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Bella Hadid Reduces Instagram Troll To A Gibbering Simp With Bikini Pic Clapback!

Bella Hadid Bikini Instagram Tired Clapback

How are you going to come for Bella Hadid‘s looks on her own Instagram?!

If you’ve ever posted a pic online and immediately gotten negative feedback from some rando, do NOT feel bad even for a second — it happens to internationally famous supermodels, too!

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The 24-year-old posted a series of selfies on Monday in which she posed, makeup free, in a bikini first thing in the morning, showing off her unretouched features. She captioned the carousel:

“Palestinian and Dutch”

And believe it or not, someone had the gall to neg her, writing:

“You look so tired.”

Ugh. The post racked up over 2.5 million likes, but Bella — like most of us — couldn’t help but see the one mean one. She clapped back at the commenter caustically:

“I…..was…..and just woke up….I am…sorry that my bags…offend u.”

How did the — yes, we’ll say it — troll feel about being responded to by Bella? Like a complete idiot. The commenter immediately stumbled, backtracking on the criticism:

“@bellahadid I’m screaming. Did my best girl just reply me?! Plus hey, you are so gorgeous! Your eye bags are a work of art.”

Uh huh.

Just another reminder that most of the folks who say crappy things on the internet aren’t sincere — they’re just looking for attention. Because we guess even negative attention is meaningful for these weirdos when it comes from Bella Hadid? A burn is better than no sunshine at all?

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing more of a “tired” Bella, as millions are…

[Image via Bella Hadid/Instagram.]

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Feb 09, 2021 11:57am PDT