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EXCLUSIVE! Audrina Patridge Stands By Her CPS Report Against Ex Corey Bohan As Her Temporary Restraining Order Gets Extended!

Audrina Patridge stands behind her CPS report

Audrina Patridge is not backing down amid the reveal of serious new allegations against her ex-husband Corey Bohan.

Sources close to The Hills: New Beginnings star EXCLUSIVELY tell us she fully stands behind what she told Child Protective Services in regards to their three-year-old daughter Kirra, despite his allegations otherwise.

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As we previously reported, newly released docs have Bohan alleging he’s been falsely accused of child sexual abuse by his ex. In his deposition, he states:

“Audrina made false claims of child sexual abuse against me to CPS. An investigation was done and the results of the investigation were that the allegations were unfounded.”

He claims the MTV star has lied multiple times throughout their messy split, saying she “abused the judicial process by making false claims of abuse to obtain restraining orders to gain an advantage in these proceedings.”

The BMX rider goes on to explain his theory as to why his ex might have made up the accusations:

“Audrina has made deplorable and false accusations against me so that she can exploit our daughter for her own financial gain by having her filmed and having her appear on reality television, specifically MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings.”

Allegations that she would have lied about this just to have sole custody of their younger daughter so she can appear on reality TV couldn’t be further from the truth, according to our Patridge sources.

In fact, a show insider explains the children of the stars only get $1,000 to appear on camera, which is small change to these personalities.

That’s not much of a “financial gain.”

An Audrina source echoes she would never make up something like this or do anything to put her daughter’s life in danger. Kirra is her everything.

Audrina Patridge and daughter Kirra
Audrina and daughter Kirra soaking up the sun! / (c) Audrina Patridge/Instagram

This all comes after Radar Online reveals her restraining order against Corey has been extended for two weeks after the two faced off in court on Monday.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, she filed the emergency motion just over 10 days ago on her behalf, as well as Kirra’s.

Now, Los Angeles judge granted the extension to her temporary restraining order, per her request, with a new hearing date for the permanent order set on August 12. If it goes through, the momma of one’s ex-husband will have to stay away from her for five years.

An eyewitness at the court reveals:

“Corey stared Audrina down, took the paperwork, and walked out of the courtroom. He looked very intense and angry.”

Audrina’s lawyer, Elizabeth Nigro, confirmed the extension to the restraining order was granted, but also revealed all signs of an alleged leak point to Corey.

“This is all sealed information, and we are going to get to the bottom of who is leaking this. Parties can be sanctioned and lawyers can be sanctioned … and it seems like the dad is leaking it. He is violating confidentiality orders, which will be addressed at a later time. This is a very sensitive issue and this has to stop.”

Yikes!! This drama is far from over!

We only hope these parents have their daughter’s best interests at heart amid the newest allegations.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN & Audrina Patridge/Instagram]

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