interview with Star magazine, the 22-year-old claims Armie really was interested in cannibalism — as crazy as that sounds — and brought it up many times during their time together.

“He said he wanted to find a doctor that would remove my ribs. He was telling me you can remove the bottom ribs so he could smoke them, cook them and eat them. He kept saying, ‘You don’t need them.'”

Obviously our first thought is that he was teasing her. One would have to be joking about such a thing. But she says she believed he was “100 percent serious.” That would be utterly inconceivable, except… well, Vucekovich said something similar. And so did all those DMs. How many times does someone have to “joke” about something before you realize they might not be kidding?

Even more disturbing than his (maybe serious?) request was what he actually, again allegedly, did to her. She claims Armie carved the letter “A” into her skin with a knife! He basically branded her. Like a horse.

Not only was the experience “extremely painful” — obviously — she claims he bragged to his friends about it later.

Also like Vucekovich before her, Lorenze describes meeting the “charming” film star and being taken in — only to find he gradually changed:

“[He] eased me into darker and darker things… he manipulated me — and I liked him — which is the scary part.”

Being in his thrall led Lorenze to agree to things she regretted, leading to an overall “traumatic” experience. She explains:

“Consent is really complex, and saying yes to something does not negate the trauma you might be burdened with after the fact.”

Importantly, just because consent was given at the time doesn’t make abusive behavior all suddenly OK. Manipulation is one of the hallmarks we see in every abusive relationship.

We obviously don’t know for certain all these things are true of Armie. But how many women have to come forward with the same story before everyone believes this isn’t just some wacky hoax?

[Image via WENN/Instar/Paige Lorenze/Instagram.]

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