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Bethenny Frankel Was 'Relieved' She Had Miscarriage Amid 'Suffocating' Marriage To Jason Hoppy!

Bethenny Frankel Says She Was 'Relieved' She Had a Miscarriage During Marriage to Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel was “relieved” when she had a miscarriage while expecting her second child with ex-husband Jason Hoppy. Yeesh.

In a new episode of her Just B Divorced podcast out on Tuesday, the Real Housewives of New York alum recalled her initial reaction to the pregnancy loss amid major marriage problems with her then-husband. This was back in 2012, and she was six weeks pregnant when she suffered the loss.

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While news like this would typically be absolutely devastating, for Bethenny, she found herself “so incredibly relieved.” Things weren’t going well in the marriage at the time. She didn’t even “want to be intimate” with Jason anymore, calling it “torture” and blaming her feelings on a lack of “respect” for her partner. So, the miscarriage acted as a wake-up call. And she even told her spouse as much as they were lying in bed together processing the heartbreak! She shared:

“In a constructive way, I said, ‘I’m kind of relieved … because I don’t think this is a healthy or positive relationship.’ It was like the first step to saying something.”


But before you get it twisted, she wasn’t heartless, either! The reality star confirmed it was “a nightmare that [the miscarriage] happened.” But in the long run, she felt that it occurred for a reason: helping her to finally address the “suffocating” marriage she was in at the time. But her hubby certainly didn’t see it that way! The Skinnygirl founder continued:

“And he said to me, ‘You’re a real piece of s**t, you know that?’ And the baby was in the house, and he moved out to a hotel downtown for a couple of nights, and it was total relief. “

Damn. They must’ve been in a really bad spot if she was so relieved about not having another baby with him AND getting him out of the house amid the grief! But as it turned out, this fight was the start of the end. Once Hoppy was gone, the Bravo personality immediately started getting to work making divorce plans.

As Perezcious readers know, the former couple got married in 2010 after finding out they were pregnant with their now-13-year-old daughter Bryn (of whom Bethenny now has full legal and primary residential custody). Soon after the miscarriage, they announced their split in December 2012, and filed for divorce in the next month. The legal separation quickly turned NASTY — and they didn’t finalize everything until 2021! Brutal!

In 2016, they were able to come to a financial settlement agreement, but the drama only continued from there. The next year, Jason was arrested for allegedly stalking and harassing the businesswoman. So, yeah, this was an intense breakup. Can you imagine if they were trying to raise a newborn during all of that, too?? One young child was difficult enough to navigate! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below)!


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