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Bachelor Alum Ashley Iaconetti Calls 'BS' On Golden Bachelor Couple's Divorce Reason!

Bachelor Alum Ashley Iaconetti Calls 'BS' On Golden Bachelor Couple's Divorce Statement!

Ashley Iaconetti has her doubts about the Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s reason for their sudden divorce!

As you know, the former couple announced this week on Good Morning America they decided to end their marriage after only three months, claiming their long-distance largely factored into their breakup. You see, they had not been living together even after their wedding earlier this year. Theresa explained they looked at homes together in South Carolina and even debated having Gerry move to New Jersey, where she lives, from Indiana. However, they never could settle on a place. While they still are in “love” with each other, it just didn’t work out. And Gerry did not waste time getting the ball rolling on their divorce. He already filed to dissolve their marriage! Damn…

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Of course, Golden Bachelor fans were stunned by the divorce news. But others? They are skeptical about the whole situation. In fact, many are not buying one word of what Theresa and Gerry said — including Ashley! She doesn’t believe they are divorcing three months in due to the long distance — at all! The Bachelor alum wrote on Instagram Stories on Friday:

“I think a lot of the Good Morning America interview was BS because you don’t say, ‘We’re still in love with each other,’ and then get divorced. You just don’t. If it’s a distance thing — at their age especially — live in Indiana, live in New Jersey, visit each other once or twice a month … Be in love, be married but, like, you know, commute to each other. I don’t buy [it]. I don’t buy that the moving thing is the reason they got divorced three months in.”

She has a point! If Gerry and Theresa were still so in love with each other, as they said, they could have made things work and traveled back and forth to each other. At least give it a go for longer than three months! But what does Ashley believe really happened? Well, she had not been surprised the two were dunzo already. Why? The reality star explained when she attended the wedding in January, she felt absolutely no connection between Gerry and Theresa:

“When I came back from the Golden Wedding, my friend Naz [Perez] wanted me on the ‘I Don’t Get It’ podcast to talk about it and I said, ‘No, I can’t because I didn’t feel anything.’”


Could their lack of spark be the real reason their marriage is over? Ashley seems to think so! We wonder if other stars of the Bachelor franchise felt the same way when they attended the nuptials!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Are you also skeptical about the reason Gerry and Theresa gave? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Good Morning America/Bachelor Nation/YouTube]

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