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Gypsy Rose Thinks Taylor Swift Wrote This Song About HER!

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Thinks Taylor Swift Wrote Song About Her

Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard totally delusional? Or is she onto something??

The convicted murderer has become an unexpected celeb after being released from prison, getting invited onto talk shows and even hearing some shoutouts from celebs. But did she get the ultimate A-lister nod from Taylor Swift?!

According to sources close to Gypsy spilling to TMZ, girl believes Tay wrote a whole ass song about her! Yes, for real!

Apparently the huge Swiftie heard Fresh Out The Slammer on The Tortured Poets Department last month and freaked the eff out — because she was dead certain the track was all about her!

What’s her evidence? Well, first off she obviously is obviously “fresh out the slammer,” having famously gotten paroled in December after seven years in the clink. And the song is literally about a girl being released from prison and rushing into the arms of her lover. And that’s what happened to her — as she went “runnin’ back home to” husband Ryan Anderson. Though that obviously didn’t work out too well in the end…

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Per sources, lines like “camera flashes, welcome bashes” really spoke directly to Gypsy. She’s had paparazzi taking snaps since she got out, her family threw a party for her.

Is it really so crazy? Gypsy’s case is incredibly famous. Surely Tay must have heard about it. It’s certainly possible she used it for inspiration!

However, the song is only literally about prison. Figuratively it doesn’t really match up with Gypsy’s story. See, in the context of the rest of the album, the prison in the song has been interpreted as a metaphor for a relationship in which Tay didn’t feel free to be herself. Fans think it’s about the years she spent with Joe Alwyn as he wanted to stay out of the spotlight, which made her feel caged. That theory is supported by the TTPD epilogue poem, which seems to position Joe as the prison and rebound guy Matty Healy as a “tidal wave” — and then her clumsy rescuer who turns out not to be worthy of her. She writes:

“Out of the slammer and into a tidal wave / How gallant to save the empress from her gilded tower / Swinging a sword he could barely lift. / But loneliness struck at that fateful hour / Low hanging fruit on his wine stained lips / He never even scratched the surface of me / None of them did.”

If the experiences Tay was writing about were her breakup with Joe and fling with Matty, all that happened a year ago. Seems likely the songstress wrote about it all before Gypsy even got out.

As for whether Taylor even knows about Gypsy’s fandom? If she does, she hasn’t mentioned it. The sources say Miz Swift hasn’t reached out to the ex-con in any way. And Gypsy isn’t surprised, considering the controversy surrounding her case. She understands why Tay wouldn’t want to risk tainting her image like that.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? How likely is it Taylor Swift wrote a song about Gypsy Rose??

[Image via Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Instagram/Taylor Swift/YouTube.]

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May 09, 2024 19:20pm PDT