Bale’s Verbal Barrage! Christian Will Eff A Bitch Up


Christian Bale needs to sit his diva ass down!

Back in July we told you about his freak out on the set of Terminator Salvation when he got mad at the director of photography for adjusting a light during his scene.

The sneaky sound guys kept rolling throughout the entire incident, catching every threatening word on tape.

And it’s pretty crazy! He threatens to quit that bitch if the director doesn’t fire the offending crew member!

We’re surprised the director didn’t step in to wrangle his actor! He wasn’t acting very professionally! And it was the DP, not just some grip!

Listen below to Bale’s verbal barrage – and prepare for some pretty unpleasant language!

Bare freaks out on film set

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 2, 2009 4:57pm PST

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