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Yes, Ben Savage 'Ghosted' The Rest Of The Boy Meets World Cast!

Ben Savage Ghosted Boy Meets World Cast

The Boy Meets World cast are mostly really close, even after all these years. But have you wondered if one lead in particular doesn’t want to have anything to do with the others?

Obviously a couple co-stars have had their beefs over the years, some have been really understandably upset by past behaviors. But we’re talking about… aw, screw it, y’all have noticed how Ben Savage is basically NEVER around, right?

Danielle FishelRider Strong, and Will Friedle host a Boy Meets World podcast, for crying out loud, and the star of the show can never be bothered to even make guest appearances on it! They’ve had Mr. Feeny, both of Cory Matthews’ parents, even Lisa Loeb on the show — but not Ben?? After spending all that time with the other three — what happened?? In a new profile in Variety, the trio try to explain it all… Oh wait, that’s a different show…

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First off, the wedge between them wasn’t immediate. Savage used to spend time with the rest of the cast, doing reunions at conventions and so on. And of course, they all worked together on the sequel series, Girl Meets World.

He was never interested in doing the podcast though. When the co-stars were first batting around the idea, he right away was a hard pass. Danielle recalls:

“He was very adamant that it was not for him. He was also very clear, ‘I don’t want it to stop you. If you guys want to do it, go ahead.’ The time between those conversations and the time we actually started the podcast was a significant amount of time.”

But one day, before the podcast even started, Ben just stopped doing conventions. He stopped talking to the others on the phone — or at all. As his TV wife puts it:

“He just kind of disappeared from our lives.”

The last time she remembers being close with her onscreen love was in the summer of 2019, when she had her first child. He was there for her when her son was born, present in the NICU. They were that good of friends. She recalls:

“We were just so, so close, especially during that time. He was checking in with me regularly.”

Then he just… changed. He dropped off. Frankly, Danielle admits:

“He ghosted us.”

They haven’t spoken to Ben in three years. And they’ve tried.

Ben’s TV big brother has tried the hardest to reach back out, but to no avail. He was just gone. No big dramatic Disney Channel sitcom spat, nothing. Just gone. Will says:

“He disappeared — I wish I knew why, to this day. We didn’t have a fight. There’s no falling out. There was no animosity. He just woke up one day, and decided I don’t want this person in my life anymore.”

It hurt Friedle — and continues to hurt. He recalls:

“I finally sent a text saying, ‘I’ve known you for 30 years, what’s going on?’ I said, ‘I’m gonna call you every day until you tell me not to call you anymore.’ That lasted about three weeks or a month, every single day.”

Man, he really gave them the Banshees of Inisherin treatment. Cold. Will laments:

“I’ve known him since he was 11 years old, and we have a shared history. And we were doing these conventions together, and we were getting to know each other as adults, and then he just kind of went, I’m done with you.”

The Batman Beyond star hasn’t spoken much about the “sore subject” but confesses he eventually was shown reason by his wife:

“I tried and tried and tried for months, until finally my wife was like, ‘Why are you doing this to yourself? He obviously doesn’t want you in his life.'”

And he gave up on his old friend.

Danielle is a bit more optimistic about the friendship one day being healed. She says:

“If there’s anything this podcast has taught me, it’s that everyone is on their own journey and having their own experiences that can be perceived many different ways, depending on your POV. Speaking for myself, Ben and I may be estranged right now and we may have our complaints about each other, but I will always love Ben and want what’s best for him. I don’t think this is the end of our story — but time will tell.”

Ben Savage would not provide Variety with a quote for the profile. What we do know about the former child star these days is he has aspirations far from his Hollywood roots. About 2,670 miles away — in Washington, DC. He’s running for Congress, in Los Angeles’ 30th District. Maybe he just doesn’t think anyone will take him seriously if he’s doing podcasts or appearing at conventions?

Then again, we’re not sure we could vote for someone who was willing to give up his lifelong friends so easily for his political ambitions. Seems like a real Cory Matthews lesson to us.

What do YOU think about Ben ghosting his co-stars??

[Image via Danielle Fishel/Instagram/Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

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